Could real freshman Holden Geriner win the QB battle?

Auburn football faces 5-a-side quarterback competition ahead of spring training, which will likely result in at least one QB on the starting roster for a different schedule by the fall.

The Tigers will bring back TJ Finley and Dematrius Davis from last year’s roster and added former Texas A&M Aggie Zach Calzada, former Oregon Duck Robby Ashford and true freshman Holden Geriner.

TJ Finley will likely have a head start heading into the competition in the spring, as he is the only one of the five QBs with experience on the field in orange and blue. Despite the lackluster offense operating with Finley at the helm toward the end of the Tigers’ 2021 season, Finley has been praised for his work ethic and ability to be a team player.

But will that be enough to beat the talent coming to the Plains? Zach Calzada was the only quarterback to beat both Auburn and Alabama in 2021, but also suffered four losses and didn’t put up very impressive numbers with the Aggies.

On the other hand, the remaining three-quarters of Auburn‘s football roster heading into spring have absolutely no college experience. Robby Ashford never saw the field in Oregon and Dematrius Davis wore a red shirt after spending his proper first season behind Bo Nix and TJ Finley.

However, Auburn Undercover‘s Phillip Dukes reported earlier this week that Dee Davis continues to turn heads at spring training and if spring training started tomorrow, he would clearly be number two.

But after Davis sees no game action as a real freshman, is it possible real freshman Holden Geriner could win the QB battle, or does his novelty get in the way? to see the pitch in 2022?

Auburn Wire gave a rundown of Geriner’s insane stats as a senior at the Benedictine Military School:

As a senior, Geriner threw for 3,377 yards and 36 touchdowns. He’s not just a ferryman. It can run when it needs to in RPO or zone read concepts. Geriner is physical enough to withstand punishment or fight potential tacklers. In the pocket, he can navigate to avoid the crush while keeping his eyes down on the terrain.

When Austin Davis was hired as Auburn’s offensive coordinator and football quarterbacks coach, there was a lot of talk about Geriner being one of Davis’ main draws to go to the Plains. Despite his young age, the incoming QB could surprise a lot of people and could potentially make a huge impact with the Tigers in 2022.

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