Auburn – Cedars Inn Auburn Thu, 29 Apr 2021 01:58:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Auburn – Cedars Inn Auburn 32 32 Auburn man admits setting fire to boarding house Thu, 29 Apr 2021 00:53:09 +0000

AUBURN – A local resident admitted on Wednesday that he burned down a guesthouse in 2018 from which tenants were forced to flee.

Justin Knight, 35, of 138 Spring St., pleaded guilty to four counts of arson in the incident on September 30, 2018.

He agreed to be sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which he would only have to serve 10 years, followed by four years of probation.

A judge fixed this sentence at a later date.

Justin knight Androscoggin County Jail Photo

Deputy District Attorney Andrew Matulis told the judge that a police officer responded to a call sent to 63 Academy Street, where he found the guesthouse porch fully engulfed in flames and tenants fleeing the building in fire.

Officers went inside to evacuate the building’s remaining residents, but by the time they reached the second floor, the interior walls and a bathroom were on fire.

About nine tenants had lived in the building. At the time of the fire, at least six of them were at home.

The building was badly damaged and residents all lost their belongings as a result of the fire, Matulis said.

A police detective said the gas cap of a vehicle parked outside the building had a burning dollar bill sticking out of the gas tank opening, but it didn’t had not ignited the gasoline.

A fire investigator said there had been two areas of the building where fires had been started.

“No potential source of accidental cause was observed,” said Matulis, citing the investigator.

A witness told investigators she saw a man start the fire, including a trash can on a porch on one side of the building. She also saw a man carrying boards across the building.

Matulis said she “could hear the broken wood and then see flames coming from the other porch.”

Knight had also attempted to ignite the gas tank of another vehicle in the area, Matulis said.

Police questioned Knight after a domestic violence call. He eventually confessed to setting the fire in the “big scary house”.

Matulis said Knight told police “he didn’t know what he was doing when he started fires, but he didn’t really know what made him start fires.”

Knight said he had a fight with his girlfriend at the time. He saw the cardboard and he lit the fire, said Matulis.

Knight told police the box was on the porch. He then admitted to starting a second fire in a trash can on the other porch.

He said he could have done both cars, “but he couldn’t remember doing it,” Matulis said.

Knight also pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a domestic violence assault charge which was factored into his plea deal.

Other charges were dismissed by prosecutors.


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Auburn Spring in summary: defensive line, edge defenders Wed, 28 Apr 2021 15:49:23 +0000

The first period of practice of Bryan Harsin The era is officially in the rearview mirror, as the Tigers came full circle last Monday.

Auburn staff are now looking forward to June, not only for summer training and the arrival of a few other parts in Harsin’s 2021 class, but also for the end of the recruiting deadlines on June 1. Auburn will be authorized to receive official visitors to its campus. for the first time since March 2020. The program has already scheduled a number of football camps this summer following the NCAA lifting of the time-out. But in the meantime, football will reach a hiatus in the Plains as players finish the semester in school, then take about a month’s hiatus from team activities until they are back in the game. weight room this summer.

With a team of freshman coaches, Auburn’s 15 spring practices in 2021 felt different from those in the later years of the Gus Malzahn time. While an established staff will simply pick up where they left off from the year before, Harsin and Auburn’s new coaches are focusing this spring on assessing and understanding their players – their skills, individual aspirations and their place in the list, with all job groups except one (half-runners) working under a new coaching position.

Of course, playbooks have been installed and new attack and defense programs have been put in place, but the focus has been on players who just feel comfortable with their new coaches and what to do with them. will be requested in 2021.

And after a month of training, Auburn’s coaches feel they have a much stronger understanding of where their players are than they did in January, say.

So what did Auburn learn about each job group this spring? Auburn Undercover will take a closer look and summarize the spring of each position. Then there are the defensive fronts, tackles and edge rushers.






It’s a new era on the defensive front at Auburn – with eight years as a defensive line coach Rodney Garner, with Nick Eason, who coached or played in the NFL every year, with the exception of one since 2003.

