Meet the CU Buffs lineman and Alabama transfer who made NIL dollars in the buff. As a 6-7 and 330 pound underwear model.

BOULDER — Tommy Brown’s business up front is his party in the back.

The Buffs offensive lineman is 6-foot-7 with a 6-10 mullet – flowing blonde mane from Asgard in Panama City Beach. If he wasn’t blocking for CU, Brown would be the baddest guy in a biker gang, Joe Dirt’s bodyguard or roadie for Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“My biggest concern leaving one team and joining a new one was that the guys weren’t great,” said Brown, a graduate student who transferred to Boulder from Nick Saban’s football factory in Alabama l last winter. “And it’s almost an improvement here. I don’t want to overshadow anyone in Alabama, but I really I love the team here.

He also likes the benefits of name, image and likeness (NIL). Brown’s Instagram account these days is practically sponsored by law firm Sawaya. He offered his services to YETI Coolers and AriZona Beverage Company. (No bites.)

“The underwear modeling stuff I did,” the Crimson Tide escapee told me on Saturday as CU football media day wrapped up, “that was probably the most fun.”

After all, how many 330-pound dudes can cite “underwear model” as a side hustle? Thanks to a Hail Mary last spring from the irreverent Denver-based clothing company Shinesty, your new favorite Buff has made its money in the buff.

“They DMed me on Instagram,” Brown explained. “They said, ‘Hey, would you like to do this? We’re going from 3XL to 5XL (sizes).’ I’m like, I’m a 2XL, but I’m still gonna do it.

Dude just didn’t do it. He went to town. Once you see things on Brown’s Twitter feed, you can’t see them.

In one shot, the CU lineman is shirtless in red skivvies, swinging a jackhammer next to a baby’s crib. In other, he galloped beside a dance bar in black boxers with, shall we say, a strategically placed tuxedo front.

“It was a good time,” laughed Brown. “I would have done this for free. But don’t tell (the company), because I want to do it again. And I would. But I liked getting paid.

Hey, Brown is more than a pretty face. He’s there to chew gum and kick. And he’s out of chewing gum. A four-star freshman out of Mater Dei High School (California), Brown’s detour to Bama was a legacy – his father started the shot put for the Tide at the time. The big guy appeared in 28 games for Saban, starting one.

On the first day he reached the portal, CU offensive coordinator Mike Sanford sent a direct message via Twitter. The Buffs weren’t at the top of his list, initially, but when you’ve spent four years in the Deep South, Boulder might as well be Mars.

“Most of my Alabama friends haven’t left Alabama and/or the only reason they left Alabama is to go see the Alabama football team somewhere else,” he said. Brown said with a smile. “I love my friends from Alabama, but they’re very from Alabama.

It’s a different world, okay. The Tide lost a total of three games, combined, in Brown’s first three seasons (2018-20). Last fall, the Buffs racked up three Ls in the last week of September.

“The wins and losses (last year) don’t matter,” Brown replied. “I think the plays that came in (here will help)… And I think if a few games went differently last season, it would be 8-4 instead of 4-8. But that’s college football. I’m excited to go out there and prove people wrong.

When it comes to winning, the Browns mean business. His older brother Dillon played baseball at Cal State Fullerton. Little brother Zach has just pledged to do the same at Ohio State.

“All I know is that there are a lot of low expectations from outside sources. That’s not the case inside,” Brown said. “We have very high expectations. to ourselves. And from what I’ve seen, they’re a very good team.

After passing most of the spring ball to left guard, Brown is recovering from “minor procedure,” coach Karl Dorrell said Saturday. Though it should be cleared in time for the primetime season opener against TCU.

“(Brown) has really done a great job adapting to our system here,” Dorrell said. “And he’s also been a very positive leader, you know, in such a short time… He’s a veteran player who has experience, and I think he’s going to help us with our attacking depth.”

Brown’s curvy mullet — grown to the length of Mighty Thor thanks to a challenge from friend and former Tide bandmate Jackson Roby — looks more like something from the cover of an Allman Brothers LP than it does. what you would find in a Grateful Dead show.

Although another of No. 75’s side hustles saw him helping out with Folsom Field facilities on Dead & Company’s annual summer trip to BoCo, and a California boy-turned-Dixie discovered he dug a bit. However, it lacks a southern must-have, to be honest.

“Sweet tea is something I will probably drink for the rest of my life,” he laughed. “When it comes to offensive linemen (after you retire), you either get really skinny or really get bigger. I hope to go the skinny route. But I could give myself a year to do what I want.

A year of cheating?

“A year of cheating!” Brown replied. “Yes exactly.”

After all, when you’re a professional underwear model, a man has to think about his figure. Or not, in this case.

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