Kemper County Sheriff Discusses Corrections Officer Arrest

KEMPER COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) – The Kemper County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a correctional officer involved in bringing contraband into the jail.

“Somewhere around 22 or 23 were arrested or fired for a number of inmate-related reasons,”

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore talks about how many correctional officers he breaks the law. The most recent was Katrina Elaine Sledge. She was arrested last week.

“Are you going to waste your whole career on someone pushing you to do something that’s a criminal act?” said Moore.

To ensure the integrity of his staff, Sheriff Moore said they conduct random checks on correctional officers.

“Their person must be searched, their wall lockers and their vehicles,” Moore explained. “With this particular correctional officer, we discovered cell phones, tobacco, cash and things like that stored in his car.”

During the investigation, they discovered that Sledge was being paid via Cash App by an inmate’s sister. Everything has to do with money.

“They will normally sell a jail cell phone for $1,100. Cigarettes generally cost $10 a cigarette. It’s a big money deal,” Moore said.

Sheriff Moore said he will never understand how the relationship between a veteran officer and a murder suspect evolves, as we saw in Florence, Alabama. He asks what an inmate can offer you behind bars? For the inmate, Moore says there’s only something to be gained.

“They sit there day in and day out,” Moore explained. “They’re watching our correctional officers to find the things they’re doing wrong, to find the weak link in the system and when they find that weak link, they’re going to attack it with whatever they can.”

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