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The 13th-ranked Auburn Tigers (6-0) shot 26% from the field and 23.8% from beyond the three-point line. They also returned the ball 14 times and committed 18 fouls. It was Auburn’s worst offensive performance since a 45-40 loss to Florida in Tony Barbee’s freshman season.

However, the Tigers prevailed over Northwestern (5-1) by a narrow score of 43-42 behind depth and defense.

“Our offensive execution leaves a lot to be desired,” Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl said. “But we showed heart, we showed character, we showed toughness and we gutted this one.”

As Northwestern’s 7-man rotation began to tire of the physical contest, Auburn remained aggressive behind a well-rested roster and the dangerous 11-man rotation. Pearl touted the benefits of this formation as players in the offseason, and the Wildcats felt the effects tonight.

“We had a great save at the end,” Pearl said. “Part of the reason we’re up against 11 guys is that at the end and the last possession, our guys can be fresh enough to get that save.”

Auburn’s starting basket came from a steal, and the Tigers were able to hold the Northwest offense and secure the Cancun Challenge victory.

As tough as it was on the offensive end for Auburn, Northwestern was worse. The Wildcats made just 25.5% of their shots from the field and 8.3% of their 24 three-point attempts. Jaylin Williams, John Broome and Dylan Cardwell all led the way on the inside with two blocks apiece and a combined 17 of Auburn’s 36 rebounds tonight.

Auburn’s three-point shooting was closer to its season average with 21 tonight, but the team made five combined, including three big hits from Jaylin Williams. Williams, with 11, was joined by guard KD Johnson as Auburn’s only double-digit players tonight.

While Auburn struggled overall from the free throw line at 66.7 percent, Johnson was a perfect 7-for-7 on the night, one of his best games for the charity strip.

“Wendell had a free night, but he was there at the end,” Pearl said. “KD and Al, I think, played really well, and Jaylin Williams hit really hard and had big plays and big rebounds. You have to be able to rely on your veterans, and that’s why we won the match. “

Few players struggled more on offense than Wendell Green Jr., who didn’t shoot in the first half and finished the game 1 of 9, with his only basket made in the final minutes of the contest. Despite the problems offensively and being the shortest player on Auburn’s roster, Green led both teams in rebounds with nine.

Jaylin Williams was named MVP of the Cancun Challenge Riviera division, while he and center Johni Broome made the All-Tournament team.

Auburn will have a tough flight home at Auburn tonight, and a quick turnaround as the Tigers take on St. Louis at Neville Arena on Sunday, Nov. 27. The contest will be a rematch of last season, in which Auburn had a huge comeback win on the road against the Billikens.

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Baylor heads south to face Texas regular season finale https://cedarsinnauburn.com/baylor-heads-south-to-face-texas-regular-season-finale/ Wed, 23 Nov 2022 19:16:47 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/baylor-heads-south-to-face-texas-regular-season-finale/

(Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty)

Thanksgiving is here and that means the end of the regular season for the Baylor Bears. Next up is the rival in Texas State, at least for one more game before they leave for the SEC. Two teams that entered the season with Big 12 title hopefuls, both find themselves on the outside watching the Big 12’s two best teams to date. Baylor’s BIg 12 title defense is no longer viable, but Texas still has a chance to sneak into the title game to face TCU again.

It’s a chance to hit the road and end those hopes for the Bears, moving up the standings and top of the bowl game priority list as well. Baylor is 3-1 in the Big 12 Conference on the road in 2022, which is just one win away from tying the program record for most conference road wins, also achieved with records of 4-0 in 2019, 1991 (SWC) and 1980 (SWC).

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Baylor have won two of the last three games in the series, but both of those wins were at Waco. The last time Baylor won at Texas was a 28-7 win in 2014. They’ve lost their last three games at Austin in the series.

As of November 19, Baylor has won 96 games since 2011, second among 12 Texas State FBS teams. BU’s 96 wins over the past 10 years are a far cry from Houston (97) and tied with Texas A&M (96) and TCU (96), and ahead of Texas (84), SMU (70), Texas Tech (69) , UTSA (69), North Texas (66), Rice (54), UTEP (43) and Texas State (39).

