UMC wants to build a new hospital in Lubbock

Does Lubbock need another hospital? University medical center health system leaders believe the answer is ‘yes’.

Lubbock continues to grow, and with the growth comes the additional need for police, firefighters and medical workers. Lubbock is already known for its medical center in this part of Texas. When the coronavirus patients in our hospitals started to add up, it was the number of beds and medical facilities we have that really helped the citizens of Lubbock.

The University Medical Center Health System has seen Lubbock’s growth and recently submitted an application to rezone 13.6 acres of land near 110th and Slide Road to build a brand new hospital. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted in favor of the request.

According to KAMC, the university medical center health system only plans for the future:

Terry Holeman, speaking on behalf of the promoter who in turn spoke on behalf of UMC, said the hospital would have a clinic, rehabilitation services and an emergency room.

Holeman also said they were unsure whether there would be inpatient beds, but wanted to implement zoning to prepare for the future.

The matter is now moving to Lubbock City Council, which is meeting on Tuesday and may approve the request as recommended.

It makes sense to build a hospital in southwest Lubbock as growth in the area is not slowing down at all. A new hospital could also help reduce response times and solidify Lubbock’s position as a major medical town in the Southern Plains.

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