Why Texas QB Hudson Card is the field goal holder is a big deal

Much of the attention surrounding Hudson Card was on how he would perform with the second team’s attack on Team White. The rookie is in the middle of a positional battle with Casey Thompson for the role of starting quarterback.

Card finished 15-25 for 168 yards and a touchdown. His presence in the pocket stood out a bit more than Thompson’s, even with the second team’s offensive line being bullied all day. To refer to the recipient’s card type, Kai Money was his preferred target.

Overall, it was a good day for Card and a day that improved his chances of becoming the starting quarterback. However, there was an interesting nugget of the Orange and White game and a possible trick as to why Card could be the favorite to take the job.

One of the biggest hires for Steve Sarkisian has been special teams and tight ends coach Jeff Banks. Banks is considered an elite coach on the court, with his ability to recruit in the state of Texas. The special teams are really what the banks loved, greatly improving Alabama’s third phase.

One thing Banks has done in his three seasons at Tuscaloosa has been make his starting quarterbacks the keeper of the field. Tua Tagovailoa held for Joseph Bulovas during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, while Mac Jones held for Will Reichard last season. The latter got a perfect 98 for 98 on kicks.

The role was taken seriously by Jones last season, dropping a hyped video for the Holder of the Year award.

For Texas, Cameron Dicker made four of his five field goal attempts in the Orange and White game, which Texas fans are used to seeing.

What was more interesting about the field goal staff was the way Card was the one holding Dicker’s kicks. Even when the Orange team were trying to kick, Card would rush over there to be the holder.

Could that be a sign from Sarkisian and Banks as to who will be the starting quarterback? Much of what the two did in Alabama will be replicated in Texas. Why don’t you emulate the best college football dynasty of all time?

Card’s role in the kicking game is a little clue as to who might have the upper hand in quarterback competition. If Thompson steps down as a favorite in the fall, he could easily be put in as a placeholder.

For now, any kind of clue as to who has the upper hand in the quarterback competition will be fully scrutinized.

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