Central Alabama Community College plans full campus in Prattville

Millions of dollars from Autauga County taxpayers will go towards building a university campus in Prattville.

The Autauga County Commission and Prattville City Council will contribute $ 4 million – and millions more to come – for Central Alabama Community College. The county’s share is $ 1.4 million and then 6.25% of online sales taxes collected by the county on an annual renewable basis. The county’s payment comes from the reserves.

The city is injecting $ 2.6 million with a five-year allocation of 25% of the one-cent sales tax funds for education. It is the recently renewed one-cent sales tax reduction that will channel revenue between parks and recreation projects, education, infrastructure and facilities. The City’s payment comes from economic development reserves, reserves of one cent for public facilities, departmental reserves and reserves of the fixed assets fund of the general fund.

“I think I’ll be there the first day of class in January just to watch the students walk through the doors,” Commission Chairman Jay Thompson said after the council vote.

The college plans to build a permanent campus on property now owned by the East Memorial Baptist Church. The church also operated a K-12 Christian school, which is now closed, on the site.

CACC has a letter of intent to purchase East Memorial Baptist Church, which includes 50,000 square feet of buildings and property covering approximately 125 acres.

Following:Community College Calls on City, County to Contribute $ 4 Million for Prattville Campus Expansion

The property is in the 1300 block of Old Ridge Road and was once considered to be in the countryside. But housing estates have emerged in the region and are developing like kudzu.

CACC now has approximately 200 students attending classes at Pratt’s Mill Mall on Fairview Avenue. The move to the new property means hiring an additional 40 employees and a future workforce of 3,500, said Jeff Lynn, president of the CACC.

“We still have to get my board approval and close the property, but we should have our first students on the new campus in January,” Lynn said. “Once we have completed the building renovations and moved our labs, we plan to have the campus full in the spring or summer. “

Central Alabama Community College now offers classes at Pratt's Mill in Prattville

Autauga Superintendent Tim Tidmore attended both government meetings on Tuesday evening, supporting the funding. This may seem unusual since the money could have gone to schools in Autauga County.

“I’m 100 percent for that,” Tidmore said. “I look forward to working with the CACC on dual registration and on-the-job training for our students. This gives our students the opportunity to continue their studies at home after graduation.

A dual-enrollment program would allow high school students to take courses at the CACC and earn college credits. This means that they could graduate from high school with a two-year associate science degree in hand.

That’s the key, said Mayor Bill Gillespie Jr.

“Public schools are very, very important, and we support our public schools,” he said. “But higher education is important. This will allow our young people to continue their education, or vocational training, after high school so that they can get good jobs.”

The campus will offer university courses, including a nursing program, as well as training in technology.

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