Live Updates: Alabama Crimson Tide Football at the Florida Gators

GAINESVILLE, Fla – It’s game day in Florida as Alabama returns to Gainesville for the first time since 2011.

It’s the opening of the conference and the first real road game for the Crimson Tide.

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Second quarter

  • Young completes the pass to Metchie on the third down, but it’s not enough for a first down. Alabama forced to kick for the third consecutive possession. It’s the loudest in the stadium since the opening drive.
  • Bryce Young held onto the ball a little too long and was sacked for a three-yard loss on the second down.
  • Some chew near the sideline after the kickoff returns, but coaches manage to stop anything before it can begin.
  • With a big gap in the middle and a few missed tackles by Alabama defensemen, Malik Davis hit a 26-yard touchdown in Florida. The PAT is not good, wide to the right. Alabama 21, Florida 9. 6:34 2Q
    • One touchdown in six games and 79 yards for the Gators. Brings some life back to the stadium in the second quarter.
  • Josh Jobe called for a pass interference at fourth base to extend Florida’s drive.
  • Florida fans boo the call of a quarterback on the third down. Gators goes for it on the fourth down.
  • Emory Jones stays in the pocket, withstands the pressure and delivers a 30-yard completion to Keon Zipperer.
  • It looked like Young had room to run for the first down on this third game, but instead he threw it deep at John Metchie III on double coverage.
  • Another three-and-out for the Alabama offense after a run from Jase McClellan on the first down and then on back-to-back incomplete. Florida defensive back Kaair Elam was rocked on the play.
  • Henry To’oTo’o sticks with his mission on the options game and arrives with a stoppage at the third down for the Crimson Tide. Florida are about to kick and Slade Bolden is back in depth to receive for Alabama.
  • Florida starting right tackle Jean Delance is on the field and is followed by coaches after the first down game. He leaves the field on his own but goes directly to the medical tent on the sidelines.
  • It’s a 48-yard punt for Burnip. Florida will start at their 21 with 11:35 left in the first half.
  • And after another incompletion, Alabama will have to kick for the first time today. James Burnip goes on the punt.
  • Bryce Young is called in for an intentional grounding on the first down, then an unfinished attempt by JoJo Earle leads to a third and long.
  • Will Anderson puts the pressure on and Brian Branch flips the ball for a fourth-place failure for the Gators. Alabama takes over on the downs.
  • The Gators use their third and final time out before the fourth down play.
  • Florida plans to move forward with fourth and third Alabama 37s.

First shift

  • Alabama leads 21-3 after a quarter. The Crimson Tide only dumped the ball five times but had success with Brian Robinson. Bryce Young had an exception in the first quarter, constantly manipulating the pressure on his face. Young was 12-16 for 138 yards and three touchdowns.
  • Emory Jones throws the ball on the option and picks up a Gator first on the last play of the first quarter.
  • Brian Robinson jukes a defenseman and executes him for seven yards and Bryce Young’s third TD pass in the first quarter. Reichard’s PAT is good. Alabama 21, Florida 3. 0:48 1Q
  • Another completion and first to Jameson Williams. First and goal for Alabama on seven.
  • Drew Sanders puts pressure on Jones, which leads to an interception of Jalyn Armor-Davis. Alabama ball over Florida 38, 3:12 to play in the first quarter.
  • Nick Saban comes down the field to take a time out before the third down play. Looks like the Alabama defense had maybe 12 men on the ground.
  • Will Anderson makes his presence felt. He’s pressuring Emory Jones for a three-yard loss on the first down.
  • It was another 75 yard run for the Crimson Tide. Recall that the drive was assisted by a pass interference call on the third down at the start of possession.
  • There’s Jahleel Billingsley making his first big impact of the season. He came down the sideline in the open for a 26-yard touchdown. Reichard’s PAT is good. Alabama 14, Florida 3.14: 14 1Q
  • McClellan makes two catches in a row in the backfield, and the second catches a first in Florida territory.
  • Florida call their second first-half timeout with 5:46 left in the first quarter. Will be second and -10 for Alabama alone 39 on the time out.
  • Alabama’s second possession is extended by the game’s second defensive pass interference called in Florida.
  • There are a lot of things Nick Saban won’t be happy about this first training for the defense, including penalties, but he needs to be happy with the red zone defense to keep Florida’s momentum from reaching the end zone.
  • Chris Howard’s 25-yard field goal is good, and Florida steps onto the plateau after his first practice of the game. Alabama 7, Florida 3 7:08 1Q
  • At the end of the timeout, Florida is ready for the field goal.
  • It was sloppy practice for the Alabama defense, but they made a save at third base inside the red zone. Florida acted as if they were going to try their luck in fourth place, but took a time out.
  • Alabama have now jumped offside twice on that record. Florida is now in Alabama’s 12-yard line.
  • Alabama defensemen are missing a few tackles and an outside pitch leads to a 20-yard gain for Malik Davis and the Gators.
  • And Emory Jones is starting quarterback for Florida. He finished his first two passages.
  • Alabama makes a statement on the game’s first disc. The offense has run across the field in eight plays and 75 yards. They managed to overcome a late game penalty and a missed snap on first and goal.
  • At second and on goal, Young completes a swing pass to Jase McClellan for a seven-yard touchdown. McClellan managed to get past two defenders to the limit. PAT de Reichard is good. Alabama 7, Florida 0 11:21 1Q
  • Jameson Williams is a favorite target for young people. His second catch and fourth target of the day leads to a first in Alabama on third and nine.
  • And Bryce Young’s first assist of the day is a completion by Slade Bolden for 15 yards and a first down.
  • Slade Bolden and Jameson Williams are ready to host for the Crimson Tide and we are on our way to Gainesville.