Garner has done well to maintain Auburn’s tradition of dominant defensive linemen during his time with the program. The closet isn’t empty for Eason, but he’s a little green – a lot of second-year transfers and second-year JUCOs, with the exception of players like Truesdell and Hall – huge leaders in their respective groups.

Eason worked closely with Bert watts, who coaches Auburn’s top runners with his duties as special teams coordinator. Pass-rushers float between the two coaches’ instructions in practice, and Eason and Watts also spend a lot of time together off the field; their offices are located next to each other in the football complex. Eason said they would occasionally wrestle in the hallway after meetings.

Of course, the assistant coaches’ job this spring has been to align their respective groups with the new coordinator. Derek masonthe predictions of his defense. Much has been said about Mason making the transition to Auburn from his base 4-2-5 under Kevin steele to a 3-4.

But it’s more complex than that; Throughout the spring ball, Auburn’s defensive front flashed a variety of backgrounds in order to utilize situational personnel and bring in blitzes from all angles. Most often in the spring game, the Tigers lined up in a 2-4-5, which consisted of two hand-in-the-dirt linemen with two edge defenders, two standard linebackers and five defensive backs.

This is where the eclectic skills of Auburn’s defensive front come in.

“I think the versatility of the front seven, ok man, is going to be huge for us just in terms of speed, size, athleticism and trying to create one-on-one showdowns,” Mason said this spring. “To me it’s true. Now I’m like a child in a Candy shop. “

On paper, before spring started, we knew Mason was going to have a handful of guys up front who could slide into multiple positions. Starting from the defensive side, Wooden is a good example. The leader in tackles for loss to Auburn in his freshman season in the red shirt last year, Wooden’s growth from arriving on campus (239 pounds) to now (278) has been on a par stunning and useful for Tigers’ versatility up front.

He and a player like Burks have the physique and size to play indoors in the 2-4-5, but also have some sleight of hand as old defenses end earlier in their careers. Butler, a former JUCO product who came out on top at the end of last season, and Walker, the second highest-rated signatory in the 2020 Auburn class behind Bigsby Reservoir, are used in the same way.

Foster-Allen envisions a bigger role late in defense this season after injury sidelined him for his entire true first year. He was a normal participant for most of the spring workouts, but he showed up to A-Day with his left arm in a sling.

At 6-2, 335 pounds, Truesdell, a fifth-year senior, is the leader among anchor, interior-only defensive tackles. Wright, a former offensive line signing, was emerging as a possible breakout player in that squad before tearing up his ACL in the first scrum of the spring.

To help replace some depth after the injury, Pegues moved from the tight end to the defensive line. He said he played a game in high school but never inside the D line, so Auburn is patient with his development.

“I feel like he’s already explosive,” Wooden said of Pegues. “These are just the fundamentals, which everyone has to work on. … He already has the physical part as we have seen.”

Hunter, a four-star freshman from Mobile, Alabama, had perhaps the best spring among Auburn’s top six registrants. His physicality was on display early on, he showed strong progress over the four weeks of training, and he finished things off with a few notable plays in the Spring Game, including blowing up the starting offensive line and dragging Bigsby into the game. the backfield on a fourth. -and 1.

“He’s a great athlete”, senior security Smoke Monday Hunter said after A-Day. “I feel like he has a lot of advantages for him. He’s quick on the ball. He’s good at pushing the stack and creating a new line of scrimmage – he’s very good at it. on the whole, I have a feeling he’s gonna help us a lot this year.

Hardy, one of Auburn’s top defensive rookies in his 2020 class, also has plenty of physical tools and served as DT’s second team this spring before being one of six players not in the spring game.

In Watts Hall, the outside linebackers are divided into two groups – the edge rushers and the STUD linebackers. Watts explained that there isn’t much of a difference between the two and it’s more what a player is asked to do on a given game rather than a roster position designation. An edge rusher is just that – a dedicated pass-rusher that gets up and chases the quarterback, while a STUD (“stand-up defender”) will cover the horizontal space by falling back into a shallow blanket or chasing. a rear rear.

