Multiple complaints, hefty fines previously levied on owner linked to Auburn dog attack

Neighbors told FOX 13 that the abandoned property linked to the vicious dog attack in Auburn on Tuesday has been linked to several dog attacks in the past and has been a problem for years.

“The one that followed me was a mix of brindle pits,” Tammy Reints said.

Reints said Tuesday’s dog attack is just the latest in a series tied to a property on South 45th Place in Auburn. The house is surrounded by clutter and vehicles have been an eyesore for years, she said.

In a statement, regional animal services told FOX 13 News that last year investigators fined the owner thousands of dollars in connection with half a dozen incidents involving other animals.

Reints said the repeated attacks made his neighborhood feel like a prison.

“I’m glad it attacked me because there were kids around the corner and I barely got into my fence,” she said.

The 38-year-old woman’s attack was captured on a neighbor’s Ring surveillance footage. In the footage, a dog can be seen attacking and dragging the woman down the street. Neighbors are seen on camera trying to help by throwing objects at the dog and hitting them with a bat.

She was taken to hospital in critical condition but was released in serious condition on Wednesday.

King County sheriff’s deputies say they were forced to shoot and kill a dog when they arrived on the scene and another was seized by warrant and is being held in quarantine. The county health department arrived at the home on Wednesday to take photos while animal control investigators also continued their investigation.

For now, it appears there are no dogs on the property, but if the situation doesn’t improve, neighbors fear the next person attacked could be a student at a high school a few blocks away. of the.

“We can’t sit around and watch our neighborhood 24 hours a day,” Reints said.

King County Regional Animal Services (RASKC) is investigating the incident, but so far no arrests have been made.

Regional animal services said their investigation is still ongoing and they are considering a dangerous dog law that may be relevant to the case. The county attorney’s office said it hasn’t received a filing yet, but plans to review it for possible charges as soon as it does.

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