Baylor has 32 passes over the past two years and currently ranks 15th in the nation and first in the Big 12 with 13 interceptions in 2022. Only Iowa (36) has more interceptions over the past two years, with Baylor just ahead of third-place Kansas State (31).

Baylor was ranked or received votes in 10 of 13 polls in 2022. Baylor has been ranked in the AP Top 25 in 10 of 13 seasons since 2010, having spent 17 years between national rankings (1993-2010). BU has been ranked in 23 out of 25 places since 2013 (#1 and #23 exceptions).

The Bears have spread football in the passing game in 2022. Baylor is tied for third in the nation as of Oct. 28, with 18 different players. Only Tulane and Michigan (20) and NC State, Penn State, Oregon and Colorado (19) were more diverse.

Baylor will await the bowl selection process, with announcements to be made on Sunday, December 4.

Alabama highway builders push changes to liability law, freeing them from most liability https://cedarsinnauburn.com/alabama-highway-builders-push-changes-to-liability-law-freeing-them-from-most-liability/ Tue, 22 Nov 2022 20:10:00 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/alabama-highway-builders-push-changes-to-liability-law-freeing-them-from-most-liability/

Over the past two years, Alabama roadbuilders have pushed to change state liability regulations for contractors working on road and bridge projects, reducing instances where contractors could be held responsible. While this problem comes up often, this most recent push involves county governments, which are responsible for the majority of roads in the state.

“From a philosophical standpoint, it’s hard to swallow that a contractor has no responsibility for their work,” said Sonny Brasfield, executive director of the Association for County Commissions of Alabama. “That’s why you hire a contractor.”

Under the current law, which was passed in 2012, contractors are held accountable for their work, while counties are responsible for road construction plans. Road builders cannot be held responsible for faulty plans, except in three cases: if the contractor does not follow the plans, creating a dangerous situation; whether the contractors’ work would create a condition that would appear unsafe to a “reasonably prudent” contractor or whether the work would create a dangerous latent defect.

However, contractors are exempt from liability in these cases if they notify the county of faulty planning. Even if the county makes no changes to the plan, as long as the contractor notifies the county, he is released from any liability.

But a new bill, introduced in the 2021 session, would remove the second exception, along with the notification provision. More importantly, the bill would transfer all responsibility to the government authority that authorized the project once the project is completed, a move that counties say would be disastrous for their highway departments.

Auburn football fans roast former Alabama safety for terrible UA catch https://cedarsinnauburn.com/auburn-football-fans-roast-former-alabama-safety-for-terrible-ua-catch/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 20:03:21 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/auburn-football-fans-roast-former-alabama-safety-for-terrible-ua-catch/

If you’re a football fan in the state of Alabama, then you’ve heard the saying, “Auburn fans love Auburn. Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn football fans went through a year-long roller coaster ride during Bryan Harsin’s chaotic era, but that all changed when Cadillac Williams was named interim head coach.

Finally, an Auburn man is in charge of Auburn football, and as players rallied around their interim head coach and revamped staff, fans got excited about Auburn football once again. Auburn. It wasn’t really about winning or losing anymore, but rather about belonging to something bigger – the Auburn family.

It sounds corny to anyone outside of it, but the energy and support came through as clear as day as fans gathered in a sold-out Jordan-Hare Stadium to support their Auburn Tigers at 3 wins. How can you blame the fans for finding something exciting after such a depressing season?

Well, this former Alabama football player found a way. How can that mean anything if your team isn’t playing for a national championship, right?

Despite everything that happened on the Plains this season, the players never gave up, and they fought until the very end of the season, and Auburn football fans never quick to defend their team:

Sure it’s been a tough year, and it’s been a bumpy year for the Tigers, but I hope the fans will always find a way to rally around the student-athletes who never give up on the field, whatever their record.

