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Sen. Greg Albritton, Atmore, and Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter, Dekalb County, painted a fair picture of what happened next in the Alabama Legislature at the 2022 Alabama Press Association Summer Convention on 25 June.

Albritton and Ledbetter spoke for about an hour to assembled reporters who represented most parts of the state.

The next session of the legislature is scheduled to begin on March 7, 2023. Both governors were asked if Gov. Kay Ivey would declare a special session, and both said they don’t think that will happen.

On the general fund and inflation, Ledbetter said the state’s general fund is in good shape. He said that due to the current inflation, the state budget figures are high, however.

Ledbetter said the money went to the state, and because of that, “we’re lucky.”

Albritton said the Legislature was holding budget hearings throughout the summer to consider where the state was headed.

The two talked about how the state borrowed money a long time ago, and right now the state is paying it back

“We are in good financial shape,” Albritton said.

On gambling, Albritton said it was a problem the state needed to take control of, adding that it had a plan, but it needed to get the votes.

Ledbetter added that the problem with the game is the regulations.

Last Friday, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Both were questioned about the decision.

“Our Senate caucus released a statement,” Albritton said. “Last session, we passed a bill in anticipation of this. I think Alabama talked about where we are.

“I hope the nation doesn’t create another fight just so they can fight,” he said.

Other topics discussed included the gas tax, Medicaid expansion, workforce development, building new prisons, and mental health.

Both said the new mega-prisons will bring some 8,000 new beds, be more efficient and improve utility costs, to name a few.

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