Voters urged to approve reorganization of Alabama’s constitution

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Alabama has one of the longest constitutions in the world. In 2020, voters gave the legislature the power to revamp the 1901 constitution; Alabamians have an opportunity to shorten it with a vote scheduled for the November election.

It is a part of formulation that you will see on the ballot in November.

“Will the next recompilation of the Alabama constitution of 1901 be ratified,” said Nancy Eckberg with Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform. “And then below that will appear these words proposing the adoption of the Alabama Constitution of 2022.”

Eckberg says revamping the constitution will make it more user-friendly.

“It is the constitution that reflects who we are as Alabamians today in 2022,” she added.

Eckberg commends State Representative Merika Coleman for sponsoring the legislation.

“People shouldn’t be afraid it’s a rewrite,” Eckberg said. “It’s not.”

The new document:

  • Rearrange to place similar topics together
  • Remove racist language
  • Remove repeated portions
  • Gather Economic Development Changes
  • Organize local amendments by county

But ultimately, some want deeper change. Evan Milligan says the state constitution has a racist past.

“Since the Constitutional Convention, he says publicly, ‘We are here to enshrine white supremacy by law,'” Millian said.

Milligan has a song titled 1901 on the constitution of the state.

“Country boy, city girl, either way, don’t pay for it,” Milligan said. “Because it’s all about the money. And we are the goods.

He thinks voters should approve the new document and the state should again consider changing its foundations.

“We need a convention to write something that allows our counties to govern themselves, that allows us to increase the kind of tax revenue that we need,” Milligan said.

Voters will also see Amendment 10 on the ballot. If approved, all new amendments passed will be properly organized into the new state constitution.

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