FBI and Other Agencies Conduct Raid on Alabama Water Board

State and federal agencies raided a series of Alabama offices on Tuesday, just over two weeks after allegations that employees were using office funds to purchase designer handbags, makeup and more.

The FBI, along with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies were at the Prichard Water and Sewer Board offices Tuesday afternoon, according to local outlets. The agencies join the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office in investigating allegations that employees misappropriated funds meant to be used for customer water bills.

Find out more about the Prichard Water Office:

  • Mobile County DA confirms ongoing ‘comprehensive’ investigation into embattled Prichard Water Board
  • Mobile DA reportedly investigated former water board director’s alleged luxury purchases on agency’s credit card

“There are more than 24,000 debit and credit card receipt documents for you to review on your own, not to mention allegations of illegal spending of money for personal purposes by numerous employees,” said Mobile DA Ashley. Rich at a press conference earlier this month. “This process takes time.”

Former water board director Nia Bradley is among those being investigated for using a board-issued credit card to travel to New York and Chicago, as well as to buy items at Louis Vuitton and Victoria’s Secret.

Rich also added at the press conference that the office is looking into other allegations, including purchased property and other things purchased through other financial and banking mechanisms.

“This is the worst case of public corruption I have ever seen,” said water board attorney Jay Ross. Fox 10 earlier this month.

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