Hall, who finished last season strong with four sacks in the last five games, was “Mr. Consistency” for Watts this spring, showing he can take on all the responsibilities of an edge defender with a transition. transparent. He’s a bulky presence in the passing game, but he also backed down, put his hands on his knees, and played second level defense a few times during the spring game.

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Moultry, who is also enjoying a year of free eligibility and playing a second senior season, was working early against Hall with the starters when the Tigers went to 2-4-5, but missed two scrimmages in the spring, including A-Day.

Without Moultry or Handy at the Spring Game for reasons undisclosed by Harsin, Johnson, Curtis and Height occupied the rest of the shots in the edge position. Johnson has added weight this offseason and can play defense as well, while Curtis and Height are slimmer and faster.

Auburn will receive an influx of depth coins (five new defensive linemen, to be exact) this fall when the 2021 class arrives in full, and a few additions – like the four-star edge rusher and 2021 top-rated rookie in Auburn, Dylan Brooks, and Northwestern defensive transfer Eku Leota – could be talented enough to make waves along the defensive front right away.



Running backs

Wide receivers

Tight ends

Offensive line

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Photos: Going out in Lewiston-Auburn Wed, 28 Apr 2021 01:09:52 +0000

A skateboarder zigzags Tuesday afternoon down Chestnut Street in Lewiston. Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal Buy this photo

A bumblebee lands on a cherry blossom Tuesday afternoon on Mary Carol Street in Auburn. Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal Buy this photo

Stephen Broas plants flowers Tuesday afternoon in his Pleasant Street yard in Auburn. “There isn’t a lot of choice in stores right now, but I had to go out and crash today,” he said. Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal Buy this photo

Stephen Broas plants flowers Tuesday afternoon in his Pleasant Street yard in Auburn. “There isn’t a lot of choice in stores right now, but I had to go out and crash today,” he said. Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal Buy this photo

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Megan Schofill Helps Auburn Win SEC Championship Tue, 27 Apr 2021 17:29:58 +0000

Lazaro Aleman
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Auburn University Sophomore Megan Schofill recently did her part to ensure her school’s golf team tops the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in women’s golf.
Schofill, a graduate of the Aucilla Christian Academy (ACA), helped lead the Tigers to a 5-0-0 victory over Mississippi State in the final game on Sunday, April 18, winning the team the SEC women’s golf, a feat the team last accomplished in 2012 and it made for the Tigers’ 10th conference title.
Schofill and his senior teammate Kaleigh Telfer are credited with setting the tone on Sunday by winning the first 1-up games. It is reported that Telfer made a bird putt on the 18 which broke the tie and secured his victory, while Schofill “took the lead on 13 and never looked back.
Prior to Auburn’s victory over Mississippi in Sunday’s final, the Tigers had won back-to-back games against Vanderbilt and Alabama on Saturday in the quarterfinals and semifinals. And Schofill’s performances in both competitions once again helped secure both wins and secure Auburn’s place in the SEC final.
In Saturday’s semi-final against Alabama, Schofill is credited with changing momentum when she forced extra holes with a birdie on the 18th hole and then won her game on the opening holes of the playoffs.
She also dominated her match against Vanderbilt in the quarterfinals, winning 5 and 4.
“I am very proud of myself and our team,” said Schofill. “We worked hard, and it was a long time coming. I think everything just clicks. “
Earning honors and accolades in golf is something Schofill has been doing since his days at the ACA. The Jefferson County native started playing golf in earnest in seventh grade, and during her high school years, she excelled at the sport.
As the tenth grader in 2016, Schofill won the Big Bend Championship and District 3-1A title and All Big Bend Player of the Year.
And in her final year at the ACA, she was ranked 22nd in the world in the American Junior Golf Association and 348 in the world in the World Amateur Golf Rankings.
Since then, she has continued to receive accolades including Golfweek Honorable Mention All-American, SEC Freshman of the Week, Arnold Palmer Cup winner and Women Golf Coaches Association All-American Scholar.
Megan is the daughter of Paulette and Billy Schofill from Monticello.