Shawnee County Seeks Infrastructure Funding for Auburn’s Turnpike Exit https://cedarsinnauburn.com/shawnee-county-seeks-infrastructure-funding-for-auburns-turnpike-exit/ Fri, 18 Nov 2022 11:32:40 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/shawnee-county-seeks-infrastructure-funding-for-auburns-turnpike-exit/

Shawnee County will spend some money in hopes of contributing federal infrastructure funds to help build a new interchange or two on the Kansas Turnpike.

Officials hope a new interchange will save drivers time and spur economic development while increasing safety.

“I know it’s a good project,” said commissioner Kevin Cook. “People take the tollway, start heading south and there’s really no way to get off the tollway until you get to almost Emporia.”

Commissioner Aaron Mays said the next exit is Admire, about 35 miles from the south Topeka interchange.

“If someone takes the tollway the wrong way, it’s a 70 mile round trip unless they make an illegal U-turn across the median, which is very dangerous,” Mays said.

After:‘Emergency bridge replacement’ will cost Shawnee County more than $1 million amid construction inflation

The Commission notes that U-turns across the median can be dangerous

Mays said the safety aspect had been highlighted over the past two months, with apparent reference to a fatal vehicle accident. Three Topeka children died in October when a tractor-trailer hit a pickup truck whose driver was trying to turn around through the median barrier wall about five miles southwest of the south Topeka interchange of the toll highway.

Cook and Mays, in the absence of commissioner Bill Riphahn, on Thursday approved a contract for up to $25,000 with Maryland-based Intuitive Group to provide writing and grant advisory services. The consultants will be tasked with finding and applying for grants to help the county design and build one or two interchanges, one at Auburn Road and the other in southeast Topeka.

The Capital-Journal reported in January 2020 that a proposed interchange southeast of Topeka could cost over $20 million. Since then, construction costs have risen with inflation, as commissioners learned with an emergency bridge replacement approved this summer.

County Councilman James Crowl said it was recommended by the Kansas Turnpike Authority to hire a contractor instead of going in-house to hire someone with more expertise.

“We’ll work with the consultant to try to identify what we think are the best opportunities for a grant for the project, and then we’ll settle on that and get to work applying for those grants,” Crowl said. . “With the federal infrastructure funds that have been made available to us, there are many opportunities that we want to take advantage of.”

After:The Infrastructure Act has so far sent $1.5 billion to Kansas. Here’s how it will be spent.

Shawnee County hopes to take advantage of infrastructure funds

Kansas has already secured $1.5 billion from the bipartisan federal infrastructure law, and more money is available in the coming years.

“The cost of this project is going to be a bit more than what Shawnee County has, so we need help from some outside sources,” Mays said. “Hopefully that’s a way to do that. Another reason to outsource this to a grant-writing company is that our public works people are already relatively exhausted. For us to pile more work on them would probably amount to taking a job somewhere else.”

The Topeka location was to be at the site where SE 29th Street crosses the turnpike just east of SE California Avenue. But it was the proposed Auburn interchange that was of particular interest to the commissioners.

“The city of Auburn doesn’t really have much, if any, freeway access, although there is a freeway that literally runs right by the city,” Mays said. “So that would be an opportunity for those people to cut their commute times as well, and maybe stimulate some development there.”

Your Voice | The Alabama Baptist https://cedarsinnauburn.com/your-voice-the-alabama-baptist/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 17:14:03 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/your-voice-the-alabama-baptist/

A look at who Lottie Moon was

Lottie Moon, the namesake of the Southern Baptist international mission offering, has become a legend. But in her day, Moon was anything but an untouchable heroine. In fact, she was like missionaries today, working tirelessly so that her people could know Jesus.

Born Charlotte Digges Moon on December 12, 1840, in Albemarle County, Virginia, Moon rebelled against Christianity until she was in college. In 1858, she dedicated her life to Christ and was baptized at First Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Moon attended the Albemarle Female Institute, the female counterpart of the University of Virginia. In 1861, she was one of the first Southern women to earn a master’s degree. She stayed close to home during the Civil War, but eventually taught in Kentucky, Georgia, and Virginia.

