Numerous to widespread showers and storms through Wednesday


It was another cloudy and humid morning in central and southern Alabama. If it’s any comfort to you, much of the Southeastern United States has experienced similar weather conditions. The guilty? A blocked front stretching from the Carolinas to Louisiana. With the front still nearby until at least Wednesday, expect our cloudy skies with a high chance of rain to continue.

While many places were dry until noon, a line of thunderstorms moving from the southwest to the northeast brings heavy rains during the afternoon. The line of thunderstorms could remove most of the energy from the atmosphere, lending itself to a drier but cloudy and humid evening. Based on our general trend, additional showers or thunderstorms could form as a result of this initial thunderstorm activity during the evening or overnight. High temperatures on Tuesday afternoon do not peak until the mid-1980s. Tonight’s lows fall in the 1970s.

Wednesday looks a lot like Tuesday, with heavy to perhaps widespread rains, especially in the afternoon. Again, in tandem with extensive clouds, high temperatures only warm up in the mid-80s at best. The risk of showers or thunderstorms could continue Wednesday evening, with cloudy skies otherwise.

The probability of rain appears a little lower on Thursday and Friday, but still above normal for this time of year. Apart from the rain, every day can present a mostly cloudy sky anyway. With a lower probability of rain comes the potential for more heat. High temperatures could peak in the 90s every day.

The chances of rain are even lower over the weekend, but they won’t be zero. However, they will be closer to normal. And outside of daytime showers or storms, we’re more likely to see good sunshine each day. However, temperatures could tend to be downright warm, with some places defying the mid-90s on Saturday. Many places could peak in the mid-90s on Sunday.

Similar heat with patchy daytime showers continues through early next week. Daytime high range from low to mid-90s next Monday and Tuesday.

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