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Alanna Stevenson new director of Saint Dominic Academy Auburn, Lewiston campus Tue, 27 Apr 2021 02:45:17 +0000

AUBURN – With extensive experience as an educator and a proven ability to engage students, Alanna Stevenson has been appointed the new Director of Saint Dominic Academy for the Auburn and Lewiston campuses.

Stevenson has been the principal of the Lewiston St. Dom campus for two years.

The announcement is part of a new leadership structure adopted by the academy to ensure that the most effective organizational model is in place and that all opportunities to proactively build for the future of the academy will be fully explored. Timothy Gallic, who has been overseeing the academy since August 2019, has stepped down to pursue new opportunities.

Stevenson joined St. Dom’s faculty in 2016 as an English teacher and added the title of Dean of Students in 2018. Prior to coming to St. Dom’s, she was an English teacher at Maranacook Middle School and Maranacook Community High School in Readfield and as an adjunct writing instructor at Central Maine Community College.

Stevenson graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maine at Orono where she earned a degree in English and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Maine at Farmington.

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Auburn Drive-Thru COVID-19 test side transferred to Boeing facilities Mon, 26 Apr 2021 23:13:21 +0000

King County has moved its Auburn community testing site from the GSA complex to Boeing’s Auburn facility at 2400 Perimeter Road, enabling 1,000 COVID-19 tests to be performed each day. The move builds on the ongoing partnership with Boeing to bring critical COVID-19 resources to southern King County. At the end of March, the county moved its Auburn vaccination clinic to the Auburn Outlet Mall at 1101 Outlet Collection Way, also with support from Boeing. This site remains fully operational.

Maintaining Critical Access to Testing in South King County

Although vaccination efforts continue to expand in King County, recent trends in infections and hospitalizations show that the threat of COVID-19 is still real. Testing at the first sign of illness or exposure is a key tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and higher test positivity rates in southern King County, compared to other areas, are increasing further the need for continued access to testing.

The COVID-19 testing site at Boeing’s Auburn facility has the capacity to conduct up to 1,000 tests per day, all free and accessible regardless of immigration or insurance status. The continued partnership between the county government, the city of Auburn and partners like Boeing has supported ongoing COVID-19 prevention strategies.

“Free, accessible and effective COVID-19 tests remain essential to reduce hospitalizations and slow the spread of infection,” said Dow Constantine, Director of King County. “We appreciate the support of our community partners to ensure that this crucial resource is maintained even as vaccinations increase.”

“Once again, our partners at Public Health – Seattle & King County have found a way to improve COVID-19 services to Auburn so that we can continue the fight against this virus and move closer to ending the threat that weighs on our vulnerable residents of southern King County, ”Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus said. “Thanks to Boeing for the thoughtful planning that went into this new site and to our federal partner GSA for hosting the original test site in Auburn. We couldn’t do any of this alone.

“South King County continues to be the front line in our battle against COVID-19,” said Pete von Reichbauer, member of King County Council. “While we continue to make progress in our vaccination efforts, this initiative is helping to ensure adequate screening capacity for anyone who is showing symptoms or has been exposed to the virus.”

Opening of COVID-19 test site in Auburn

“Our neighbors in southern King County have been affected by the pandemic to a greater degree than most surrounding communities, which is why we are committed to making it easier for local residents to access COVID-19 resources,” said Melissa Fleener, Auburn Site Leader for Boeing. “We are excited to share our Auburn facility with Public Health – Seattle & King County so they can conduct COVID-19 testing seamlessly, while continuing to support the Department of Health’s large immunization site in Outlet Collection shopping center in Auburn. ”

“Our community partners are still engaged in proven COVID-19 prevention strategies, such as testing,” said Patty Hayes, director of public health – Seattle & King County. “Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are not in the clear and testing is essential.”

