SI99 recruitment rankings by the numbers

The Postseason SI99 leaderboard is officially out.

It is Sports Illustrated and SI All-American’s look at the future of college football after the end of the 2021 high school football season and the All-Star Tour.

The top four teams in the Team Recruiting Rankings have by far the most SI99 recruits. Texas A&M (11), Alabama (12), Georgia (10) and Ohio State (8) have 41 out of 99 commitments, or more than 40% of the entire field. This number is greater than the combination of the following 11 programs with the highest number of committed SI99 members. Dominant recruiting programs may even add to the list in the coming week, as six SI99 recruits are currently undecided.

Below is a more in-depth look at where SI99 recruits come from, where members are broken down by college, home state, and projected position.

SI99 Breakdown by College commitment:

Alabama (12) – Alexander, Simpson, Henderson, Booker, Murphy, Pritchett, Perry, Preston, Campbell, Little, Law, A. Anderson

Texas A&M (11) – Weigman, Sylla, Anderson, Nolen, Marshall, E. Stewart, Brownlow-Dindy, J. Johnson, Lucas, Dewberry, D. Harris

Georgia (10) – Starks, Robinson, Walker, Smith, Delp, Mr. Williams, Singletary, Everette, Mr. Jones, Greene

Ohio State (8) – Hicks, K. Brown, Hayden, Grayes, Jackson, Abor, D. Brown, Styles

Texas (6) – Blue, Murphy, Tapp, Finkley, K. Banks, Brooks

Clemson (5) – Klubnik, Sadler, Randall, Lukus, Pride

Penn State (4) – Singleton, Allar, Saunders, Dennis-Sutton

Notre Dame (4) – Sneed, Burnham, Ford, Merriweather

Florida (4) – McClellan, D. Moore, Wilson, James

USC (4) – R. Brown, Branch, Jackson, C. Williams

Auburn (3) – Riley-Ducker, Harris, Rhym

Arizona (2) – Burnett, McMillan

Jackson State (2) – Hunter, Coleman

Miami (2) – Rogers, Skinner

Michigan (2) – W. Johnson, Sabb

Missouri (2) – Horn, Burden

Oklahoma (2) – Evers, G. Williams

Tennessee (2) – Pearce, Nichols


Iowa – Nwankpa


Mississippi State – T. Williams


North Carolina – Shaw

Oklahoma State – Shettron


SI99 Breakdown by State:

Texas (15) – Klubnik, Harris, E. Stewart, Brooks, D. Campbell, Banks, Abor, Weigman, Perkins, Sylla, Evers, Anderson, Dewberry, Marshall

Florida (14) – S. Stewart, Jones, Singletary, Brownlow-Dindy, Everette, Booker, Wilson, Skinner, Sabb, Little, Eugenio, Moore, Jackson, J. Campbell

Georgia (11) – Hunter, Mr. Williams, Pritchett, Starks, Horn, Johnson, Nichols, Delp, Rhym, Miller, Smith

California (8) – Jackson, R. Brown, Murphy, Bailey, Burnett, McMillan, C. Williams, Greene

Alabama (6) – Alexander, James, Henderson, Harris, Perry, Finkley

Louisiana (6) – Law, Howard, Preston, Matthews, Tapp, A. Anderson

Ohio (4) – Hicks, Allar, Saunders, Styles

Missouri (4) – Coleman, Burden, Pride, Ford

South Carolina (4) – Sadler, Randall, Lukus, Sneed

Mississippi (3) – Rogers, Robinson, T. Williams

North Carolina (3) – Shaw, Walker, Pearce

Oklahoma (3) – Shettron, McClellan, G. Williams

Tennessee (3) – Nolen, Simpson, Hayden

Arizona (2) – Lucas, Grayes

Michigan (2) – Johnson, Burnham

Washington (2) – Merriweather, Connerly

Illinois – K. Brown


Maryland – Dennis Sutton

Nebraska – Riley Ducker

Nevada – Branch

New Jersey-Gould

Pennsylvania – Singleton

Utah – D. Brown

Virginia – Murphy

SI99 Breakdown by post:

Quarterback (9) – Klubnik, Simpson, Weigman, Horn, Allar, W. Howard, Murphy, Evers, D. Brown

Running back (6) – Singleton, Henderson, Blue, Hayden, Robinson, R. Brown

Wide Receiver (10) – Hunter, Burden, Shettron, Merriweather, Randall, Preston, McMillan, C. Williams, Grayes, Marshall

Slot Receiver (5) – Coleman, Stewart, K. Brown, Saunders, A. Anderson

Tight End (5) – Skinner, Burnett, Johnson, Riley-Ducker, Delp

Offensive Tackle (5) – Pritchett, Banks, Sadler, Harris, Conerly

Inside Offensive Line (5) – D. Campbell, Booker, Nichols, Dewberry, Greene

Inside defensive line (8) – Nolen, Shaw, Brownlow-Dindy, Lucas, McClellan, Finkley, Miller, Dennis-Sutton

Defensive Advantage (15) – M. Williams, Alexander, Stewart, Jones, Abor, Sylla, Eugenio, Tapp, Jackson, Smith, J. Campbell, Perry, Pearce, T. Williams, Ford

Linebacker (9) – Hicks, James, Perkins, Bailey, Sneed, Burnham, Walker, Murphy, Styles

Cornerback (9) – Harris, Singletary, Jackson, Everette, Johnson, Rogers, Little, Lukus, Pride

Nickel Cornerback (4) – Brooks, Law, Gould, Rym

Security (9) – Starks, Wilson, Nwakpa, Sabb, Moore, Branch, Matthews, Anderson, G. Williams

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