Creditworthiness – What Does It Depend On?


Creditworthiness is a measure that a bank has at its disposal to calculate how much it can credit or a loan. Thanks to it, the institution checks whether a given person can be trusted and whether it can be granted a loan. Checking, among others the amount of income, the bank determines not only the monthly installment, but also the maximum amount of credit the client can afford. What determines the creditworthiness?

It is not true that creditworthiness is dependent on income and there are no ways to influence it. Before we decide to go to a bank outlet or apply for a loan, it is worth trying to increase our creditworthiness by simple means and ways. Because the better the creditworthiness the potential customer has, the more credible it is for the lender and hence – if such a person depends on a higher amount (eg a home loan), there is a better chance that the response to the loan application will be positive . What are the best and most effective ways to increase your creditworthiness?

Let’s start by explaining what factors influence the loan decision ?


What determines the creditworthiness?


What determines the creditworthiness?


When applying to a bank for a loan, you should be patient. The institution must thoroughly illuminate many different factors before assessing the state of our creditworthiness. The basic factors that are checked include:

  • The amount of gross income on a monthly scale, as well as the amount of our previous commitments. This relationship between these two values ​​is a key factor that affects the assessment of our creditworthiness
  • In the case of liabilities worth noting that the bank be bored to Credit Information Bureau ( BIK ), which shows our current credit history, if that was, in addition to presenting or possibly paid our payments on time (more than 30 days late). The bank can check our liability history up to 5 years back. It is also very likely that the bank will also check other databases, for example ZBP, BIG and KRD.
  • The source of our income is also important for the bank. It is worth adding that before visiting the bank, make sure that all our income is fully documented and that no doubts will arise when checking them. The type of contract matters, but about it in the next paragraph.
  • The age of the applicant is also taken into account. Young people are best off, and people of above average age are burdened with less freedom. The maximum period for which we can take a loan is equal to 35 years.
  • We will also be asked about our marital status, and in the case of a family-related declaration – the bank will ask how large our household is and what costs it generates to maintain it. This factor is practically just as important as the amount of our income and liabilities.
  • The currency in which the borrower earns and in what currency this loan is to be repaid in the future

It is not difficult to guess which answers to the above questions are most desirable during the process of verifying our creditworthiness. It is no coincidence that the highest-level loans are given to young couples aged +/- 30 years. It is this group that statistically can boast the best ratio of income to family maintenance costs, age and liabilities.

This does not mean, however, that all those who do not belong to this scheme must be afraid – it is worth remembering that the bank treats each future borrower individually. In addition, we can influence the other factors that determine our creditworthiness. How?


Creditworthiness – what increases it and what makes it difficult?


Type of employment contract

Type of employment contract


We mentioned the type of contract for which we are employed in our work. It is her type (contract of employment, contract for work, contract of mandate ) that is meticulously checked by the bank. Of course, people who are employed under a contract of employment have the greatest chances, although this is not all of them. We will be the best if, in the case of a fixed-term contract, we will be employed by our current employer for at least 6 months (half a year). If it will be an indefinite contract of employment, unfortunately the requirements may increase, up to 12 months (1 year). What’s more, this type of contract can not expire within the next 6 months from the signing of the loan agreement. The Bank may possibly look at this aspect more gently, if we present, for example, an annex certifying that after the above-mentioned 6 months we will receive a guarantee of the extension of the contract.

A similar system works for people employed for a contract for a work or contract-order. Selected banks sometimes look at the remuneration for the last 12 months. Everything must of course be documented.

The amount of income and the type of employer


It is worth mentioning the issue of income. These will be taken into account if they come from legal work that we have been doing for at least 3 months.

Another important factor – depends on who employs us. In the first place, regarding safe and stable forms of employment, banks put so-called budgets, that is work in state institutions and institutions. Next in the queue are employed in joint-stock and limited liability companies. The longer the company operates on the market (over 2 years) and the more established position it has on the market, the greater the chance that our creditworthiness will be greater.

The amount of income is similarly significant. The higher your income, the better your chances. The additions to our salaries, such as bonuses, are also taken into account. If we get regular allowances for salary, which we can document – the better for us.

The higher your income, the better the chance for a larger loan. Many banks apply the principle that the loan can not be more than 80 times our monthly net salary.

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) advises banks on one more rule of granting loans – a monthly loan installment for a person earning below the national average can not account for more than 50% of net income. For those who earn above the national average – then the limit increases to 65% of net income.

Credit history at BIK


The less we had to deal with loans in the past, the better. The best chance of beneficial financial credibility is of course those who do not have any liabilities at the moment or end their repayment. Reluctantly, loans are granted to people who have at least a few financial obligations. Let’s try to pay as much as possible if we want to take a new loan.


Owned property and family

Owned property and family


Usually, banks set the minimum cost of maintaining a household as 1000 zlotys per person, adding 200 zlotys to each additional person. So the bigger we have a family, the more we have to prove that we can afford to keep it together with the household, and the loan will not shake the home budget. Before submitting a loan application to the bank, it is worth calculating the real costs of maintaining our farm.

If you are married – the bank treats you as one household and gives you a better chance for a loan. If you stay in an informal relationship – then you are treated separately.

The bank will not forget about alimony and check how much children pay them, what are their amounts and how they are charged to the borrower’s budget

Do you have a car and a property? Fortunately, only a few banks pay attention to this. If anything, let’s remember. The bigger and more expensive you maintain your home, and the more expensive and more demanding your car we have, the greater the risk that we will have to demonstrate how it affects our home budget.





Obtaining a loan or a payday online is a serious decision that requires an appropriate reflection, calculation and making a kind of examination of conscience. Let’s remember – we only apply for a loan if we are sure that nothing will stop us from obtaining it.

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