Alabama Money – Cedars Inn Auburn Thu, 29 Apr 2021 01:52:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Alabama Money – Cedars Inn Auburn 32 32 Amazon plans to raise wages for 500,000 workers Thu, 29 Apr 2021 00:30:53 +0000

Amazon has announced that it will raise the wages of more than 500,000 workers – but it has no plans to raise its minimum wage by $ 15 an hour.

In light of an ongoing drive to recruit tens of thousands of jobs from its customers, fulfillment, delivery, sorting and fulfillment of packages, Amazon has increased its annual fall payroll review for these teams and plans to roll out salary increases from mid-May. Amazon executive Darcie Henry said in a blog post Wednesday. It will increase the hourly wage from $ 0.50 to $ 3, for a total investment of over $ 1 billion.

“This is in addition to our already industry-leading starting salary of at least $ 15 an hour and the more than $ 2.5 billion we invested last year in bonuses and incentives. additional for frontline teams, ”said Henry, Amazon vice president of human resources. and technology, global consumer, mentionned.

The move follows several weeks of scrutiny of Amazon’s labor practices amid a historic union campaign at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. Union organizers lost the election by a wide margin; while they are difficult some 500 ballots, the leading vote held by Amazon is greater than the total number of disputed ballots.

Although he won this time, “there are many reasons Amazon is concerned about future organizing efforts, especially in areas of the country where an Amazon job doesn’t pay relatively as well as it does.” could in Alabama, ”Arindrajit Dube, an economist professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, told CNN Business in an email.

Amazon already expanded its workforce to more than 1.3 million people globally last year after hiring 500,000 new workers as it struggled to deal with increased demand from the pandemic. Salary increases could help the company attract additional employees amid a tight labor market that has left other businesses, like restaurants, struggling to find workers.

“Growing tension in the job market means its minimum wage of $ 15 is increasingly less effective in recruiting and retaining skilled workers, and a substantial increase can help,” Dube said.

Although the company plans to raise the wages of nearly half a million workers, it has not announced that it will officially increase its minimum wage by $ 15. That would put it in line with rival Costco, which increased its starting rate for hourly store workers to $ 16 an hour in February.

Salary increases for some workers are likely necessary for hiring, but the result is that they can afford a pay rise more than any big retail business. [or] e-commerce company, ”said Molly Kinder, Brookings Institute Fellow. Amazon won $ 21 billion in profits in 2020, and its market capitalization was $ 1.74 trillion at Wednesday’s close.

“As I wrote on Amazon, $ 15 is a bottom, not a cap,” Kinder said.

– CNN’s Nathaniel Meyersohn contributed to this report.

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Lawsuit seeks to stop construction of 3 new men’s prisons in Alabama Wed, 28 Apr 2021 13:48:50 +0000

Opponents of a prison-building plan have filed a lawsuit to stop the construction of three new men’s prisons, arguing the plan violates the state’s constitution and illegally bypassed the legislature.

The action opens a new front in the battle over the proposed facilities for the Alabama Corrections Department (ADOC). Governor Kay Ivey said the new prisons would tackle an epidemic of violence and overcrowding in state prisons.

The plans have drawn strong opposition from communities who are getting prisons and much unease from the Alabama Legislature.

“ADOC’s hiring and contracting regulations do not allow the governor to negotiate a private deal on their behalf, bypassing ADOC’s bidding regulations and approval process,” indicates the trial.

After:As Alabama moves to build new prisons, opposition rises in communities to get them

The plaintiffs are Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler; Representative John Rogers, D-Birmingham; Kenneth Glasgow, Civil Rights Leslie Ogburn, Elmore County resident and arborist whose home and business are near one of the proposed sites.

Gina Maiola, a spokesperson for Ivey, wrote in an email Tuesday evening that the office had not seen the trial.

Leslie Ogburn shows the region that a new state prison is proposed in Tallassee, Alabama on Thursday, October 8, 2020. Ogburn is one of four plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday to stop construction of three new prisons for men.

