Sevyn’s Legend Was Written Before It Had To Be, And It’s Not His Fault

“A man can look bad in the blanket,

Another does not play,

Others look like a real mess

Attention from Ryan Day.

They need the leadership of the Brotherhood

So please don’t call them dim.

Remember mediocrity

Isn’t that Sevyn’s sin!”

Sevyn Banks is no longer a Buckeye. In fact, it is wrong. He is Ohio State graduate and played in Columbus for years before moving to hopefully greener pastures. If that standard is good enough for our warm feelings towards Joe Burrow, then it should work for guys with somewhat less than stellar resumes by comparison like Sevyn Banks. A better way to put it is that Sevyn Banks is exploring his options through the transfer portal in large part due to a disappointing 2021 season in which a fashionable train he played no part in making got derailed pretty early.

These expectations are what I find interesting about Banks’ story. Why has Sevyn Banks been named one of America’s best cornerbacks after a staggered and abbreviated 2020 football season? Did Ohio State‘s reputation as a Defensive Back University force stardom on a player basically because we needed a guy to talk to? What does that say about the ridiculous, never-ending cycle of preseason previews and hype that fans expect and the media delivers?

What happens when a decent enough player is built to be the next big thing?

And sure, Ohio State has earned a pretty solid reputation as a DBU. The number of safeties and cornerbacks that have cemented Ohio State’s fame in this area, especially recently, is high: Denzel Ward, Bradley Roby, Vonn Bell, Malcolm Jenkins, Marshon Lattimore (among others) have all had good to great seasons in the NFL over the past decade. Not all have been regularly awesome (or even good), but for abstract concepts like “DBU”, a single skill season is just fleeting enough to take stock.

Unfortunately for Sevyn Banks, so did Ohio State DBs in college. He played pretty well in 2019 and 2020, looking solid against the likes of Michigan and Clemson before getting totally smoked against Alabama. In eight games in 2020, Banks had 23 tackles, six passes defended and a wobbly interception at the end of the Sugar Bowl that somehow fell to his knees. The good outweighed the bad and people had deadlines to meet, so damn it, why not list the guy as a potential first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft? Ohio State corners always kick in, don’t they? Definitely consider Banks one of the best defensive backs in the Big Ten, if not the country. It can’t hurt!

So it’s telling that much of what was actually written about Banks, including from the famous Ohio State sports website Eleven Warriors dot com, was written in language that verbally crossed your fingers. for Banks to turn out to be as awesome as everyone hoped. it would be:

A new starter in 2020, Banks took his bumps from time to time, but his overall game was pretty solid. Most eyes were on Wade and early safety issues as the Buckeye secondary struggled during the abbreviated season, but Banks certainly showed his own potential at times.

wow! What an incredible endorsement from a player! If “He’s fine, we guess” doesn’t blow you away as the NFL’s general manager, I don’t know what will!

So yeah, I think the off-season content gods dictated some of the narrative on Sevyn Banks. I also think a general realization among fans that Ohio State’s defense, especially in the secondary, was a potentially troublesome weakness led many to look to Banks as a panacea that would ground the Buckeyes down. promised.

This too was unfair: even if Banks had turned out to be a world corner for Ohio State, it wouldn’t have been enough to solve their defensive problems. Even with a budding superstar in the form of Denzel Burke (and believe me, I see the irony here), it didn’t really help the Buckeyes win when it mattered most.

For his part, Banks hasn’t shone in 2021. There are several possible reasons for that, in particular a number of untimely injuries, but I don’t think anyone should consider him a football player. He still has the ability to be a good if not a great addition to the squad that hooks him into the transfer portal. Hopefully this time he will be able to show off his skills without the burden of outsized and borderline unrealistic expectations hanging over his head.

As for the Buckeyes? Well, like I said: we have another young cornerback already waiting in the wings to step in and wear the crown. And I’m sure Denzel Burke wouldn’t hesitate to take on that challenge, because that’s exactly why a player like him would come to Columbus in the first place. But we also have to recognize that Burke or Banks or Travis Howard or Bradley Roby or a number of other big-name players are not, on their own, able to reverse Ohio State’s defensive problems, nor do they become All -Americans simply by virtue. of the uniform they wear.

There are huge expectations placed on Ohio State’s defense in 2022, and new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles is tasked with making sure it lives up to it. It is where fans and media should be focusing this offseason; not about individual players turned into saviors, but about a staff paid millions of dollars to ensure the Silver Bullets return to Ohio Stadium.

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