Jim Wellehan: Protect Lake Auburn, keep the air and water clean

It was a joy to read Senator Ed Muskie’s “Clean Water Bill” passed 50 years ago. Clean air and clean water are things we all need.

We are fortunate to have great organizations to keep us up to date on the issue – like the Sierra Club, Maine Conservation Voters, and the Maine Natural Resource Council – to help us focus on these issues.

These days we have heard of Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque and his council claiming that their substitution of a zoning name with the same name and regulated to replace a zoning bylaw that 2,400 people of Auburn had sought to repeal handled the situation. (This is not the case.)

He came up with plans for Lake Auburn that I think would destroy its drinking water status and require a filtration system of over $40 million, and an additional $2 million in expense (and growing every year) every year.

There are two options left for Auburn citizens. First, a reminder of the mayor and councilors making his bid, or second, a study of Lake Auburn by knowledgeable, honest people not selected by our mayor, but perhaps by the strong environmental organizations that Maine has had the lucky to have.

In the meantime, anyone who damages the lake in our neighborhoods before citizens have had a chance to fully voice their concerns should remove all construction, fully repair the area with the approval of everyone in the neighborhood, and pay for all environmental damage – which could, of course, include a $40 million filtration system for the lake.

Jim WellehanAuburn

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