The lawsuit, filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court, cites state law that requires ADOC to obtain “the consent of the legislature before a penitentiary or correctional facility is leased, transferred or placed under.” the management of a non-governmental entity. ” Ivey is pursuing direct negotiations with the companies supposed to operate the facilities.

The lawsuit also argues that the plan unconstitutionally creates new debt and may violate ADOC policies on reviewing new contracts. The plaintiffs want the court to declare the facility leases “null and void” and prevent their execution.

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The Friends of the Corporate Public Library organize a spring sale for book lovers Tue, 27 Apr 2021 18:42:00 +0000

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (Press release) – The Friends of the Company Public Library is holding a spring sale for book lovers on Friday, April 30, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 9 a.m. AM to 2:00 PM Members of the Friends of the Enterprise Library organization are eligible to attend the Friends Only Pre-Sale Event on Thursday April 29, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM New memberships will be accepted before the sale and at the door. The sale will take place on the second floor of the library. The library is located at 101 East Grubbs Street, Enterprise, AL.

The Friends are now accepting credit cards with a fee of $ 1.00 to help cover the cost.

Non-fiction includes biographies, memoirs, inspirational books, cookbooks, sports, poetry, science, politics, business, religion, literature, relationships, health, and real crime . Military history (ancient to modern), aviation history, US and world history books are also available.

Popular fiction books for all ages. Do you like good romance? The Book Sale offers hardcover and paperback novels in all genres, from inspiration to suspense. Other genres for sale include western, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery. A wide selection of large print books is also available. DVDs, music CDs, CD books and sheet music, as well as music books are for sale. Books for children, juniors, young adults and new adults are also available.

Home schooling? We also have resources like A Beka Books for sale.

Don’t miss this chance to buy the books you love! Money raised from Friends’ book sales funds library projects such as matching grants for library programs, annual membership in SEADL (Southeast Alabama Digital Library), and library materials. .

Friends need DVDs, CDs, children’s books, Western novels, and comics. Tax receipts available on request. Please call the library at 347-2636 to make an appointment to drop off your donations.

Remember that the Enterprise Public Library adheres to the Safer Apart emergency control: face masks required for service, 50% occupancy, social distancing guidelines and hygiene rules.

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DC Police Department victim of apparent ransomware attack Tue, 27 Apr 2021 09:16:10 +0000

Potentially sensitive information from the Washington, DC Police Department was allegedly breached by a ransomware attack by a group seeking payment.

A group called Babuk claimed to be behind the attack. On a message posted on its website, the group threatened to divulge information removed from ministry systems if they have not received an undisclosed amount.

Screenshots of alleged arrest files and internal memos were published on Babuk’s website and re-shared online. Sensitive information has not been disclosed.

The frequency of ransomware attacks against hospitals and other multinational companies has increased in recent years, according to Rob Pritchard, founder of

“It is efficient modern organized crime, operating on a multinational scale and often outside jurisdictions that offers a certain degree of protection against international law enforcement operations, whether due to incapacity, indifference or corruption, ”he told NPR.

Criminal groups participating in this activity realized how effective it was in generating income for them, Pritchard said.

Unlike other ransomware attacks in which hackers block access to computer systems and demand payment, Babuk goes even further to extort its victims. The group, according to their posts online, demanded money from the police department. In return, the group said, they would not publicly release the recordings.

It is not known whether the Metropolitan Police Department paid the attackers to prevent potentially sensitive information from being released. The MPD said it had asked the FBI to investigate “unauthorized access to our server”. The ministry did not respond to additional questions from NPR.

Extortion is the new trend

Babuk was first detected earlier this year, according to McAfee, in his analysis of the group’s cybersecurity. Attacks on several companies in Germany, Hong Kong and Sweden have been attributed to this group.

Cyberint, a global threat intelligence firm, reported that Babuk steals, encrypts and discloses victim data to extort Bitcoin payments.