Edmonia Moon, Lottie’s sister, was appointed as a missionary to Tengchow, China in 1872. The following year Lottie was appointed and joined Edmonia there. She served 39 years as a missionary, mostly in China’s Shantung Province. She taught at a girls’ school and often made trips within China to share the good news with women and girls.

Moon was passionate about people knowing Christ, and she wasn’t shy about speaking her mind.

She set sail for China at 32, after refusing a marriage proposal and leaving her job, home and family to follow God’s example. Her background was not typical of an educated woman from a wealthy Southern family. God had seized her of the need for a Savior of the Chinese people.

For 39 years, Moon worked, mainly in Tengchow and P’ingtu. People feared and rejected her, but she refused to leave. She adopted traditional Chinese dress and learned the Chinese language and customs. She not only served the Chinese people; she identified with them. Many finally accepted it. And some accepted his Saviour.

Moon wrote letters home detailing China’s thirst for truth and the struggle of so few missionaries bringing the gospel to the 472 million Chinese of his day. She shared the urgent need for more workers and Southern Baptists to support them with prayer and giving.

Lay the foundations

She once wrote to the Foreign Mission Board: “Please tell the [new] missionaries, they arrive at a life of difficulties, of responsibility and of constant abnegation.

Illness, restlessness, and lack of colleagues threatened to undo Moon’s work. But she gave herself entirely to God, helping to lay the foundations of what would become the modern Chinese church, one of the fastest growing Christian movements in the world.

Moon has died aged 72 – sick and in poor health after decades of service to her beloved Chinese people. But his legacy lives on. Today, when donations are not growing as rapidly as the number of workers God is calling into the field, His call to sacrifice rings with more urgency than ever.

In 1918, the Woman’s Missionary Union named the annual Christmas offering for international missions after the woman who urged them to begin it. Today, 100% of all gifts donated to Lottie Moon’s Christmas offering go directly to international missionaries.

Learn more about the Week of Prayer for International Missions 2022 on page 14 and visit lottiemoon.org for more information. Find Lottie Moon patterns, books, piggy banks and other resources at wmustore.com/lottiemoon. (Adapted from imb.org/about/lottie-moon)

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for Michael Foust’s article in the October 27 issue of The Alabama Baptist suggesting an alternative to the Hallmark channel, which is no longer family-friendly (or Christian). Unfortunately, Christian family-themed entertainment on television is nearly impossible to find.

Thank you again for making this information available to your readers.

Dorothy L. Lusk
Madison, Ala.

A broken down car leads to salvation

My car broke down on the way home [on Oct. 12] just buried my father. (A starting problem left us stuck.)

We had to have it towed on my everyday birthday.

I didn’t know what a gift God was giving me in this situation.

The driver loaded the car and I got into the tow truck. But there was more than one towed vehicle. Along the way, I was able to participate in watching God transform a man’s life into his offer to receive him as his Lord and Saviour.

Yes, after speaking with the driver and sharing how not only do our vehicles sometimes break down, but we can also break down during life’s journey and need help, he gave his life to Christ.

What a story he had. What a story he has now. What a story God has for all of us.

Having my car towed on my birthday wasn’t a gift I wanted, but knowing that my physical birthday is now his spiritual birthday is one of the greatest gifts I could receive. Wow!

Whatever it costs to fix my car will be nothing compared to the price Jesus paid to save our souls – His blood, His life.

My father’s physical life has just ended, but this man’s life has just begun. Thank you to my sweet wife, Tina, who waited patiently and supportively as God birthed this man into the family that lasts forever.

Pastor Vince Lee
Vertical Point Church
City of Alexander
through facebook

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

–1 Peter 1:3

“I often ask the waiter before a restaurant meal how I can pray for him when we have a blessing,” said Jay Gordon, Minister for Adults and Small Groups at Brook Hills Church in Birmingham. “And I often ask people, ‘What is your spiritual background?’ This question is non-threatening and has opened doors for me.

