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April 11, 2007

In response to a minor accident involving a car and a train on State Street near the Auburn Correctional Facility, Finger Lakes Railway said Tuesday that the crossing warning lights had recently been inspected and trains would not never approach the intersection at more than 10 mph.

A car and train collided on March 28 after a motorist left West Garden Street for State Street as the train passed, damaging the car and slightly injuring the driver.

The railroad said in a press release that the crossing – built around 1935 – never had gates and that the gates would require upgrading by the state Department of Transportation, and not by the railway company.

The railroad said on the day of the accident, the engineer was on the lead car operating the engine with a remote control device. Engineers are required to check the intersection signal lights before crossing the carriageway, the railway said, and that at 10mph the train could have stopped if the warning lights had not not worked. The railroad said warning lights at the State Street crossing were inspected less than three weeks before the crash and the lights come on when trains come within 440 feet of the roadway.

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“We hope the public will become more aware of the law of yielding to a train,” Finger Lakes Railway lead investigator Kevin Buckland said in a news release.

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