ALDOT not pre-treating roads before snow, urges everyone to drive safely | News

The Alabama Department of Transportation spent the day packing and loading their salt spray tanks and getting those plows ready for Sunday night’s snow. However, as you prepare to start your day on Monday, it’s important to know that most roads in the area will not be pretreated.

“If you don’t have to drive, stay home,” said Seth Burkett of the Alabama Department of Transportation.

They are asking people to stay off the road on Monday because the snow is falling overnight.

“We don’t deal with that a lot. Our motorists in northern Alabama are often not equipped to drive in this wintry weather. We don’t have a lot of experience in it. We’re not used to it. “, explained Burkett.

Their main concern is black ice, which can be almost impossible to detect.

“Usually you find out just when you hit it too fast for the conditions,” Burkett said.

ALDOT crews were able to treat some bridges in the area because they are usually the first to freeze and create this black ice, but most of the roads did not receive this treatment because ALDOT did not want to waste money or of effort because of the rain. .

“When you pre-treat the roads, the rain usually washes them away. Thins it down to the point of being ineffective,” Burkett explained.

This is why the authorities are asking people to be very careful.

If you plan to drive, ALDOT suggests that you remain aware of the road conditions in your area, drive slowly, and brake earlier than usual.

If you hit black ice, try to stay calm and not slam your brakes or shake the steering wheel as you slide.

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