How to Get Your First Personal Loan in 6 Easy Steps

How to Get Your First Personal Loan in 6 Easy Steps

Personal loans are able to be used for a variety of reasons regardless of whether it’s emergency expenses related to medical bills or home remodeling needs, they serve as a source of funds when you need them. Contrary to a home mortgage or car loan individual loans from India are typically not secured as a matter of fact, which means they’re not secured by any specific asset you possess. When you are trying to get the benefits of a personal loan from a bank or a non-banking financial institution (NBFC) The customers are not required to present any kind of collateral like gold or any other real property asset.

If you are planning to take out the benefits of a personal loan for the first time, it’s important to know the purpose of these loans as well as what are the essential aspects you must remember when applying online for one.

Here are six important tips to take into consideration prior to applying for an instant personal loan online. This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes such as selecting one that isn’t right for you, settling for the wrong tenor, or taking out more than you need.

1. Maintain a strong credit score

A credit score is an essential measurement that lenders employ to judge a borrower’s capability to pay back the loan. Simple actions such as making sure you pay your credit card dues on time will assist you to build a good credit score. One way to keep an excellent credit score is to never over-exceed the limit of your credit maximum by 30 percent. A good credit score will enable you to get a personal loan more easily.

2. Calculate the monthly installments (EMIs) with care

EMI payments shouldn’t drain your savings and put an expense on your financial situation. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it is crucial to figure out your EMI amount and make sure you have the capital capacity to pay it over the period of time specified. The rule of thumb will be that EMIs must not exceed 10 percent of your monthly income. If the EMIs are greater than that they could drain your savings, which will adversely affect your monthly expenses.

3. Find a loan with an interest rate that is the least

Personal loans generally come with higher interest rates which vary between 11% and 20 percent. Therefore, even the tiniest decrease in interest rates could have a major impact on the overall cost of borrowing. Be aware that if you decide to take a lower monthly payment with a lengthy period of repayment for convenience or for other reasons the likelihood is that it will be accompanied by the most expensive interest rates.

This is important as small monthly installments may seem like a good idea however it can lead to you having to pay more over the course of your life. As generally, borrowers should try to avoid spending more than 35%-43 percent on debts, including mortgages, car loans as well as personal loan payments.

4. Evaluate the need for the need for

Although it’s not good to make use of the loan option, it is an obligation that could last for a lengthy time. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the motives behind the loan and be sure it is absolutely needed. If the motive behind the loan is the sake of a private desire to buy a high-end item, it may not be the wisest of choices.

Additionally, it’s an extremely risky move when the purpose of borrowing money is to invest in other financial schemes or products in the hope of making profits. Reinvestment and borrowing plans can also be subject to market risk and there is no guarantee of profit-making returns. Therefore, it is important to be cautious about taking loans to invest in high-risk ventures because at the end of the day regardless of loss or profit you will be required to pay the EMIs to repay the loan.

A risky investment could result in a huge financial burden, when you are applying to borrow money, get advice from the right experts to determine if your reasons for obtaining loans are financially feasible.

5. Always get a loan from an institution that is reputable

Aside from traditional banks Additionally, you can look into the options offered by digital credit lending firms that are regulated by the regulator of markets, the Reserve Bank of India.

Digital lenders are generally faster in processing and verifying loan applications, so disbursement typically occurs faster. One example of this is using the bullet payment feature, which lets users select the repayment plan that best suits their personal working capital cycles, in contrast to fixed-time payments.

Other options offered by digital lending companies include the possibility of getting short-term loans and the delayed repayment option that allows customers to request extensions of the date of repayment for 30 to 90 days without the need to pay any late fee.

It’s beneficial to have a range of choices to pick from since it allows the borrower to assess and compare rates of interest, processing time along with other vital factors before making a decision on their loan.

6. Think about the possibility of insuring your loan

If there’s one thing this epidemic is teaching us, it’s that life is never predictable. In order to make sure that your kin will not be burdened by debts in the scenario of your death It is essential to ensure your loan. Loan insurance payments function as any other insurance premium payment. They can be made either on a monthly basis or in a lump sum amount.