COVID-19 Test Information

If you have a sign or symptom of COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you should immediately isolate yourself from others and get tested.

More information on how to secure test appointments is available on the Public Health website COVID-19 Testing Web Page.

The above is a press release from Public Health – Seattle & King County. The Auburn Reviewer has not independently verified its content and encourages our readers to personally verify any information they find may be too biased or questionable. Publication of this press release does not indicate endorsement of its contents.

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Georgia LB plans official visit to Auburn Mon, 26 Apr 2021 12:25:21 +0000

EJ Lightsey, one of the top linebackers in the Rivals Camp series in Suwanee, Ga., Plans to make an official visit to Auburn.

Lightsey, from Fitzgerald, Ga., Has not set a date for the visit, but will soon.

“Auburn will definitely get an official visit,” said Lightsey. “I’ve never been there, but I’m planning my official visits soon and Auburn is a place I’ve always wanted to go.”

Lightsey has an official visit to the state of Florida from June 4-6. He plans to organize tours to Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee, in addition to Auburn.

Lightsey has spoken regularly with Auburn linebacker coach Jeff Schmedding.

“We’re starting to develop a really good relationship,” Lightsey said. “He tells me that they make me a high priority.”

Rivals ranks Lightsey 50th among outside linebackers in the 2022 class and 58th among rookies in Georgia.

*** More information on the RCS in Suwanee: LINK

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Amelia Bartolotta’s journey to becoming Auburn High School’s first female football player Mon, 26 Apr 2021 03:07:34 +0000

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Auburn High School quarterback Troy Churney and other football players frequently trained on the school’s turf field during the summer. One day, the school girls’ soccer team was training at the same time. While training, Churney looked across the pitch and noticed the team’s star player – his longtime friend and midfielder Amelia Bartolotta.

Bartolotta, now a senior, had been on the college football team since first year. She had received several accolades for her game and pledged to play soccer at Mercyhurst University this fall. Churney knew the soccer team was going to be good this year – they had made the state playoffs last year and were back as key players – but they were in desperate need of a kicker.

Churney walked over to Bartolotta and asked her if she would ever try to kick football. At the time, she thought he was joking. But at the end of Bartolotta’s training, she was taking kicks on the pitch. Churney held every blow for her and immediately noticed that she looked natural. He took the videos and sent them to Auburn’s head coach Dave Moskov. As soon as Moskov saw the videos, he asked him to join the team.

Bartolotta has become one of Auburn’s go-to kickers, scoring almost every extra point throughout the season. Moskov sees Bartolotta as an important part of the team’s undefeated 2021 season, which ended last Wednesday. But more importantly, Moskov said, she made history as the first player in Auburn’s 130-year football history.

“I knew this was something she would love to meet because she is an outgoing girl and her mother is a strong woman,” Churney said. “The hardness kind of goes through them.”

At first Bartolotta was worried about how other players would react to a girl joining the team. But once she got to the field to train, her worries were gone.

“Putting my pads on for the first time, going down and practicing, that wasn’t weird. It was just different, ”Bartolotta said. “But my team was very supportive and included me in everything. I didn’t feel like I wasn’t the only girl there.

Before kicking a match, Bartolotta had to learn the slight differences of kicking a soccer ball versus a soccer ball. She worked with coaches on learning new tracking, steps to take before kicking, and foot placement. Moskov slowly incorporated the offensive line, a mock run and finally, full defense. He said that since Bartolotta is a great athlete and has taken training very well, she was ready to kick in at the start of the season.

In Auburn’s first game of the season he did not give any extra points as they were playing from behind and had to score two, Moskov said. But Bartolotta had his chance in the team’s first road game at Jamesville-DeWitt. She was anxious before the game, but didn’t miss a single kick in the warm-ups. Bartolotta said the mental aspect of the kicks was what surprised her the most.

