Will Nick Saban train for another 10 years?

Alabama football Fans want Nick Saban to coach Crimson Tide for many more seasons to come. But it’s not the Crimson Tide fans who are focusing more on when Nick Saban retires from coaching. For many college football fans, tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon.

In recent years, most of the sports world has been faced with the reality that Nick Saban will not be leaving Alabama Football for another coaching position. Simply, there isn’t any other job, in college or in the NFL, that’s as good for Saban as his current one at Tuscaloosa. He, and more importantly, Miss Terry enjoys living in Tuscaloosa. No matter how much money that might be thrown at Saban by suitors, the University of Alabama would put in more.

Two years ago, we published a presumption that Nick Saban would coach the Crimson Tide for a trip to Morgantown, WV in 2026. Bring one of his football teams from Alabama to his home country, and all of them the welcome festivities that would occur are just too much for the Sabans to pass up.

Now it looks like, barring any unforeseen health issues, Nick Saban will fulfill his current contract which extends beyond the 2028 season.

Social media exploded on Wednesday with the following,

Let’s be clear in saying that Saban’s response was made with a bit of levity. He was probably joking more than being serious. Then again, Nick Saban rarely makes uncalculated public statements. How long does he plan to train? He probably doesn’t plan that far. He has repeatedly expressed his intention to coach as long as he can make a positive contribution.

When he turns 70 on Sunday, he’ll be like one of the most dynamic men of his age. He shows no sign of slowing down.

All of Saban’s hype on Wednesday must have given all the other SEC coaches chills. Those trying to recruit against Alabama because of Saban’s age (cough, cough, Kirby) must feel like Nick slapped them in the face. Perhaps Saban’s response was intended as a refutation of recruiting challenges from other programs. If it was, it was skillfully done.

Alabama Football Records and Nick Saban

If Nick Saban coaches the Alabama Crimson Tide to his 80s, he will have virtually all of Alabama Football’s training records. He would certainly surpass Paul Bryant’s record of 323 coaching wins and Bryant’s record of 232 Crimson Tide wins.

The Crimson Nation proudly shouts “Long live the King”. What Nick Saban and Alabama Football have done together has been glorious. This is not ending anytime soon.

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