Prosecutor charges Auburn man with shooting while driving

King County Sheriff’s Office investigators initially suspected that the guy they believe was responsible for the drive-by shooting that rocked a quiet residential area on the night of Dec. 5, 2021, only shot a single house.

In this house, investigators found a bullet that had entered a second bedroom on the second floor, passed through a handbag and lodged in a television – and the occupants told them they knew who had it made.

But when the investigation resumed the next day, investigators determined that the shooter had in fact hit three homes that night, endangering a total of 23 people and causing damage worth $2,700.

On March 11, the King County District Attorney’s Office charged 21-year-old Jesse Garcia-Zamora of Auburn with a drive-by shooting.

Here’s what happened, according to a report by King County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jason Jones.

At approximately 11:54 p.m. on December 5, KCSO deputies were dispatched to the 162nd Southeast Court to investigate a drive-by shooting. The owners told deputies they believed Zamora was responsible because their son had fought with him months before.

Returning to the scene the next day, deputies found three bullet casings on Southeast 388th Street near the Southeast 386th Lane and discovered that two more residences had been fired that night.

Several witnesses also reported that after the shots were fired, they saw a white SUV of the same type that Garcia-Zamora owns leaving the scene.

According to the report, Garcia-Zamora’s brother told one of the victims that on the night of the incident, he – who was not yet aware of the drive-by shooting – helped his brother get his Chevy back. Tahoe from a ditch it had crashed into. near Muckleshoot Tribal College.

According to the report, the witness also said that Garcia-Zamora told his brother that he got rid of the gun he used in the drive-by shooting,

In an unrelated case on Dec. 18, deputies arrested Garcia-Zamora on second-degree domestic violence charges and had his van towed to a secure police compound to obtain a search warrant.

In the interview recorded at KCSO Precinct 3, Garcia-Zamora reportedly admitted to driving near the victim’s residence and shooting out the window of the van in the direction of the residence.

On that occasion, according to the report, Garcia-Zamora also confirmed that the handgun he used was still in the SUV he was driving. He said he got the gun after his brother’s recent death.

At that time, deputies arrested Garcia-Zamora and committed him to King County Jail for second-degree domestic violence.

According to the report, the Auburn Police Department arrested Garcia-Zamora in 2021 for a drive-by shooting from which he fled while intoxicated. Turns out Auburn police were nearby, pulled Garcia-Zamora in and arrested him for multiple offenses, including that drive-by shooting.

On December 20, deputies executed an approved search warrant on the white Chevy Tahoe and recovered the weapon along with another gun, none of which he was believed to have.

On December 21, a witness told investigators that she and her boyfriend heard several gunshots that night and when she looked outside she saw a large white SUV drive by. About half an hour later, according to the report, she and her boyfriend heard 3 or 4 more shots coming from Southeast 388th Street. When she looked out the back window, she said, she again saw the same white SUV drive by.

On Jan. 4, according to the report, another witness who had been to school with Garcia-Zamora said that on the night of the shooting, he was at a friend’s house southeast of 392nd Street when he heard two shots. He said about a minute later he saw a white SUV drive past where he was and could see Jesse Garcia driving, and according to the report, he said he was certain the person he had seen in the van was Garcia-Zamora.

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