Mary Ann Norcross: Residents should voice concerns about Lake Auburn development

I attended the February 16 meeting on the septic tank in Auburn. Several residents have expressed concern about development around Lake Auburn.

A lady distributed several pages of a report written by FB Environmental Associates, Horsley Group and the University of Maine. Reading it, there was a statement that I found very interesting in section 5 (#1): The City of Auburn should not seek to relax current resource protection zoning or consider rezoning parts of the watershed for increased density.

Increased density and new residential development opportunities are better suited to other areas of Auburn outside of the Lake Auburn watershed.

The Planning Board voted unanimously on February 8 to rezone and allow development of lands including the Berry Farm overlooking Lake Auburn. This action goes to the board at their March meeting. I wonder if it is then too late for citizens to share their concerns?

The watershed was established to protect Lake Auburn (drinking water for Auburn/Lewiston). Residents should take a minute to contact their councilor before the March meeting.

Mary Ann Norcross, Auburn

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