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On Monday, March 14, I was taking an afternoon walk, enjoying the fresh air and exercising. Suddenly, at 3:30 p.m., I fell face forward hitting the pavement with my face. This happened between Copley and Wilbur, side streets of Lake Avenue. A car pulled up and as I sat down bleeding profusely from the lower face I tried to pull my cell phone out of my holder and couldn’t read it to call my husband. He was covered in blood. The woman called and asked me if I was ok, did I need help? I asked her to please take my phone and call my husband. After giving her the information needed to make the call, she then handed me the phone and I spoke to her. During this time, three other ladies stopped by to help, all concerned for me and my well-being. One of them helped me take off and my husband arrived soon after. We live on Amherst Avenue, which was a block from where I fell. I am grateful for the help of these four angels of mercy and appreciate your taking the time to help me, old lady. After two visits to the hospital, stitches on my upper lip and my two front teeth being back in my gums thanks to braces using wires attached to the teeth on either side, I am on the mend. You can rest assured that I will not be walking along Lake Avenue again. The toe part of my right foot shoe caught the edge of a raised sidewalk slab, and I descended. I am grateful for their concern, their help, and thankful that Auburn has such kind people willing to stop and help a distressed and needy 78 year old lady. God bless you all and with all my heart I thank you.

Suzanne Marullo lives in Auburn. All thank you letters are reprinted as submitted.

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