“Based on observations throughout January, Babuk appears to be an actively developed threat, likely to be fueled further by profits made from their nefarious campaigns,” Cyberint said in its analysis of the group.

A ransomware attack involving extortion is a new trend, Pritchard said.

Taking copies of data hacker access and threatening to disclose them if the ransom is not paid can have a lot more significant impact, especially if the data is sensitive in one way or another, he said.

Targeting an organization like the Metropolitan Police Department makes sense, Pritchard said, because police cannot tolerate a long outage and are more likely to pay to regain control of their data and systems.

If the police department paid to regain control of their data, it could mean other law enforcement agencies could become similar targets, Pritchard said.

Expect more local police groups to be targeted, ”he said.

Copyright 2021 NPR. To learn more, visit

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Arab City County votes to end recycling program Mon, 26 Apr 2021 22:58:12 +0000

ARAB, Ala. – The Arab city is officially no longer going green after a four-to-one vote to end the recycling program at a special meeting Monday afternoon.

Councilor Alan Miller was the only one to vote no.

Mayor Bob Joslin told News 19 that low turnout was one of the reasons they were considering stopping the recycling program.

“Only 25% of our employees actually recycle and of the 25% of recycled materials collected, only 40% is actually usable. It cost us extra money to get rid of the unusable recycling material, ”Joslin said.

District 1 commissioner Ronny Shumate spoke after the vote on issues he had encountered with the recycling program, including people who dispose of animal carcasses in bins.

Then there was a heated debate between Mayor Joslin and resident Sharon Barron Burke.

“I would consider moving because this is an issue that is really so important to the future of our country. Landfills are full, we are a wasteful society and we need to do better, ”said Barron Burke. “Recycling is the future. This is what we have to do. “

Barron Burke said she didn’t start out as what she calls a “good recycler” and that she knew firsthand that education is key to avoiding some of the issues discussed at the meeting.

“Some people are diehard recyclers and they do it right, but their neighbor can throw a ketchup bottle in the trash and you damage the whole truck, so the whole truck is contaminated,” Joslin added.

Joslin said he believes council has made the right decision at the moment, but is still trying to find alternatives for the city’s dedicated recyclers.

“Maybe just one day a week where people can bring in their recyclables and have them checked so that we know we’re actually getting things that are usable,” Joslin explained.

By eliminating recycling, residents will save $ 1.50 on each bill as opposed to bills increasing by $ 2.50.

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Best NFL Draft 2021 prop bets in US sports betting Mon, 26 Apr 2021 13:30:46 +0000

The 2021 NFL Draft takes place Thursday through Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio. While this isn’t the Super Bowl or NCAA tournament in terms of sports betting management, there are plenty of value bets to be made with a growing number of bookies.

Mac Jones will he be n ° 3 in the general classification? Will Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith be the first wide receiver to come off the field?

VSiN experts – Danny Burke, Kelly Bydlon, Adam Candee, Paul Howard, Brady Kannon, Tim Murray, Wes Reynolds and Matt Youmans – are here to give their best bets on the multitude of prop bets available at American sports betting. , leading to the NFL. rough draft.

Offensive players drafted in the first round: LESS than 18.5 (+100)

Kannon: The first half of the first round seems to be very heavy for the offensive players. Because of that, and the way the NFL is so dominated by quarterbacks and offense, I think that number is inflated by at least 1.5. I think the highest total of offensive players taken in the first round will be 17 – and it’s probably over 15 or 16. This should stay well below 18.5, not allowing too much sweat for the punters. .

Kyle Pitts Draft Position: OVER 5.5 (+115)

Kannon: You win more money here, and I believe there is only one place that can kill your bet – pick # 4. All other picks, one through five, don’t go after Pitts and I think the Falcons will trade the No. 4 selection for a team that wants a quarterback. Even though Atlanta remains No. 4, I still don’t think they’ll draft Pitts. Therefore, there is a good chance in my mind that the old Gator will slide to # 6.