It also helps the credit scores to be maintained due to the fact that in the event of unforeseeable situations, you’ll not be unable to make due payments on loans.

Bottom Line

A personal loan can prove advantageous provided they are used in the right way. It is crucial to ensure that the lender you choose to use is trustworthy and that your payments are timely and constant. Most importantly, you must remember to utilize the loan to serve the purpose it was intended for. If used properly it can be a great tool to help you get a personal loan that can help you to cover the financial gap without putting at the place your personal assets in danger.

Electronic chains for growth

Electronic chains for growth

Are Payday Loans Worth It?

It may appear as a good idea at first glance when you are first considering these. But as you explore at them, you’ll discover this isn’t the ideal alternative for you. The reason is because the annual percentage amount of interest that is charged is not sufficient. In addition, if you don’t pay according to the timetable then you’ll have to pay additional charges. Apply for a payday loan( )

Krungsri Auto predicts digitization surge

Ms. Kittiya stated that online channels could make up the equivalent of 4% of the firm’s annual new car loans, an increase from 2.4 percent last year.

Krungsri Auto, a vehicle lending division within the Bank of Ayudhya, is intensifying its efforts in digitization to expand auto lending in the coming year.

In the words of Kittiya Srisanit who is the director of Krungsri Auto Group, despite the ongoing problems of the pandemic collaboration and digitization are the main strategies that will aid the growth of the company this year.

Krungsri Auto is targeting 173 billion dollars in auto loans this year, which is up 11% over 2020.

Ms Kittiya stated that online channels that are digital platforms will be a significant part of the overall new car loans in the coming year, which is an increase of 2.4 percent over the previous year.

The company is committed to creating innovative digital platforms and innovative features that meet the needs of all the parties that are related to it including business and customer partners.

It introduced a new online car loan platform Krungsri’s Go Application in November this year. It also added an additional feature in January, dubbed KANA that provides guidance on personal insurance for accidents. The company has also embraced its iPartner platform, which provides information and services for used car dealers.

After the release on the Go app The company announced that its digital loans via the platform reached between 60 and 70 million Baht.

Despite a double-digit increase in loan bookings for new loans The company is still expecting only a modest increase in the total outstanding loans as a result of the current epidemic.

Krungsri Auto aims to expand its loans to autos to 428 trillion Thai baht this year, which is up 1.2 percentage from the 423 billion baht it had in 2020. Particularly focused on the condition of the assets the company aims to reduce the proportion to non-performing loan (NPL) to less than 2% by the end of this year.

“In the period of the pandemic, we’ve reduced our loan offerings to specific customers that have been impacted with the virus. We are able to keep our bad-debt rate at a reasonable level, as we maintain the percentage of rejecting loan products,” she declared.

Ms Kittiya explained that Krungsri Auto is ready to offer debt relief to those who are unable to pay their debts in the normal way because of the effects of the pandemic, on a individual basis. It has offered a range of options for debt assistance to about 90% of auto loan customers affected by the latest round of the virus in December the previous year.

Due to the rise in the economy due to the government’s action to control the epidemic approximately 88% of people who sought assistance for debt relief were able to leave the program of financial help.

Ms Kittiya stated that the consumption of the country and private investment was showing signs of improvement. In this context the company is expecting to see a gradual improvement in the car market and estimates annual sales at 810,000 units. This is an increase of 2.5 percent in 2020.

The global auto finance market is also projected to expand at a pace that is 1.5 percent, and the market expected to reach a total worth of 494 billion dollars this year.

What is Personal Finance? And How to Use It to Achieve Your Dreams

The word personal finance is derived from the two words ‘personal’budget’. This, in turn, means that the word is used to define the various areas of your life that have something to do with finances.

