Cooper traded to Cleveland Browns

Alabama football’s Amari Cooper is heading to the AFC.

It’s been an interesting offseason for Alabama football receivers. Calvin Ridley has been suspended for the entire next season due to gambling while away from the Atlanta Falcons. Jerry Jeudy has found a new elite quarterback in Denver. Now, Amari Cooper is out of Dallas and head to the Cleveland Browns.

The Cowboys have decided to trade the former Alabama footballer to Cleveland for a draft pick trade. None of the picks were particularly valuable, so it was more of a way to shift his paycheck without hurting the Cowboys.

Rumors swirled that Dallas was going to cut Cooper to save money, so Alabama football fans knew he would be on the move. Instead of choosing his home, he will travel to Cleveland to play with Baker Mayfield. On the bright side, he will still earn his huge salary instead of having to negotiate a new contract with a new team.

Cooper has elite talent as a wide receiver. He helped boost the offense in Dallas and he earned his huge salary. If the Cowboys weren’t dealing with cap issues, they’d like to keep Cooper. However, they have to make tough decisions this offseason, and Cooper has been a victim.

The Browns need a receiver to play against Jarvis Landry. If Landry ends up finding a new team, they need a WR1 to replace him. They lost to OBJ last season, and that experience didn’t work for the Browns. They added players in the draft, but having a veteran will help them determine if Baker Mayfield is the quarterback of the future.

The Browns are in a tough division, but Cooper fills a huge need for the team. While many expected Cooper to sign with a contender, he will always be a contributor to a team trying to make the NFL playoffs. We’ll see how he fares statistically with Mayfield at quarterback.

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