“In football you don’t really think about it because it’s not like you have to put it through two studs with people coming towards you,” Bartolotta said. “I wasn’t really ready for this.”

Bartolotta missed her first three extra points of the season in this game. The opponents started telling her about the trash, so her teammates went to her and cheered her on. Churney, who holds kicks for her, spoke to Bartolotta just before her next attempt later in the game. He told her to forget about the other kicks, to stay focused, and it would pass. Bartolotta proceeded to split the uprights for his first mark of the season. After this match, she changed her mental approach.

“Now my biggest thing is not to think about it so much and just do it – do what I know and do it.” Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta knew she had to play in the next game – home coming against Central Square. Even though it wasn’t her first game, seeing the student section with all her friends who had never seen her kick before made her nervous. But when Moskov called his number, Bartolotta got a perfect six-on-six in front of the hometown crowd.

Bartolotta said she has never had any issues as a team member and that all of her teammates are respectful and treat her like any other teammate, regardless of gender. She believes that the fact that she has joined the team, weathered adversity and become a huge contributor can inspire the girls to move forward.

“Between me and more women in the sport, I feel like it opens my eyes to younger women who maybe wanted it but were scared,” Bartolotta said. “He’s kind of someone to admire.”


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Auburn Title IX Protects Against Sexual Assault and Discrimination Sun, 25 Apr 2021 15:01:53 +0000

With April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Auburn’s Title IX policies remind us that the University has many resources for survivors of sexual assault while protecting itself from discrimination.

Katherine Weathers is the Deputy Director of the Affirmative Action / Equal Employment Opportunity Office and the Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator at the University and has been working in this area since 2010. The AA / EEO office handles all issues. issues of discrimination and title violation. IX.

“The law is actually more geographically limited,” Weathers said.

Title IX legislation does not protect against violations that occur outside of Auburn’s main campus or academic activity, such as in study abroad programs.

“If you are not in the United States, you cannot violate Title IX,” Weathers said. “But Auburn, and universities across the country, want to be able to hold their students and employees accountable for this behavior, so we have policies. That go beyond what the Title IX law says.”

Auburn’s Title IX policy protects against discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation and harassment. It also provides subgroups, such as sexual assault with or without penetration, to these categories to make reporting more accurate.

Weathers said the most common reports she saw from college students were of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. For employees, it is sexual harassment and relationship violence. The least common reports she sees are quid pro quo sexual harassment, legal rape and incest. At the university, she said, there were, on average, 200 reports a year of some type of sexual misconduct.

“You can look at the experts out there online, national organizations and things like that, where they’ll say 20% of college students report, which means 80% don’t,” Weathers said. “So extrapolate that from 200 reports.”

Reporting an incident involves searching for “Auburn Title IX” and filling out the form on the AA / EEO office web page. They can also email Title IX coordinator Kelley Taylor and Senior Assistant Weathers directly.

“Reporting does not commit [the person reporting] to do anything, ”Weathers said. “We’re just reaching out.”

She said the reporter had no obligation to take action, but the office was simply providing them with resources such as Safe Harbor – a 24/7 hotline for victims of sexual assault – or student counseling services. .

“It could be as simple as a contactless directive,” she said.

A non-contact directive is a common response to reports. The office coordinates communication between the two parties involved, essentially telling them not to communicate directly or indirectly and not to let anyone communicate on their behalf. If it is broken, then the problem is handed over to student conduct as non-compliance.

A similar office tool called an informal agreement allows them to draft separation terms that both parties agree to, such as one party will not go to events or places the other frequents.

“So it’s not disciplinary or punitive action against someone who is accused of something,” Weathers said. “It is only an administrative action.”

The AA / EEO office may also contact the student’s faculty to make sure they can help them be successful under the circumstances.

If the victim wishes to make a formal complaint, the office can investigate the case which is ultimately a hearing taking place, currently on Zoom, where a hearing officer asks questions of both parties and reviews the case to take a decision.

