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In Crefisa .. What are Personal Loans? A personal loan is an unsecured loan that does not require any collateral for the contractor to qualify and be approved. In general the personal loan has lower interest rate than the credit card and are a low cost alternative and risk for when you need money, or to get out of a financial tightening, pay debts or finance anything you like .

Credit to negativado is without problems!

In Crefisa credit to negativado is without problems!

It is not only Crefisa that offers credit for negatives, Simplic and MoneyMan also do. Crefisa has already helped thousands of borrowers like you in getting money for the most varied reasons. What makes Crefisa so consecrated in the country is why it as a financial institution does not carry out traditional credit checks to see if the applicant qualifies for one of their types of loans.

In fact, this is a strong conviction that every citizen deserves fair treatment. Unlike most private lender institutions like banks, Crefisa Digital believes that you should not be punished because of your past mistakes and that they should not jeopardize your financial future or your ability to get money to pay expenses – for example.

The process of approving personal credit for the negative is ultra fast, does not require the contractor to offer any type of collateral to qualify and bases their approval on the ability of the borrower to repay the loan requested. Let’s see how to get a personal loan at Crefisa.

Call or Apply Online

With over 50 years of solidity and effectiveness, Crefisa provides affordable loans to people with bad credit, ie with bad credit, simplifying the process of approving personal loans so that the client does not have to spend hours going and returning just to request a credit operation.

The process of requesting the credit for online denial is simple, safe and fast! All you need to do is register to inform your identification documents, demonstrate income and residence and sign the contract. See the list below.

  • Original CPF
  • Original identification document
  • Proof of original residence
  • Proof of original income (last 2)
  • Bank statement (last 2)
  • Signed contract

Fast Approval of Personal Loan at Crefisa

Crefisa provides personal credit, personal credit for salaried employees and credit for companies, in addition to the digital account and credit card Crefisa.

Who can hire?

  • Federal, State and Municipal Public Servants
  • Beneficiaries of the INSS (Retirees and Pensioners)
  • Beneficiaries of Private Pension Fund and private companies

To obtain your personal credit with bad credit online, Crefisa does not require any collateral, no consultation with Serasa or SPC is required regardless of your credit score or credit report to initiate your request and approve it in a matter of minutes.

Get your credit for negatives in hours, not days!

Once you are approved for Crefisa’s online personal credit for negativado online, you will have access to your money as close to the end of the day (24 hours). The money deposit will be made directly into the bank account that allows financial movement (checking account).

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How to pay installments of the loan

 How to pay installments of the loan in Crefisa

What is the limit of installments to pay the personal loan? The limit for repayment of installments is a maximum of 12 times. The installments are fixed and if the borrower wishes, he can carry out the discharge or anticipation of the installments with proportionate discounts.

Being with good credit or bad credit, your ability to qualify for personal loans is safeguarded just will not abuse your luck.

At Crefisa you can access the Customer Relations Center and answer the following telephone numbers: 4004-4001 (capitals and metropolitan areas), 0800 722 4444 (other locations) or 0800 727 4884 (SAC 0800).

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