QBR comparison of TJ Finley and Robby Ashford

Coming off of the week one win over Mercer, the biggest concern going forward is the quarterback battle.

The Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) is a statistic in which everything the quarterback does in the game is added up to give the quarterback a score. The stats that affect QBR are passing yards, rushing yards, sacks, penalties, completion percentage, and most importantly, turnovers.

Looking at both Auburn QBR quarterbacks against Mercer, Robby Ashford had an excellent rating of 97.4 while TJ Finley had a lower rating of 43.5.

To put into perspective how good the QBRs of Ashford and Bad Finley were against Mercer, let’s look at a few other quarterbacks.

Looking at both quarterbacks from the Oregon vs. Georgia game, we can get a pretty good idea of ​​how Ashford and Finley fared in QBR.

Bo Nix, who looked abysmal against Georgia, had a QBR of 58.9. Stetson Bennett, who looked fantastic, had a QBR of 97.3.

Ashford’s 97.4 QBR led the entire SEC in Week 1, which topped big offensive performances like Mississippi State’s Will Rodgers (37 passes for 48, 450 yards, five touchdowns) and Bennett (25 passes for 31, 368 yards, two touchdowns).

While QBR doesn’t always tell the whole story, it’s another indicator of Ashford’s quality and how Finley’s two interceptions hurt him.

It will be an exciting week to follow the quarterback battle as the team prepares to host San Jose State in Week 2.

Will Finley stay on or will Ashford take over?

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