Guest Opinion: Katie Britt has ‘a proven record to deliver for Alabama’

Friends from Alabama, my name is Brent McCarver and I live in Jasper. I am a 48 year old Christian father and husband who is striving to improve the lives of my daughters and my two year old grandson.

Having worked in the public sector, from a US congressional office to a municipal administration, I have paid close attention to the US Senate race to succeed our longtime Senator, Richard Shelby.

Alabama is at a crossroads. Our State is in a situation in which we have not found ourselves for more than three decades. The Washington, DC fact is that seniority and longevity matter. And with Senator Shelby’s retirement, Alabama will be without senior leadership in the US Senate for the first time in nearly 30 years. Senator Tuberville is still considered a “new recruit”.

That’s why it’s critical that we send a proven leader to the Senate who understands Alabama’s needs. Katie Britt is that leader and the candidate in this race who will best defend the interests of Alabama.

Katie grew up in Enterprise, Alabama and worked for a short time in Senator Shelby’s office after graduating from the University of Alabama. Katie is also a lawyer with a wealth of knowledge about issues affecting Alabamians. After practicing law in our state, she returned to Senator Shelby’s office to serve as his chief of staff. She then spent nearly three years as CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, championing our state’s rural small businesses. Compared to her opponents, Katie has the knowledge and proven track record to deliver for Alabama.

Specifically, there is Mo Brooks, who has been running for office for 40 years and has served in Congress for 11 years. He is the epitome of an ineffectual and idle career politician. I support staying in office and running for office, but jumping offices at taxpayer expense while not serving his constituents is the very definition of swamp.

Plus, Brooks has already given Alabamians enough reason why we shouldn’t trust him in the Senate. Brooks is often angry, angry and without a message, because he has no message other than to put his finger in the wind. He has flip-flopped on supporting President Trump and is even accused of being one of the planners of the capital’s Jan. 6 fiasco. On Fox News, Tucker Carlson also recently slammed Brooks for receiving support from the DC-based Growth Club, which is one of Never Trump’s original bands: “So if you’ve ever wondered why there’s a huge gap between Republicans and a lot of the lawmakers who represent them, you can ask the people who fundraise for the races in Congress and the Senate on the Republican side,” Carlson said.

The reason Brooks has to get most of his funding from Alabama groups like Club for Growth is because he’s lost a 50-point lead in the polls. It was after starting his campaign bragging that he would win easily. Now he has had to admit on public radio that the race is close, after initially claiming the polls showing Britt’s advantage were fabricated.

Alabamians need the right plan to make sure our interests come first. Which plan is better than the first Alabama Katie came up with? Every other candidate in this race claims to be best friends with President Trump…and as a political consultant, I get it. He votes extremely high in Alabama. But take a minute and listen to the ONLY reason they claim it’s not ideology, it’s polling. What are their plans when they take office? What is their journey to move Alabama forward and fight for the America we know and love? Alabama needs 21st century infrastructure, we need a strong education system, and we need to strengthen our ports and agricultural industry. Katie is the only candidate who has the vision and skills to make it happen.

I enjoy reading this and hope you support conservative Republican Katie Britt on May 24th.

Brent McCarver lives in Jasper, Alabama. After working in the public sector, he also spent more than a decade working with non-governmental companies and in commercial banking.

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