“One of our goals is to engage with local people and share our faith in their daily lives,” said Sarah, a IMB Missionary in North Africa, which reaches out to locals through goat herding.

“It was good because when I think of all the Lord has done for me, (most importantly) dying for me, I have to live for him,” said Wilbert Terry, a 99 year old man World War II Veteran, who was recently baptized at Northshore Church in Slidell, Louisiana. “To God be the glory. I would like to see everyone come to Christ.

“We want to smell like God – to be the aroma of Christ for all,” said Josh Oakes, IMB Missionary in Central Asia.

“We are Christians and we try to equip people to live a Christian life so that people notice. An important thing to us is 1 Peter 3:15 – be ready to give an answer to the hope that is in you when someone asks,” said Steve Chambers, church planter at Calvary Baptist Church in Dothan.

“If you open your heart and open your doors, you will be part of the reaching of the nations, and that is what the scriptures are about. said Michael Barrett, Associative Mission Strategist for Piedmont Baptist Association in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“I will share the gospel with anyone,” said Wilton Quattlebaum, associate pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Altha, Florida, which reaches out to hikers along the Florida National Scenic Trail. “I don’t mind sitting with someone who is a secular humanist, an agnostic or an atheist. When they realize you care, you can have a respectful talk with them, and they’ll open up about what they believe and why.

“I find churches in every setting that God is able to grow.” Jeff Farmer, associate director of the Caskey Center for Church Excellence at New Orleans Seminary

From the Twitter universe


Soldier. Athlete. Farmer. The Christian life is a life of focus, discipline, determination and endurance. It is also a question of affection since what we love motivates what we do. Ask the Spirit to grant an otherworldly affection for Christ that moves you to focus on mission and be fruitful!


been a difficult season. Need these words.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow/ Because He lives, all fear is gone;/ Because I know He holds the future,/ And life is worth living,/ Just because that He lives!


There is a danger in the ministry of realizing one day that you have been extremely busy but haven’t delved into the things of God.


Jesus did not spend time or eat with sinners because he wanted to appear tolerant, affirmative, and inclusive. He spent time with them to show them another way of life.

The work of Jesus is not an affirmation but a transformation!


The gospel will advance through our preaching and teaching. Christ will be exalted by our worship. Lives will be touched by our ministries to children and students. Praise the Lord! May some be saved today!


For those of you who are Christians and feel disappointed or hopeless with the election results, it is a blessing to remember that our security does not rest with men or governments, which are limited and will eventually break down. collapse, but on God alone who is ever sustaining.


The work we do for Christ will never be enough for us, only Christ will be enough for us.
—SteveCorts #ncpc22


I still have two great supporters that I couldn’t live without. One (God) who is not seen, and the other (woman) still holds me.

Cadillac Williams gets comfortable in the driver’s seat at Auburn https://cedarsinnauburn.com/cadillac-williams-gets-comfortable-in-the-drivers-seat-at-auburn/ Wed, 16 Nov 2022 21:07:00 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/cadillac-williams-gets-comfortable-in-the-drivers-seat-at-auburn/

Carnell Williams never aspired to be a head coach when he started his coaching career in 2016 at West Georgia as an offensive graduate assistant. He didn’t expect to be a head coach when he went to IMG Academy as an assistant coach or in 2019 when Guz Malzhan brought Williams as a running back coach to his alma mater though. -loved.

Williams had no plans to become a head coach when Bryan Harsin retained him on staff in 2020 when Harsin took over from Malzhan. Williams didn’t push for the interim job when Harsin was fired two days after Arkansas’ loss.

Auburn (4-6, 2-5) enters Williams’ third game as interim coach against Western Kentucky with a slim chance of becoming bowl eligible with a win over the Hilltoppers and defeating the Alabama the following week in the Iron Bowl.

