More and more repay their SMS loan on time

Since the launch of sms loans in Sweden, the number of applications for payment orders for sms loans has gradually increased at EasyEarn Finance. Between 2008 and 2009, most applications were submitted. The Crown Magistrate shows recent statistics that the trend has now reversed. Aramis is delighted with the figures presented and hopes that the development will continue.


Fresh statistics from EasyEarn Finance

During the first 6 months of this year, a total of 15,939 applications for unpaid micro loans were received. In the same period last year, 23,465 applications were received. The difference is as much as 32 percent.

The largest target group that ended up at EasyEarn Finance due to unpaid quick loans has been 18-25 year olds. EasyEarn Finance now sees a trend break on that front as well. It is still the same target group that accounts for most cases, but the proportion in that target group has decreased from 40 percent to 20 percent since the first half of 2007.

The statistics from EasyEarn Finance together with Aramis internal statistics, which show that the number of customers is increasing, simply indicates that Aramis borrowers have become more capable of repaying their fast loans. Probably it is also the case that borrowers who know that they cannot afford to repay a fast loan nowadays refrain. One of the reasons is believed to be that, on Aramis’ website, one can clearly and clearly read about the consequences of an unpaid debt.


Preventive work with the lender

Preventive work with the lender

The Crown Magistrate speculates that the positive trend breach may have to do with the improved economic climate in society, a self-cleaning of the market ahead of the upcoming rule changes, the Consumer Agency’s follow-up to the Market Court’s judgments and also the preventive work being carried out.

Aramis does not think it has much to do with the improved business cycle, but on the other hand, it is believed that the proactive and preventive work that they have invested in has helped a lot. An example of such a project is Aramis ‘Borrowing Responsible’ initiative, where the purpose has been to inform and inform clients when it is appropriate to apply for a loan and when trying to find another solution.


Clear information to customers

sms loan

Aramis always strives to be as clear as possible to its customers who apply for micro loans. The fact that the total costs and conditions for a sms loan are emphasized extra is something that is deliberately pushed to make customers feel safe and secure when applying for a micro loan. At Aramis, you should be able to get a clear overview of the costs of a specific sms loan.

Aramis sees the latest figures and statistics from EasyEarn Finance as a confirmation that the preventive work has produced results. This type of proactive work will continue to prevent customers from having difficulty repaying their sms loans and to reduce the number of cases to EasyEarn Finance.