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Defense and depth save Auburn in fight with Northwestern

The 13th-ranked Auburn Tigers (6-0) shot 26% from the field and 23.8% from beyond the three-point line. They also returned the ball 14 times and committed 18 fouls. It was Auburn’s worst offensive performance since a 45-40 loss to Florida in Tony Barbee’s freshman season. However, the Tigers prevailed over …

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Baylor heads south to face Texas regular season finale

(Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty) Thanksgiving is here and that means the end of the regular season for the Baylor Bears. Next up is the rival in Texas State, at least for one more game before they leave for the SEC. Two teams that entered the season with …

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Alabama highway builders push changes to liability law, freeing them from most liability

Over the past two years, Alabama roadbuilders have pushed to change state liability regulations for contractors working on road and bridge projects, reducing instances where contractors could be held responsible. While this problem comes up often, this most recent push involves county governments, which are responsible for the majority of …

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Auburn football fans roast former Alabama safety for terrible UA catch

If you’re a football fan in the state of Alabama, then you’ve heard the saying, “Auburn fans love Auburn. Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn football fans went through a year-long roller coaster ride during Bryan Harsin’s chaotic era, but that all changed when Cadillac Williams was named interim head …

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Shawnee County Seeks Infrastructure Funding for Auburn’s Turnpike Exit

Shawnee County will spend some money in hopes of contributing federal infrastructure funds to help build a new interchange or two on the Kansas Turnpike. Officials hope a new interchange will save drivers time and spur economic development while increasing safety. “I know it’s a good project,” said commissioner Kevin …

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Your Voice | The Alabama Baptist

A look at who Lottie Moon was Lottie Moon, the namesake of the Southern Baptist international mission offering, has become a legend. But in her day, Moon was anything but an untouchable heroine. In fact, she was like missionaries today, working tirelessly so that her people could know Jesus. Born …

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National Small Business Association sues Treasury Department over reporting rule aimed at combating money laundering

A small business lobby group filed suit on Tuesday to block the Treasury Department upcoming requirement that tens of millions of small businesses are registering with the government as part of an effort to prevent the criminal abuse of anonymous front companies. The National Small Business Association argues that the …

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Auburn QB will miss the rest of the 2022 season

AUBURN, Alabama — Auburn’s starting quarterback to open the 2022 season before an injury opened the door for sophomore Robby Ashford TJ Finley decided to sit out the rest of the year to allow a shoulder injury to heal, a source close to Finley told Auburn247. Already …

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Sam Mendes Picks Stars West End Hit Play “The Lehman Trilogy” – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar and Tony-winning director Sam Mendes chose three London theater stars — Michael Balogun (National Theater Live: Death of England-Delroy), Hadley Fraser (Donmar Theatre’s Coriolanus), and Nigel Lindsay (Chichester Festival Theatre’s woman in mind) – to bring his very garlanded production of The Lehman Trilogy back to the West …

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Elon Musk says Twitter bankruptcy is possible, but is it likely?

Before Elon Musk took over Twitter, it was hardly a gangbuster business. The business is only occasionally profitable. Its user base and ad revenue are small compared to social media rivals like Facebook and TikTok. Still, the possibility of Twitter’s impending bankruptcy was not a fate that anyone had ever …

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CFB Week 11 Betting Cheat Sheet

Fittingly on this Veterans Day weekend, we’re ready for a scenario that inimitable Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra, a Navy man and Purple Heart recipient, concocted: is like deja vu again. The undefeated No. 4 TCU Horned Frogs travel to Austin as a significant 7.5-point underdog to take on …

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Felix Logan Pitts, 82, of Yorktown

Felix Logan Pitts (Amory Funeral Home) Felix Logan Pitts died peacefully after steadily declining health on November 4, 2022, at the age of 82 in Yorktown, Virginia. F Felix was born to Felix Marion Pitts and Mary Logan Pitts in Birmingham, Alabama on January 14, 1940, later settling in the …

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IN DEPTH: Prospects for the 2022 Election in Alabama

