Stossel: pro-choice versus pro-life

From now on, the law on abortion belongs to the states. Some will ban it, while most blue states will allow it in one form or another.

Because libertarians want government out of our lives, people assume that we are pro-choice. Some of us are. But like the rest of America, there are principled libertarians on both sides.

We freedom lovers believe that women (and men) own their bodies and should have control over what happens to them.

But we also believe that one of the few legitimate roles of government is to stop the killing. If a fetus is life, abortion is legally murder.

“Life begins the moment the design is complete,” says Kerry Baldwin, host of the “Dare to Think” podcast. “Abortion is murder.”

“Termination of pregnancy is the right of every woman,” retorts pro-choice Avens O’Brien of Feminists for Liberty.

I say to O’Brien, “That is a form of life in the womb. Do you mind ending this?”

“I’m not sure I agree that he’s a person who has rights,” she replies.

“When does the baby have the right to be protected by the state? I continue. “You say a minute before birth the baby doesn’t, and a minute after it does?

“Individuals have rights,” she replies. “Individuals do not exist inside other people.”

Baldwin counters, “Going through the birth canal does not change the humanity of the fetus.”

“As long as a fetus is inside a person, the person can determine what happens to them,” O’Brien replies.

Baldwin says the only time abortion should be legal is if a woman’s life is in danger. Rape is not justification. Rape, she says, is “a crime against women. They need restitution for this crime”, but the woman must carry the baby to term.

Baldwin is a libertarian, so she generally opposes government force. I emphasize that abortion bans are the government’s strength.

“It is the role of civil governance to criminalize acts of violence,” she replies.

I wonder how such criminalization would work.

“If abortion is illegal,” I point out, “the state must either punish the woman or the doctor or both.”

“She’s a woman who’s in crisis,” Baldwin says. “It doesn’t make sense to…throw her in jail.”

Before Roe v. Wade, prosecuting women was rare. Sometimes doctors were prosecuted.

“The way you enforce is not through a police state,” Baldwin says. “The way to get women to stop choosing abortion is to give them other options.” One of those options, she says, is to make adoption easier.

Easier adoption would be nice, but it certainly won’t persuade all women to carry babies to term.

Looking at this week’s anti-abortion protests, one thing puzzles me: Why are activists still turning to politics?

Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have attacked Alabama‘s abortion bill. “Governor…SHAME ON YOU,” Rihanna said.

Instead of yelling at politicians, activists could put their money where they say.

I say to Baldwin and O’Brien, “Lady Gaga and Rihanna alone have enough money to transport all the women…to a state where it’s legal. Why is this a government problem?”

“It would be great if celebrities spent their money on self-help and direct action instead of lobbying politicians,” O’Brien said.

“Currently, there is a meme going around,” she adds. “People write, ‘If someone needs to go camping because their condition doesn’t allow it, come camp with me. We will never talk about your campsite. “”

Why “camp” instead of “abort”?

Because in “some states, it would create a legal problem,” says O’Brien.

The two parties will never agree on abortion.

Personally, I think it’s reasonable for states to ban late-term abortion. An 8 month old fetus seems like life to me.

But I am mostly pro-choice. People should own their own body. If someone lives in you, you have the right to control that life.

John Stossel is the creator of Stossel TV and the author of “Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media”.

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