AAA Spokesperson: Travel Demand Driving Highest Gas Prices Since 2014

LEEDS, Alabama (WIAT) — The average national price of gasoline is $3.45 per gallon. AAA reports The last time gasoline was this expensive was in 2014.

Currently, Jefferson County is 30 cents below the national average, AAA spokesman Clay Ingram said. The Alabama average rose about 9 cents per gallon last week, and that upward momentum is likely to continue through the summer due to increased travel demand.

“It’s unusual to see gas prices go up at this time of year,” Ingram said. “It looks like travel is going to increase significantly over the past two years, probably pretty close to what we saw before the pandemic.”

Ingram said March is when we typically start to see gas prices rise — but it’s this pent-up post-pandemic travel bug that’s driving the price up now.

“I never fill up because of the high price,” said Kayla Nash of Leeds.

Nash said she fuels up three times a week to commute from work to daycare and run errands to make ends meet.

“If it increases, I probably won’t be able to go anywhere because it costs us money when we have to go to work,” she said. “It’s not worth it if you try to put gas in your tank.”

Ingram said summer prices are likely to be a bit higher than they are now.

“I put about $15 in my tank. It doesn’t last long because I come here every day,” said Earen Robinson of Homewood. Robinson commutes between Homewood and Leeds for work. move, so I just know it comes with it.”

AAA spokesman Clay Ingram said it’s important to do your homework before buying gas because you could see a price difference of more than 50 cents between stations at any the state.

“It’s really important that we evaluate prices and pay attention to prices in our normal travel area so that we can be sure we are buying the cheapest price and that not only saves us money in this moment, but puts downward pressure on gas prices by creating some competition in the marketplace,” Ingram said.

Ingram said the best thing to do is download the free, no-obligation AAA app because it can find the best station closest to you.

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