Job : November 9, 2022 5:42 PM CST by Alabama Information Network Staff Alabama News Network political analyst Steve Flowers shares his views on what will happen after Alabama’s general election. Voters elected Republican Katie Britt as the new US state senator. She will replace fellow Republican, U.S. Senator Richard …

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New Small Business Grants Available in New York State

Empire State officials are adding new ways to support New York businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic and inflation. Many small and medium-sized businesses believed New York had suffered from the long-term effects of the pandemic, the effect of inflation on people’s ability to spend, and a labor shortage. For …

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“Legally Blonde” is coming to Auburn

The Delta Nu sisters at UCLA rallied around Elle Woods, the president of their sorority, as she bawled hysterically. Why would her boyfriend, Warner, break up with her because she “wasn’t serious enough?” She had an average of 4.0! Sure, she was in fashion merchandising and her future wasn’t top …

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Help fight hunger, donate to WTVM’s Share Your Thanks by Giving

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – Thanksgiving is fast approaching and WTVM has teamed up with local sponsors to restock the shelves of our local food banks. Many people in our community face uncertainties caused by inflation. WTVM, Sons Chevrolet, Sons Ford, Daniel Appliance, Rivertown Buick GMC, the River Dragons, Feeding the …

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GLADSTONE COMMERCIAL CORP Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (Form 10-Q)

All statements contained herein, other than historical facts, may constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"). These statements may relate to, among other things, future …

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Alabama fundraiser helps raise money for murder victim’s family

By Jiani Navarro Click here for updates on this story MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) — It’s been just over two weeks since Tristan Bohannon’s life was tragically taken when he was robbed and murdered in broad daylight. As the family continues to mourn their loss, Tristan’s father’s girlfriend, Christina Boykin, tries …

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Baseball Quiz: Vote for Bill

Halloween is designed to be spooky, but for the past seven years (or so), Election Day has become the spookiest day in America, with far greater repercussions than wallpapering someone’s house. And honestly, with the price of a roll of Charmin, who can afford TP in someone’s home? Now, though …

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Richmond American expands Sola –

LAS VEGAS, November 4, 2022 Vegas Homebuyers Can Now Rent a Solar Power System LA VEGAS, November 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MDC Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MDC), parent company of the Richmond American Homes companies, is pleased to announce that solar rental is now available in the Vegas Region. In California, …

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Son and mother arrested following traffic stop on I-80; nearly 150 pounds of marijuana found

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a son and his mother, both from out of state, following a traffic stop where nearly 150 pounds of marijuana and other drugs were found. At approximately 2:51 p.m. Thursday, a Lincoln Police Department officer, who is a member …

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Former Auburn baseball player Edouard Julien shines in professional baseball

Former Auburn baseball player Edouard Julien had a massive season with the Minnesota Twins organization. Julien plays for the Double-A Wichita Wind Surge where he hit .300 this season. Julien also had 17 home runs, 67 RBIs and 19 stolen bases. These remarkable statistics currently place Julien in 14th place …

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Montgomery Area Food Bank overcomes food shortages and growing demand

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Just as you may struggle to find certain foods at the grocery store, the Montgomery Area Food Bank faces a similar challenge in its fight against hunger. “We serve 35 counties, more than half of the counties in the state of Alabama,” said Michael Coleman, CEO …

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A BBC reporter created a fake Alabama Trump supporter account to explain social media and politics

Larry, a 71-year-old retired insurance broker and Donald Trump fan from Alabama, probably wouldn’t meet liberal Emma, ​​a 25-year-old graphic designer from New York, on social media — even if they were both real. Each is the result of BBC journalist Marianna Spring imagination. She created five fake Americans and …

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Auburn-based Safe Voices Hosts Fall Mix and Awards Ceremony

LEWISTON — Safe Voices honored Androscoggin Bank as one of four honorees at the agency’s mixing and awards ceremony on October 20. Androscoggin Bank received the agency’s Community Partner Award for its dedication to social and environmental responsibility and its commitment to working with nonprofit organizations in the region as …

