Bass fishing club attracts attention

The Auburn Bass Fishing Club has recently gained attention for its achievements at the College Bass Anglers Sportsman Society National Championship.

The team has won two of four Carhartt Bassmaster regular season tournaments. Tournament Director Logan Parks won the title of “Carhartt Bassmaster”.

“It feels good to bring the title back to Auburn,” Parks said. “We had a drop in finishes and being able to compete during COVID, so it felt good to come back and win…”

Last year, the team was suspended due to COVID-19 regulations and communication issues with the University. For this reason, the team members came to compete, not affiliated with Auburn University, but suffered consequences due to the current travel ban.

Vice President Carson Maddux said the suspension was lifted after a meeting with the University was held. Now, Maddux said, they are set to come back this season in full force.

The Auburn Bass Fishing Club is currently ranked second nationally. Club president Brady Harp has said this year’s goal is to take first place in the national championship.

However, without the title of national champion, the team is generally ranked in the top five teams in the country.

“I wanted to join the team in the first place because I loved fishing, I wanted to make friends and I saw it as a good opportunity to join more than a team, but a bunch of guys that I can call my family and spending time doing something we love together, which is competitive fishing, ”said Harp.

The Auburn Bass Fishing Club is managed and operated by students and has over 150 members ready to compete in the fall.

All team members can participate in fall qualifying tournaments and help secure a national title for Auburn. In the spring the team goes to bigger tournaments across the country.

The Auburn Bass Fishing Club is a big part of the reason Parks and Maddux came to Auburn in the first place.

“I wanted to join the team because I’ve been fishing my whole life and want to fish for a living after college, so it’s a great stepping stone to becoming a professional fisherman,” Parks said. “I actually picked Auburn because of the history of the bass fishing team. There are some really remarkable Auburn alumni who are pros now.”

Maddux reflected that sentiment.

“I wanted to go to a school that had an established curriculum,” he said. “Auburn has been strong since 2007 and has been leading the league since then.”

The Bass Fishing Club has attracted many members from all over the country, not only to join the club, but also to attend Auburn University.

“This is a unique opportunity to fish what is essentially a professional series,” said Harp.

Harp said students who are part of the Auburn Bass Fishing Club need to be mature when it comes to schoolwork because they miss a lot of classes to get to competitions across the country.

“It’s a whole different game for anyone who has gone from fishing in high school to fishing in college,” he said. “It’s a whole new level of competition.”

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