Read more Auburn Basketball: 2023 OL Clay Wedin: “nothing will change” with Auburn’s commitment

Cadillac Williams shares favorite moment of first career coaching win

How Cadillac Williams leads with responsibility as Auburn’s interim coach

Williams did not want to become a head coach; however, he’s in the driver’s seat and looks like he’s enjoying the ride.

“I never had any dreams or aspirations to be a head coach, but I enjoy this thing, and honestly,” Williams told reporters on the SEC coaching conference call Wednesday. “I’m not even worried about what’s next. I am literally having fun with these guys, pouring myself into their lives. Personally, what happens next, whatever happens, happens, but I know that I continue to serve these guys and contribute to their lives. I know that the good Lord will make a way and will continue to have his favor over me.

“Favor ain’t fair,” an old-school saying goes, depending on where you grew up. It would be easy to say that Williams’ move from interim coach to head coach isn’t fair due to Williams’ lack of coaching experience at the highest levels. However, he is 1-1 as Tigers head coach, and the team retained the lead with 1:05 left in the game after coming back from a 21-point deficit in their opener at Mississippi State in the eventual overtime loss.

Williams had no intention of becoming a head coach. However, another saying could apply to the Williams “Man plans; God laughs,” as he grows more adept as a head coach every day.

“Honestly, it’s the first time as a head coach that I feel like I’m playing the game. It’s such a weird feeling,” Williams said. ten years ago when I was playing football… I go to a place where I used to play football, and I really think it’s super cool, to be honest with you.”

Williams did not apply for the acting job. He won’t ask Auburn athletic director John Cohen to remove the interim tag in his words. However, the beauty of football is that he won’t have to say a word if one win after another on the Plains.

“Whether it works or not, I’m going to give credit to my coaching staff. If it doesn’t work, I’ll take the blame,” Williams said. “And that’s been my approach with the coaching staff and the team. No pressure on these guys. They can come out and call and do what they’re doing and let me jump to the shore and take the blame. In the end Ultimately, it’s on me because I make the decision. Which is weird to say I make the decision, but it’s pretty cool.

National Small Business Association sues Treasury Department over reporting rule aimed at combating money laundering https://cedarsinnauburn.com/national-small-business-association-sues-treasury-department-over-reporting-rule-aimed-at-combating-money-laundering/ Tue, 15 Nov 2022 22:13:00 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/national-small-business-association-sues-treasury-department-over-reporting-rule-aimed-at-combating-money-laundering/ A small business lobby group filed suit on Tuesday to block the Treasury Department upcoming requirement that tens of millions of small businesses are registering with the government as part of an effort to prevent the criminal abuse of anonymous front companies.

The National Small Business Association argues that the new reporting rule violates the US Constitution, saying it is unduly burdensome on small businesses, violates privacy and free speech protections, and undermines state powers to govern businesses.

The legal challenge highlights the friction between upholding the right to privacy and government efforts to uncover the sources of criminal activity, especially as the United States attempts to punish russian oligarchs and wealthy friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin since the start of his invasion of Ukraine.

Rich Russians are accused of hiding stolen money and assets in the United States and around the world.

“We already have very strict rules in place that financial institutions actually see the movement of money through the economy and track the data collected,” said Todd McCracken, president of the small business group, during the meeting. of a press conference. He said small business owners are “extremely concerned” about sharing their private information with the government.

The group filed a lawsuit in federal court in Alabama against the Treasury Department, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Acting Director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Himamauli Das.

The rule finalized in September requires most U.S. businesses with fewer than 20 employees — about 32.6 million businesses — to register with the government starting Jan. 1, 2024. They must provide the government with details of their owners and others who benefit under a settlement that aims to peel away the layers of ownership that may hide illegally obtained assets.

Treasury officials said the regulatory burden will be low, costing about $85 per company, but will provide significant benefits to law enforcement, who will be one of the few parties to have access to the database. Small businesses are targeted because shell companies, often used to conceal illegally obtained assets, typically have few employees.

