Clouse watches Speaker’s seat as state prison decision looms | Government and Politics

After working alongside four different House speakers and five governors, longtime Ozark State Representative Steve Clouse believes he is ready to be the next House of Representatives speaker of Alabama.

Clouse, a 27-year veteran in the state, decided to run for the post after a fellow Tuscaloosa lawmaker stepped down for the highest, and perhaps most influential, post. of the lower house of the state legislature and succeed outgoing President Mac McCutcheon.

“I worked with four different speakers, five governors. I have a very diverse experience working with different styles of leadership, ”said Friday Clouse, 9-year chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. “I think I can use my own leadership style to lead the Chamber and lead it in an efficient and organized manner. “

Initially, Clouse’s colleague Bill Poole (R-Tuscaloosa), chair of the House Ways and Means Education committee, announced his candidacy for the seat, but stepped down about a week later, paving the way for Clouse.

Clouse sees the role of the speaker as that of a manager of an organization or a company: you ensure the proper functioning of the chamber of the House.

“I’m very fast and organized and I like to run on time. I think it’s very important, ”Clouse said. “When crises do arise, and they do from time to time, you are ready to tackle these issues at any time. “

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