NYC Taxpayer Funded Cannabis Advertising Slams Criminalization (Newsletter: June 6, 2022)

MN government signs invoice for hemp products; CA Cites War on Drugs as Racist; The marijuana bank presented as a measure of fairness; CA funded grants for cannabis; OR decriminalization status

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New York regulators ran a taxpayer-funded ad during Game 1 of the NBA Finals that denounces the historically racist enforcement of marijuana prohibition while emphasizing fairness-oriented legalization. A major station, however, refused to air it.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (R) signed a sweeping health bill containing provisions clarifying that hemp-derived products, including CBD foods and beverages, are legal in the state.

A new report from the California government task force to study and develop African American redress proposals identifies the War on Drugs and its racist criminal enforcement as a key form of social control that has oppressed black people.

A new “SAFE 4 Equity” campaign— backed by the Minority Cannabis Business Association, Marijuana Matters, Minorities for Medical Marijuana and Women Grow — argues that passing a marijuana banking bill will help small businesses run by people of color, pushing back against the idea that this will only help big companies and banks. However, not all supporters agree.

The California Governor’s Office for Business and Economic Development awarded $35.5 million in Marijuana Tax-funded Community Reinvestment Grants to redress the harms of the War on Drugs through job placement, legal aid and medical care programs.

Oregon officials testified at a hearing of the House Interim Committee on Behavioral Health that if work to establish a substance abuse treatment and prevention network funded under a voter-approved decriminalization measure have been delayed, efforts are now on track.


Former Attorney General Eric Holder said legalizing marijuana would have “great political benefits” and that it’s “ridiculous” that it’s still on Schedule I.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) emailed supporters about the need to legalize marijuana, and tweeted“Enough is enough. The vast majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana nationwide. Now is the time for Congress and the federal government to do something drastic for change: LISTEN to the people. Let’s end the war on drugs and legalize marijuana across the country.

Democratic congressional candidate from Mississippi David Sellers tweeted, “I want to end the failed war on drugs by legalizing marijuana federally, expanding access to veterans court and drug court, ending mandatory minimum sentences and giving the priority to treatment rather than incarceration.”


Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (D) signed a bill allowing patients to use federally approved cannabis drugs.

Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, currently Attorney General, tweeted: “New York has legalized marijuana for recreational use. New Jersey has legalized recreational marijuana. In Pennsylvania, we haven’t, even though the majority of Pennsylvanians support it. I’m going to do it as governor, and it’s going to boost our economy.

Louisiana lawmakers sent Governor John Bel Edwards (D) legislation prevent police from using the smell of marijuana as probable grounds to search homes, legalize paraphernalia for medical cannabis patients, providing reciprocity for out-of-state patients, let medical cannabis companies open an additional dispensary Pitches and prohibition smoking or vaping marijuana in motor vehicles. But the Senate rejected measures to make it easier to overturn marijuana convictions and decriminalize paraphernalia.

A Missouri A representative tweeted: “Let’s be frank: we need a joint committee in #MOLeg to investigate the ups and downs of the Recreational Marijuana Initiative petition.

South Dakota The House and Senate candidates have been questioned about their positions on marijuana policy in a survey.

The Arkansas The Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging regulators’ denial of a medical cannabis dispensary license.

Rhode Island regulators predict there will be approximately $41 million in legal marijuana sales in the first seven months of commercial legalization.

Colorado regulators are accepting applications to be part of a new working group on intoxicating hemp and tetrahydrocannabinol products.

California authorities are stepping up efforts to collect unpaid taxes from marijuana companies.

Maine regulators have issued guidelines on the packaging and labeling of marijuana edibles that may appeal to people under 21.

Oregon Regulators will begin accepting applications for approval of the psilocybin service facilitator training program on Monday.

Vermont Regulators will review recommendations Monday for prequalifying marijuana businesses, obtaining full licenses and social equity status.

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The Huntsville, Alabama The city council called a meeting to receive public input on marijuana enforcement policy.

New York City the mayor spoke at a cannabis conference.

Detroit, Michigan Officials face a second lawsuit challenging the city’s recreational marijuana trade ordinance.


from Mexico The Senate Majority Leader pointed to the legalization of marijuana as a major issue pending before lawmakers.

Thailand The Ministry of Commerce plans to promote hemp fiber in the textile industry.

from Morocco The National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities approved its organization chart and budget at its first meeting.

Afghanistan The Taliban regime has launched a campaign to eradicate poppy cultivation.


Study ‘demonstrated efficacy and safety of cannabis extract diluted in oil in affected patients’ Alzheimer’s disease.

One study suggested that “CBD protected against 5-FU induced [oral mucositis] wound at least partially via Nrf2/Keap1/ARE signaling pathways, highlighting the therapeutic prospects of CBD as a novel strategy for chemotherapy-induced OM.


An analysis of the votes in heavily Republican counties in California, Maine, and Nevada showed that measures to legalize marijuana on the ballot significantly outpaced background check initiatives for gun purchases and Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.

The Indiana Democratic Party tweeted, “Fact: States where cannabis is legalized are seeing declines in opioid addiction. That’s why @INDems (and 80% of Hoosiers) support legalizing cannabis in some form in Indiana. It’s a win-win policy and the @indgop opposes it. Why? national partisanship.

Delaware activists will hold a rally to pressure lawmakers to overturn Gov. John Carney’s (D) veto on a marijuana legalization bill on Tuesday.

The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America encourages people to urge their members of Congress to oppose cannabis banking legislation.


The Associated press updated its stylebook to include changes advice on how to cover marijuana problems.

Michigan retailers sold $186.5 million worth of legal marijuana products in May.

Illinois retailers sold $129.8 million worth of recreational marijuana products in May.


david simon explained that the central message of his series “The Wire” and “We Own This City” is the need to end the war on drugs.

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