Kyle Pitts Draft Position: UNDER 5.5-112 (BetRivers)

Burke: In my opinion, Pitts has the potential to be the most effective offensive player in this draft – yes, maybe even more than some of the quarterbacks, depending on impact and longevity. Now, a lot of it depends on what’s going on with the Falcons at No.4, but I don’t think a team at the start is going to pass up the opportunity to pick a guy who could be the next Gronk.

Justin Fields under 4.5 (-105) draft position (William Hill)

Justin Fields overall pick # 3 + 260 (BetMGM)

Bydlon: I don’t buy Mac Jones smoke in San Francisco.

I think the 49ers go with Fields at No.3, and if not, the Falcons might take it four, or we might see a trade come up there for another team to come and get Fields.

Najee Harris, first RB draft -150 (BetMGM)

Will former Alabama star Najee Harris be the first running back selected in the 2021 NFL Draft?

(Michael Ainsworth / Associated Press)

Bydlon: I’m not messing around with his draft position, but I think we’ll see a team late in the first round take on the former Alabama running back.

Youmans: The running back’s position has been devalued in recent years, so it looks like no more than one will go in the first round. Harris of Alabama is an explosive fullback who draws comparisons to LeVeon Bell, and the Steelers will be intrigued as their greatest needs are the running backs and the offensive line. Harris is a good bet to go late in the first round ahead of Travis Etienne of Clemson and Javonte Williams of North Carolina.

Wide receivers drafted in round one: over 4.5 to 200 (DraftKings)

Youmans: Three drops are first-round locks – Ja’Marr Chase of LSU and DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle of Alabama – and five more appear as first players in various simulation projects. I expect there will be at least five, including Rashod Bateman from Minnesota and Terrace Marshall from LSU. The price is steep, but it’s reasonable as it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see six WRs selected in the first round.

Justin Fields Draft Position: Over 3.5 -185 (approx)

Youmans: Teams frequently pass lies and misinformation to the media ahead of the project. The betting market has shifted in favor of Ohio State Fields who rank third in the overall 49ers standings, but the move is based on guesswork in the media and public betting. “Justin Fields won’t go No. 3,” said Michael Lombardi, a VSiN analyst and former NFL general manager. “That’s what I heard, whether you want to believe it or not.”

There’s always a chance Lombardi’s sources are wrong, but he says Fields isn’t going to # 3, so I’m going to buy him. Another former NFL general manager, Charley Casserly, dropped Fields to Pittsburgh in 24th overall in his recent mock draft. Casserly’s projection seems extreme; look for Fields to go as high as fourth but not drop lower than ninth.

Kyle Trask Draft Position: Under 77.5-115 (Circa)

Youmans: There is speculation that a team could trade with Tampa Bay at No.32 and select a QB with the final pick in the first round. Stanford’s Trask and Davis Mills are the best candidates to be the chosen sixth quarterback. Chicago, who has the 52nd overall pick in the second round, has shown interest in Trask, who has an ideal height (6-foot-5, 235 pounds) and recorded big numbers in Florida. He should go somewhere in the second round.

First drafted player’s exact Lions playing position: Wide Receiver + 120 (BetRivers)

Burke: The Lions need to replace Kenny Golladay and with the position they’re in right now, realistically they’re going to be able to catch one of Alabama’s receivers at Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith. Tyrell Williams, Breshad Perriman and Quintez Cephus as your top three leavers is nothing out of the ordinary. In addition, Dan Campbell, the new Lions head coach, is going to want to have a direct impact on the side of the ball where he is familiar. And new QB Jared Goff is going to need a reliable target.

Exact playing position of the Bengals of the first player drafted: Offensive Lineman + 120 (BetRivers)

Burke: Don’t think too much about it. I tell myself, to everyone and, above all, to the Bengals. Yes, Zac Taylor is an offensive guy who wants to add another receiving weapon, and how could you pass up a talent like Ja’Marr Chase? Plus, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to reunite their college teammates? Well, consider the fact that if Joe Burrow doesn’t get any protection, he won’t have the time, nor the health, to throw at these guys in the first place. And they already have two solid receivers in Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins. The Bengals are going the smart way and protecting their QB.

