“It’s like a Super Bowl”

Alabama Crimson Tide (13-1, 8-6 ATS) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (13-1, 9-4 ATS)

PointsBet Line: Georgia -3, Total 52

After this victory over Georgia and former Saban lieutenant Kirby Smart, Saban’s record against former assistants improved to 25-1, with an average advantage of almost 24 points.

Smart fell to 0-4 against his former boss. Plus, in those four games, the smart squads had a lead at one point.

“Well, you have to take a look,” says Chris Andrews, director of sports betting at South Point. ” It is not a coincidence. Saban lost only one, against Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher’s unranked Texas A&M team upset Alabama, 41-38, in College Station, TX on October 9, 2021.

So the game for the title involves Alabama in the very unusual role of an underdog, in which he did very well, with a protégé trying to match the plans to the mentor, a storyline that the maestro of Tide dominated.

In a few contests he has entered, BetMGM trading director Jeff Stoneback has not hesitated to select the Crimson Tide.

“Alabama showed they were the better team the last time they played, and I don’t think anything has really changed,” he said. “Saban’s domination over his [former] the assistants will continue and he will get another national title for his curriculum vitae.

“And you get points. It sounds too good to be true. I would be shocked if we didn’t need Georgia after the game started.

Lights, Camera …

Someone walked around South Point and bet $ 40,000 on Georgia -2.5, so Andrews reduced the line to 3. Someone else bet $ 40,000 on Alabama plus those points , so Andrews brought it down to 2.5.

“And another guy comes in and puts forty thousand on Georgia giving two and a half, so I took it down to three,” Andrews said. “And we’re just getting started. I think it will be a very good game, from a betting point of view.

Earlier this week at BetMGM there had been a 3-to-2 ticket count for Alabama, but there had been twice as much money bet on Georgia. By the end of the week that had changed, with twice as many posts written on the Tide, which had a 54% financial advantage.

“Because [Wednesday], we’ve passed Georgia, ”Stoneback says,“ as far as the money goes, on the Alabama side. The public is now coming to Alabama, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the line come out of 3. “

At the pre-season SuperBook, one client risked $ 16,500 on Georgia, at odds of 8: 1, to win it all, and another client placed $ 5,000 on the Bulldogs, at that odds, to win the game. Crown.

“So we dug a hole with Georgia,” Kornegay explains. “And since we published the Championship game it’s been hot and muggy on both sides.”

Late Thursday night, the books differed only in price. Georgia -3 was everywhere, but that cost was -115 at Circa Sports, for example, where Alabama at +3 was -105. At DraftKings, Bama +3 was -115; Georgia -3 costs -105.

If possible, it is always safe to shop around.

Big bets, big game

The SuperBook bet $ 187,000 on Alabama to win straight, at +125 on the moneyline. On Wednesday, it took a bet of $ 145,000 on Georgia, at -150, to win straight.

Superiors asked Kornegay on a daily basis which side the house needed. “I said, ‘We need Bama.’ How many times can we say this? Then the next day when I was asked, I said, “This is Georgia. So it was quite hot.

The number of SuperBook tickets, on the spread, was equal. But with the moneyline, 70% of the action has been on the tide.

“It’s like a Super Bowl,” Kornegay says. “Eighty percent of the total action was over. People play dog ​​on the silver line and score points with the favorite. “

Seven of Georgia’s last nine games finished “under”, as have four of Alabama’s last six.

Avello at DraftKings agreed with Kornegay on the magnitude of this game.

“This,” says Avello, “is going to be one of the highest stakes college football games of all time.”

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