Spotlight on Nick Brahms: “Leading by Example”

AUBURN, Alabama For Nick Brahms, Auburn is more than where he plays football.

After the 2021 season, Brahms faced a tough decision regarding his future. He had just completed another impressive campaign as Auburn’s starting center and had to decide whether to take advantage of the extra year of eligibility granted due to the COVID pandemic or leave Auburn football. The memories he had forged helped him to make his decision.

“I was debating whether to come back or leave last season, and found myself thinking about the time in the locker room and the relationships I had made there,” Brahms said. “The times spent in the weight room and preparing for the big games – that’s the real journey that I love and will remember the most. And I wanted it to continue.”

Having started games in each of the last four years, Brahms created countless memories during his time as an Auburn football player. But his favorite moment came in 2019 when the Tigers beat No. 5 Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

“I remember that last game when we had Alabama with 12 players on the field. After that, we knew the game was won,” Brahms said. “It was the best feeling ever. I just remember thousands of fans rushing onto the pitch to cheer and congratulate us. It’s something I can never forget.

Brahms also has memories away from the football pitch. In September 2018, he completed his first-ever solo flight from Auburn to Montgomery, an event he describes as a monumental moment for him in his college career.

In 2020, Brahms graduated from Auburn’s aviation program with a bachelor’s degree in professional flight management and a 3.89 GPA. He wants to become a flight instructor and eventually get his airline pilot license. His plan is then to get hired by a regional airline in hopes of later being hired as a pilot for a major airline, following in the footsteps of his father Keith, a pilot for Delta Air Lines.

Nick Brahms already has a good head start. He was accepted into the Delta Propel program, a fast track for aspiring commercial pilots to gain employment with Delta.

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