Eagles playing position of first drafted player: Offense -155 (BetRivers)

Burke: In my mind, it’s pretty clear that the Eagles need some help offensively. Their receiving body is weak and could use a powerful and promising weapon. However, their offensive line is so brutal that they could go down a big guy’s route to add some protection to Jalen Hurts. As mobile as it is, getting run over and having to knock out of pocket every other game is expensive for a QB (just ask Russell Wilson). New head coach Nick Sirianni is going to stick with what he knows – and that’s an offense. I don’t know if it will be a catcher or a lineman, but I’m willing to put the price on it regardless of whether it’s on the offensive end of the ball.

Najee Harris Draft Position ON 28.5-105 (Circa)

Candee: Modern football analyzes highlight just how interchangeable most running backs are, and NFL teams are embracing this data science in their writing. Only one running back has been in the first round each of the past two years and only 10 running backs have gone before the No. 29 pick. Look at some star fullbacks who have been on the second round or later just since 2017: Nick Chubb , Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara and Derrick Henry. The Steelers appear to be the only serious threat to scuttle that bet, but history suggests they won’t – Pittsburgh hasn’t drafted a first-round running back since Rashard Mendenhall in 2008.

Player to be drafted first: Jaylen Waddle + 100 on DeVonta Smith (Stations)

Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle runs after making a catch during a game.

Will Jaylen Waddle be Alabama’s first wide receiver selected in 2021 NFL Draft?

(Butch Dill / Associated Press)

Murray: LSU WR Ja’Marr Chase will likely be the first receiver selected in the NFL Draft and a pair of Alabama exits will follow, but who will go first?

Due to his production in his senior season, Trophy winner Heisman Smith is the slight favorite (-130) to overtake his former teammate Waddle. Waddle suffered a broken right ankle on a kickoff return in October and sidelined him until the college football championship game. Waddle, however, is considered a superior athlete than Smith and possesses an explosiveness that Athletic’s Dane Brugler compared to Tyreek Hill. Last year, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs didn’t have as much of college production as Jerry Jeudy, but he edged out his former teammate because of his speed. I see a similar situation unfolding this year.

WR to write in round one: OVER 4.5 -220 (William Hill)

Howard: Two guests came to Follow The Money and made fun of this prop. They pleaded for up to seven eliminations in the first round, and I believe them.

QBs drafted in the first round: OVER 5.5 + 300 (DraftKings)

Howard: We know there will be five QBs in the first round, but does a sixth slip in at the end of the first? Peter King believes Kyle Trask may be late, and Minnesota Vikings announcer Paul Allen has said on FTM that he thinks Davis Mills or Kellen Mond might be caught as well. At + 300, I like the value.

Ja’Marr Chase Draft Position: OVER 5.5-110 (William Hill)

Howard: It’s unclear what the Falcons will do at No.4, but they certainly won’t draft a wide receiver. I think the Bengals take Penei Sewell at No.5, who cash this prop.

Rashawn Slater’s Draft Position UNDER 10.5-145 (South Point)

Reynolds: With Sewell likely going No.5 in Cincinnati or even maybe No.6 in Miami, Slater is likely coming off the board quickly. Carolina seems like a logical place in 8th place since the Panthers franchise marked RT Taylor Moton and can play Slater at LT or either point guard.

Total number of defensive players drafted in the first round SUR 13.5 -115 (BetMGM)

Reynolds: Most false draft readers tend to focus only on the top 10 prospects and they will notice that the majority of dummies have as little as a single top 10 defensive player. Although this draft lacks the dominant rusher. and high end, there are a lot of teams that need help in this area and there are several available in the 15-32 range. In addition, we could see up to six CB drafted in the first round.