Ian Gary, executive director of the FACT Coalition, a non-profit organization that promotes corporate transparency, said in an email that the new rule “will protect our financial system and small businesses from criminal abuse by anonymous shell companies. “. A Treasury official declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Kenyen Brown, a lawyer representing the Small Business Association, said the law, while well-intentioned, is a “gross overreach of the government”.

“The right ways for the government to gather information about money laundering and possible counterterrorism financing activities is through transaction monitoring and financial institutions doing their due diligence,” he said. he said, adding that the new check-in rule “is not the solution”.

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Auburn QB will miss the rest of the 2022 season https://cedarsinnauburn.com/auburn-qb-will-miss-the-rest-of-the-2022-season/ Mon, 14 Nov 2022 23:28:32 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/auburn-qb-will-miss-the-rest-of-the-2022-season/

AUBURN, Alabama — Auburn’s starting quarterback to open the 2022 season before an injury opened the door for sophomore Robby Ashford TJ Finley decided to sit out the rest of the year to allow a shoulder injury to heal, a source close to Finley told Auburn247. Already with Zach Calzada out after second shoulder surgery, that leaves Auburn with only Holden Geriner and former walker Trey Lindsey as quarterbacks behind Ashford heading into the final two games of the regular season. Finley was not on Auburn’s depth chart prior to the Western Kentucky game.

Starting the first three games of the season and playing a series against Ole Miss later in the year where he aggravated his shoulder injury, Finley only played four games in total. This would allow him to take one more redshirt season and have three years of eligibility remaining.

On the year, Finley completed 33-53 passes for 431 yards and a touchdown with four interceptions. In his two years on the Plains, the LSU transfer completed 57% of his passes for 1,258 yards and seven touchdowns with five interceptions.

Auburn will play its final home game of the 2022 season on Saturday at 3 p.m. when Western Kentucky travels to Jordan-Hare Stadium. The game can be seen on the SEC Network.

Sam Mendes Picks Stars West End Hit Play “The Lehman Trilogy” – Deadline https://cedarsinnauburn.com/sam-mendes-picks-stars-west-end-hit-play-the-lehman-trilogy-deadline/ Mon, 14 Nov 2022 10:30:00 +0000 https://cedarsinnauburn.com/sam-mendes-picks-stars-west-end-hit-play-the-lehman-trilogy-deadline/

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar and Tony-winning director Sam Mendes chose three London theater stars — Michael Balogun (National Theater Live: Death of England-Delroy), Hadley Fraser (Donmar Theatre’s Coriolanus), and Nigel Lindsay (Chichester Festival Theatre’s woman in mind) – to bring his very garlanded production of The Lehman Trilogy back to the West End. This follows triumphant runs at the UK’s National Theatre, Park Avenue Armory and Broadway, and a phenomenal 16-week sold-out run at London’s Piccadilly Theater in 2019.

The actors will play the Bavarian-born Lehman brothers, Emanuel, Mayer and Henry, who settled in Alabama as cotton merchants, a stepping stone to what would become what Balogun called “a giant machine” on Wall Street. . Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles originally played the multiple roles of the Lehman brothers and their descendants – male and female, old and young – in London and New York.

Written by Italian playwright Stefano Massini and adapted for English-speaking ears by Ben Power, The Lehman Trilogy The Lehman brothers’ charts begin in 1844, chronicling their rise and how, in 2003, their descendants bankrupted the financial institution.

Mendes, waiting for the release of a new film Empire of Lightan awards season hopeful, will begin rehearsals with its cast starting Nov. 28. Cinderella musical [the latter opening on Broadway next year with new title Bad Cinderella] on January 24 for a limited 17-week season.

The current occupant of the Gillian Lynne is the new production of CS Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobeproduced by Marianne Elliott (Company) and Chris Harper’s Elliott & Harper Production Company.

The Lehman Trilogy is a co-production between the National Theater and Neal Street Productions, the film, theater and television production house owned by All3Media and founded by Mendes, Pippa Harris and Caro Newling. Neal Street commissioned the piece first and it was developed and worked on in conjunction with the National.

