Donald Trump backs Katie Britt in Alabama Senate race

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Republican nominee Katie Britt, the former president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, in the closely watched and controversial GOP Senate runoff.

“Katie has worked hard to grow Alabama’s economy, create jobs and restore the great American dream,” the former president wrote in an endorsement. announcement on Truth Social, his recently launched social media network.

Trump also spent the first paragraph of his endorsement attacking Mo Brooks, Britt’s opponent in the Senate race whom Trump originally endorsed but later withdrew his support from.

“I thought he was a fighter, especially when it came to the rigged and stolen 2020 presidential election,” Trump wrote, referring to his false claim that voter fraud and theft led to the election. of President Joe Biden. “Then out of nowhere, and seemingly for no reason, Mo backtracked and made a big mistake waking up at our massive Cullman, Alabama rally.”

At the rally, Brooks told his supporters that they should abandon the 2020 election and instead focus on 2022 and 2024. His comments were met with boos from the crowd of Trump supporters.

“He stupidly started listening to bad consultants and not people, and his 54-point lead evaporated overnight,” Trump said.

Since Trump withdrew his endorsement in March, Brooks has tried to court the president to re-endorse him.

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“Mo has wanted it back ever since – but I can’t give it to him!” Trump wrote.

Britt placed first in the May 24 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, edging out Brooks and Mike Durant, who placed third and conceded. Britt, however, fell short of the 50% threshold needed to avoid a runoff. She will face Brooks in a June 21 runoff to determine the Republican Senate nominee.

“Katie strongly supports our embattled Second Amendment, defends parental rights, and will fight for our military, vets, and election integrity,” Trump wrote.

Britt, in a statement to APRthanked Trump for the endorsement.

“I’m grateful to have President Trump’s endorsement and strong support,” Britt said. “President Trump knows that Alabamians are tired of failed and inactive career politicians. It’s time for the next generation of conservatives to step up and shake things up in Washington to save the country we know and love for our children and our children’s children.

“In the Senate, I will fight to uphold Alabama’s conservative values, advance the America First agenda, and preserve the American Dream for generations to come.”

The winner of the second round will face Democratic candidate Will Boyd.

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