  • Dan Mullen said in the pre-game that Anthony Richardson won’t play unless Emory Jones gets injured.
  • Florida wins the toss and defers to the second half. Alabama will receive the ball to get things going.
  • Bryce Young, Henry To’oTo’o and Phidarian Mathis are the Alabama captains for today’s game.
  • We had a flyby here in Gainesville after the national anthem and this crowd in the swamp is on fire. It’s STRONG in the stadium, less than 10 minutes from kick-off.
  • Real freshman JoJo Earle is back on a punt return during warm-ups. He took over the return duties from Slade Bolden midway through the Mercer game.
  • Cornerbacks Jaylen Armor-Davis and Josh Jobe, who did not play last week, are both dressed and warming up in Gainesville. His colleague DB Marcus Banks did not make the trip via Saban.
  • Today’s officials
    • Referee: Alex Moore
    • Referee: Tom Quick
    • Linesman: Gary Jayroe
    • Rear Judge: Ron Turner
    • Field Judge: Phillip Davenport
    • Side Judge: Sean Petty
    • Judge Cetner: Mike Block
  • Emory Jones is heralded as the likely starting quarterback for Florida.
  • Florida currently leads the country in rushing yards with 763 yards in two games.
  • The stadium is still only half full with less than an hour to kick off, but the Florida faithful have signaled their disdain as Alabama took to the pitch for warm-ups.
  • Florida quarterbacks Anthony Richardson and Emory Jones warm up. Richardson was questionable for the game due to a hamstring injury.
  • Nick Saban says Will Anderson will play Florida.
  • Alabama specialists took to the field for warm-ups that were booed by Florida fans.
  • Alabama arrives at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Linebacker Will Anderson Jr. seemed to walk without limitation. Saban has said he is day to day after his injury against Mercer.

Game preview

The Tide and Gators met in a momentous SEC Championship clash last season in which Alabama ultimately prevailed 52-46.

There are plenty of new faces for both teams and plenty of talent in this 2020 Championship game have heard their names called out in the NFL Draft, but it will still be an exciting clash in Gainesville this weekend.

Or: Steve Spurrier Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

When: 2:30 p.m. HC



Radio: Crimson Tide Sports Network (Play-By-Play: Eli Gold, Analyst: John Parker Wilson, Sideline: Rashad Johnson) CTSN or on Sirius / XM 81

In line: FuboTV

Series Info: Alabama lead the 26-14 all-time series and have won seven straight games in the series dating back to 2009, including the 2020 SEC Championship game. The Crimson Tide and Gators have met 10 times in the game. SEC championship, starting with the inaugural game in 1992. The last time Florida beat Alabama was in the 2008 SEC Championship game. Alabama beat Florida 38-10 on their last trip. in Gainesville in 2011.

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