The National Theater and Neal Street are also collaborating on the world premiere of The motive and the signal by Jack Thorne, which is set to open at The National in early 2023 under Mendes’ direction. That’s about when John Gielgud directed Richard Burton as Hamlet on Broadway shortly after his first marriage to Elizabeth Taylor in 1964.

The Lehman Trilogy was a huge success for all concerned. “When you hear it’s a play about bankers, it’s not something you immediately think is going to take off, and we have nothing to say to prove that it already does. “Fraser said. “A race in London, a race on and off Broadway… We just have to keep going, don’t we?”

“Also, it’s a very human piece, isn’t it? To say it’s a play on banking doesn’t take that into account,” he added.

Lindsay agreed, noting that the piece “humanizes the characters”.

“Nobody starts off as a multi-millionaire banker. They start from very small beginnings, opening a shop, then changing it and changing it, and suddenly this dynasty is built. Nobody gets to the top unless they’re like Donald Trump and get a billion pounds when he’s 15. Deadline met the three actors recently for morning tea in a penthouse suite at the Londoner, a chic hotel on the edge of Leicester Square.

Balogun, who appeared in Boy Top and won acclaim for his portrayal of a working-class black man Death of England: Delroy by Clint Dyer and Roy Williams at the National, said he was struck by the scope and scale of The Lehman Trilogy, “ostensibly a play on finance. When you strip it down to its basics, it’s almost like a modern game of thrones. It is a question of power and money.

Lindsay worked in the City of London for three and a half years as an analyst for Swiss Bank. “I fucking knew everything, but I spoke French. I had this interview and the first question they asked me was: “What do you know about OPEC?” I didn’t know anything, of course.

When asked if he had been good, Lindsay replied, “I was terrible. The worse I was, the more they kept putting my money in. They fired 150 people and not me. I said, ‘Are you crazy! I’m the worst person!”

Fraser, now laughing, interrupted him and said, “There are versions of Nigel still running the Stock Exchange, that’s why we’re here.”

Balogun also had banking experience. He worked in retail banking, then promoted to client advisor, for NatWest Bank for two years. “That was before the 2008 crash,” he said, quickly adding that he was not responsible.

However, experience in the industry covered by the piece is not necessarily helpful. As already mentioned, it is not about banking. To portray the multi-generational characters spanning 150 years, the actors needed to be adept at shapeshifting and physical dexterity, and all three actors have that expertise.

Fraser performed in two Donmar Warehouse Theater productions at Donmar and in the West End for the musical City of Angels, effortlessly playing dual roles and moved back and forth between musicals and dramas; Lindsay, who was in the West End Shrekcan transform with the best, as he did playing a British jihadist in the satire four lions. Balogun was magnetic in Death of England: Delroyand a riot in a variety of roles in a touring production of the play People, places and things. “We have this,” Balogun said.

And with the world back in some kind of financial meltdown, the piece offers some insight. “It’s always human,” Fraser said.

“It’s really easy to look at these institutions as banks and ignore the fact that they are made up of humans; all the things you hear about the news cycle – the markets and all that. A bank is made up of people, and it becomes non-human as it grows, and when it collapses, collateral becomes human. For me, that’s what I found so moving,” Fraser told us.

The actor will also play a police officer in the six-part BBC One and Paramount+ drama Gold, about the so-called ‘crime of the century’ the theft of gold bars from Brink’s-Mat near Heathrow Airport in 1983. Dominic Cooper, Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Charlotte Spencer and Sean Harris star .

The Lehman Trilogy The cast will be joined on stage by pianist Yshani Perinpanayagam. The creative team includes: set designer Es Devlin, costume designer Katrina Lindsay; video designer Luke Halls, lighting designer Jon Clark, composer and sound designer Nick Powell, co-sound designer Dominic Bilkey, music director Candida Caldicot, movement director Polly Bennett and West End director Zoe Ford Burnett. Voice work is by Chairmian Hoare and the cast by Jessica Ronane.