Tennessee coaches crash all 2022 signatories in defense

(Photo: Ryan Callahan, 247Sports)

Hometown (school): Kennesaw, Georgia (North Cobb)
Size weight: 6-3 / 215
247Sports rankings: Four Star (93 rating), # 165 overall, # 15, # 18 in Georgia

Whether Josephs will play Leo’s position in the Tennessee defense
Banks: “Sure, I think so, but what I love about him is that he’s a great passer with a great first step. But what I think is underrated about him is that ‘is that he plays the run well, because obviously in order to be able to play the pass you have to stop the run, and he showed his ability to do that in flashes. The first game you see against the second game, and before to realize that, wow, this kid can do both.

“We are delighted to have him. Once again, great family. He’s a kid that we knew really early on who really stayed in the fight and we’re really thankful that he and his family trust us, and he’s going to have a special career here at Rocky Top.

On Josephs having a wingspan of 82 inches
Banks: “Oh my God, absolutely. Absoutely. (This is important) because it creates a separation. The offensive players, especially the offensive linemen, want to come close so they can grab and hold, and obviously we’re trying to create a split and he has the ability to be able to do that. And that also gives you the ability to make tackles that I talked about earlier, because your tackling radius is much larger when your arms are wide compared to the small short arms. I absolutely love the length.

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