Holstein Association USA Research Fellowship Program Seeking Applicants

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The mission of Holstein Association USA is to provide leadership, information and service to help members and dairy farmers around the world be successful. To continue this mission, Holstein Association USA invites research proposals with expected results to benefit the profitability of Holstein cattle. Research may involve traditional production disciplines of genetics, nutrition or reproduction as well as dairy or economics. Principal investigators from US universities or nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for grants. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 15, 2020.

Supporting research is a top priority for Holstein Association USA, the world’s largest dairy breed association. Dairy genetics consultant Dr Roger Shanks explains. “I am excited about the Holstein Association USA’s ongoing research program,” says Shanks. “We are starting our fourth call for tenders this year. The overall goal of the whole program is really to try to increase the amount of research being done on Holstein cows, so that we can then help Holstein members to be able to implement and benefit from these search results as they arise.

Holstein Association USA is particularly interested in research that improves the profitability and health of Holstein cattle through genetics, but research proposals from other areas of improvement are also being sought. Research into the economic benefits of Holstein cows or their products is also welcome. Research funded by HAUSA grants is expected to be innovative, exploratory, and based on sound science. Research proposals of all sizes will be considered, but Holstein grants should be funded in the range of $ 10,000 to $ 80,000 per year. The duration of the grants should be one to three years.

Holstein Association USA has funded three projects to date. One at North Carolina State University examining how genomic information can be used to manage inbreeding; a second project at the University of California-Davis exploring the possibility of breeding Holstein cows for heat tolerance using the smooth coat gene. The third project is currently being completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, investigating the genetic and physiological aspects of double ovulation and twinning in lactating Holstein cows. These research projects hold great potential for future progress with recorded Holsteins in the United States.

More details on the guidelines and the grant process can be found on the Holstein Association USA website,www.holsteinusa.com/programs_services/research_grant.html. For questions or more information, contact the Holstein Association USA Dairy Genetics Consultant, Dr. Roger Shanks, at [email protected]

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