“Our standard of proof is only the preponderance of evidence,” Weathers said.

Weathers said the office was not responsible for putting anyone in jail. At worst, they would tell them to quit college.

“I think the police have some kind of blunt instrument,” Weathers said. “We have more precision instruments that we can use to help students as much as possible.”

However, she said she still encourages students to report to the police as well. The only time the office should report an incident to the police is when the victim was a minor.

Weathers warned that people tend to say that the first 6-8 weeks is a vulnerable time for freshmen to be sexually assaulted, due to regained freedom and the introduction to alcohol, but any great feast is also a vulnerable time. She also said most cases involved a situation where a group of friends lost track or let a friend go on a party night.

“The point is, someone took advantage of this situation,” Weathers said. “So that’s wrong. There may also be a few behaviors that are just not correct. It might not be a sexual assault … but we should also be trying to stop bad sex behaviors. “

Allison Vandenberg, a teacher in women and gender studies, often deals with topics of gender discrimination in her field of work.

“When we look back at the history of women’s education in the United States, we see that there are a lot of women who get opportunities through athletic scholarships that would not have been available to them otherwise. for Title IX, ”Vandenberg said.

Vandenberg also recognizes that the law protects students from trauma and harm. The best way to do this is to report when a violation has occurred, she said.

“When we have reports through Title IX, it tells us what is really going on with the students,” she said. “So we get more data from that, and, in turn, allows for a greater allocation of resources so that we can not only create, but also expand much of the efforts already being made on campuses.

Vandenberg said that to adequately address the issue of sexual assault on our campus, victims must report it, so that sufficient support can be provided to future victims. The University must also let the community know that this support exists and that it will be there for them if they need it, she said.

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The Tigers fall in the second match at Oxford Sun, 25 Apr 2021 03:44:54 +0000

OXFORD, Miss. – Trolling by one run, softball Auburn (25-16, 5-12 SEC) fought to tie the game in the third inning, but Ole Miss (31-15, 12-8 SEC) scored five unanswered points in Game 2 of the series, 6-1, Saturday night at the Ole Miss Softball Complex.

Defensive errors hurt the Tigers late as Ole Miss scored three unearned runs in the sixth inning.

The Tigers have six hits at home with senior Alyssa rivera leading the way with a 2 for 3 night for its 50th birthdaye multi-hit game of his career. Tyler king went 1 for 2 and drove in the Auburn race with a sacrificed fly in the third run.

Maddie penta earned the start in the circle for the Tigers. In his three innings of work, Penta allowed two runs, two hits, two walks and a pair of hits. Penta took out two rebels on the way out.

KK Dimsukes and Lexie handley seen the action in relief. Dismukes gave up seven hits in 2.2 innings of work. She was charged with four points, only one of which was earned. She walked one and pulled out a pair in appearance. Handley faced the last rebel batsman in the sixth inning, forcing a foul.

“We made mistakes at the start,” said the head coach Mickey dean. “Tonight we didn’t play a good defense to give ourselves the opportunity to stay in the game or even win the game. We had some bad shots in 0-2 and 1-2. We didn’t. just not done well enough. “

After trading a scoreless first, the Rebels took advantage of a wild throw and a left center single to get the runners into the corners. A double theft would clean up the first leg of the match.

Auburn responded at the top of the third as Maddison Koepke dropped a ball right on the line in right field for a single. After moving up to second on a sacrifice bunt and taking third place on a passed ball, Koepke scored on a sacrifice fly to King’s left.

The tie was short-lived as Autumn Gillespie hit a solo home run down center left at the bottom of the third to put the Rebels in place, 2-1. Dismukes would keep Ole Miss ahead of his one point lead to the bottom of the fifth as the Rebels hit a double and a single down the middle to score an insurance run.

A pair of Auburn’s mistakes in the sixth inning allowed three unearned runs to score as the Rebels won the series with a 6-1 victory.


Sunday’s series finale against the rebels is scheduled for 1 p.m. CT on the SEC network.

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