VSiN, the sports betting network, offers more expert sports betting content in a free daily email at

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Return The founder of Forty Wilson leaves the company Mon, 26 Apr 2021 02:03:43 +0000

When an entrepreneur like Jason Wilson posts what is effectively a “wanted situation” ad with his resume on social media, he gets attention.

This is how Wilson revealed last week that he was leaving the company he founded 12 years ago, Back Forty Beer, after seeing it grow into one of the South’s first craft breweries and the Alabama’s largest alcohol maker.

Wilson resigned as CEO of Back Forty two years ago, handing over those roles to former CEO of Royal Cup Coffee, Hatton Smith. He said at the time, during a speech in Hoover on the craft beer industry, that this would allow him to focus on selling beer, “that’s what I’m good at.”

With Tripp Collins, the company’s COO, taking care of the day-to-day management tasks and things in full swing after a tough year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wilson said he wondered: ‘ `What am I doing here? ”

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Supreme Court to Hear US Prosperity Donors Case Sun, 25 Apr 2021 14:24:35 +0000

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Steelers have a lot to think about | News, Sports, Jobs Sun, 25 Apr 2021 05:21:34 +0000

PITTSBURGH – Ben Roethlisberger’s running mates disappear. At least on the football field. Tight end Vance McDonald retired in January. Longtime Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey followed suit a few weeks later.

Roethlisberger, at least for the moment, is not going anywhere. The 39-year-old has restructured his contract to make it more user-friendly and ensure he could stay for an 18th season. The move freed up some money – the emphasis is on little – to keep players like wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and cornerback Cam Sutton.

Still, that couldn’t completely stop the attrition the Steelers knew to come after a 12-5 season that ended in an embarrassing home loss to Cleveland in the first round of the playoffs.

With no money to spend on the open market, Pittsburgh must rebuild its talent base through the draft. The urge for immediate help is a little stronger now than it has been in recent years after linebacker Bud Dupree, running back James Conner and cornerback Mike Hilton all left for the agency. free.

Still, there’s a need in the quarterback too, a position the Steelers have been kicking the road through for years. Now is the time to make a decision. Maybe it’s already there.

At the moment, the Steelers have four quarterbacks on the roster. Roethlisberger’s three replacements are either on one-year contracts (Josh Dobbs and Dwayne Haskins) or in the final season of his rookie contract (Mason Rudolph)

There is a chance that Roethlisberger will play beyond 2021, but with Smith-Schuster, cornerback Joe Haden and right-guard David DeCastro potentially nearing the end of their time in Pittsburgh, next season feels like it will be over. ‘one last round.

The Steelers took advantage of the 2020 offseason to give Roethlisberger everything he needed on his return from right elbow surgery, including taking on former Notre Dame wide receiver Chase Claypool in the second round of the draft . Claypool was a revelation, scoring 11 touchdowns and giving Pittsburgh a legitimate threat on the pitch.

The way the Steelers are approaching the project this time around could give a glimpse of their vision for 2021, whether it’s the final year of one era or the start of the next.


Everyone from team president Art Rooney II to general manager Kevin Colbert to head coach Mike Tomlin has spoken about the need to approach the running game 32nd overall in the NFL.

The inability to get the ball to run allowed the defenses to start Pittsburgh’s short passing game, one of the main reasons an 11-0 start turned into a 1-5 result.

Finding a competent replacement for Pouncey – himself a first-round pick in 2010 – would make a lot of sense. Perhaps in the form of Alabama center Landon Dickerson. Or maybe a left tackle to protect Roethlisberger’s blind side like Oklahoma State’s Teven Jenkins.

“The draft itself, it is stronger at the tackle position than inside”, Colbert said in February. “The center and the guard, traditionally, is not a very strong group. Whatever the draft, the tackles are exceptionally deep this year. I think we can add players through the draft. “


Having a grader along the offensive line would help, but also find someone who can emulate Le’Veon Bell, a two-time All-Pro in his five seasons at Pittsburgh. Najee Harris of Alabama does the trick here.

Harris can catch the ball out of the backfield (43 receptions in 2020) and has size and speed. Conner offered these during his tenure, but only occasionally as he struggled to stay healthy. Harris is 6 feet 2 inches tall and 230 pounds and has proven to be very durable while playing for the Crimson Tide.


Or maybe the Steelers finally manage to find a possible heir to Roethlisberger. The draft is rich in quarterbacks, and there’s a chance a coupon will be available at 24.

Still, that would have little effect in 2021. And the idea of ​​Roethlisberger preparing someone for what could amount to a farewell tour seems overdone. Still, Colbert indicated in February that nothing the Steelers in free agency (which they were using to re-sign Dobbs) would stop them from watching the quarterback in the draft.

There will be a post-Roethlisberger era. The Steelers started when they signed Tomlin for an extension until 2024. Perhaps finding someone – really anyone at this point – to play quarterback in 2022 might be the next logical step, whether Roethlisberger is comfortable with the idea or not.

Today’s breaking news and more delivered to your inbox

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Pearsons Donates Jean Lake Original to Pioneer Museum – The Troy Messenger Sat, 24 Apr 2021 00:45:55 +0000

Some things are too valuable for the price.

On Friday morning, the Pioneer Museum of Alabama received an invaluable gift.

Sam and Barbara Pearson of Ashburn, Virginia presented an original painting by Jean Lake to the museum in honor of Lake, a highly acclaimed Troy folk artist.

The Pearsons chose the Pioneer Museum of Alabama over other museums, including the Smithsonian, because of Lake’s connection to the museum and because it was “the perfect place” for painting. “

Barbara Tatom, museum director and members of the museum’s board, accepted the painting, but with “inadequate” words for such a generous and thoughtful gift.

“There is no way to express our gratitude, but no way,” Tatom said. “Having an original painting by Jean Lake means so much to the museum and to our entire community.”

Tatom said Jean Lake’s artwork embodies the lifestyle that the Pioneer Museum of Alabama also embodies and seeks to preserve for generations to come.

Sam and Barbara Pearson were as grateful for the new home for the painting as the museum board was to receive it.

“The Pioneer Museum of Alabama is where the painting should be,” Barbara said. “We couldn’t be happier.”

Jean Lake’s painting has been part of the Pearsons House for approximately 50 years.

The couple bought the painting shortly after their wedding, and at one point they laughingly said they had other uses for the $ 350.

“But, the painting spoke to us,” Sam said. “With its vibrant colors and so many expressions of joy – the little girl dancing in the yard, the little boy on the swing, so much happiness, even the little one. dog was smiling. Barbara and I couldn’t help but smile as we looked at her.

Bob, a Texan, and Barbara, a New England, met in Turkey and got married in Montgomery where he served Uncle Sam in the Air Force. So their origins were not in the rural south.

However, they were almost fascinated by Jean Lake’s artwork that makes a heart happy.

And, not once, have they regretted spending their “groceries” on painting.

“The Jean Lake painting has hung in our hallway for all these years,” said Barbara. “It has been a very enjoyable part of our life, but now that we have downsized, we want others to enjoy painting as much as we do. The Pioneer Museum of Alabama is exactly where it needs to be. “

Tatom shared articles on Jean Lake with the Pearsons as well as the history of the museum.

“They were delighted to know that the museum also has Jean Lake’s latest artwork,” she said. “It’s a drawing of a mule. The museum is enriched by many original works of art and we are extremely honored to add to this collection through the generosity of Sam and Barbara Pearson.

Jeff Kervin, chairman of the museum’s board, also expressed his gratitude to the Pearsons.

“We are very happy and delighted to have an original painting by Jean Lake that was so closely associated with the history of our museum,” said Kervin. “The annual TroyFest here in Troy was created as the Jean Lake Art Show at the museum. The Troy Arts Council awards a Jean Lake scholarship to a high school student each year.

Jean Lake’s legacy continues and the Pioneer Museum is honored to share this legacy, thanks to the generosity of Sam and Barbara Pearson, said Kervin.

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