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Viral Auburn TikTok creator shares ghost stories from all over Alabama

JOHN WEST Who doesn’t love a good ghost story, especially around Halloween? If local TikTok creator Joshua Dairen’s follower count is any indication, there are plenty of people out there with an appetite for the paranormal. Dairen began uploading videos about Alabama‘s urban legends last June. Since then, her page …

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81st Annual Magic City Classic: Road Closures, Where to Park, How to Get to Legion Field Stadium

The 81st edition of the Magic City Classic is finally here. This afternoon at 2:30 p.m., the Alabama A&M University Bulldogs and the Alabama State University Hornets will face off in their historic rivalry at Legion Field Stadium in Birmingham. Are you planning to go to the game? Here’s what …

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Exciting and Delightful Fundraisers at HV Fire Stations

It’s been a while since I told you how you can support your local fire departments by participating in one of their fundraisers. The pandemic has really put a stop to all those big foodie events that fire stations have every month to raise money. I’ve been starting to see …

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Tigers take on Crimson Tide in final fall show

History links AUBURN, Alabama – Auburn baseball hosts rival Alabama in its last show of the fall Friday at 6:30 p.m. CT at Plainsman Park. Free entry. Those who can’t attend can listen to the action on WEGL 91.1 or follow via live stats. Members of …

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Alabama AG immune to trial of Jeffco sheriff’s brother in illegal bingo case, appeals court rules

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall can’t be prosecuted for seizing $240,000 from a bank account belonging to Jefferson County Sheriff’s brother Mark Pettway as part of an illegal gambling investigation, a federal appeals court said Tuesday. Marshall enjoys qualified immunity, which shields him from being sued as an individual, the …

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Tigers complete stroke play at East Lake Cup, face Oregon in match play

History links ATLANTA, Georgia – Auburn finished the stroke play game of the East Lake Cup on Monday. Auburn finished the tournament 6-over (294) as a team and tied with Oregon on Tuesday. “It would have been nice to win the game in stroke play today, …

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What TV channel is Seahawks-Chargers airing on today? Live stream, time, how to watch online

The Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Chargers will face off on Sunday, October 23. The game will be streamed live on fuboTV (free trial) and DirecTV Stream (free trial). Although Sunday’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Chargers features plenty of offensive weapons, Pete Carroll and Brandon …

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Debt reduction, better use of savings account for surplus – “Like you would at home”

The end of the 2022 fiscal year showed the Alabama state government a $2 billion revenue surplussomething unheard of in Alabama’s past. What to do with it is getting mixed reactions from state policymakers. Some have called for permanent tax cuts. Governor Kay Ivey suggested a one-time discount. State Sen. …

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Auburn Police Department is looking to fill multiple positions

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) – The Auburn Police Department currently has 142 officers and is looking to fill approximately 18 positions. Recruiters have interviewed potential candidates, but the department is still looking for candidates. Auburn’s police chiefs work to keep the community safe, and as the city continues to grow, so …

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Eight selected for induction into Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

From left to right: Jim Page, John Mangum, Paul Maholm, Lewis Tillman, Jeff Herrod, Carol Ross, Tony Rosetti. Absent from photo: Patrick Surtain (photo by Hays Collins) By Billy Watkins The final class has been selected for enshrinement next summer in the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame. The Induction Weekend …

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Vigil for Anniston’s Missing Man

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – As the search continues for Deangelo Allen, 31, in Anniston, his family is holding a vigil for him on Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at Zinn Park. He was last seen on September 21 in the 1000 block of Old Coldwater Road. The Alabama Law Enforcement …

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Auburn’s Johnnie Harris at SEC Tipoff ’23: ‘Our kids are hungry’

History links AUBURN, Alabama – Entering her second season at Auburn, coaching women’s basketball Johnnie Harris leads an underclass roster, but for SEC media day, she called on her veterans to represent the Tigers. Fifth year senior Honesty Scott-Grayson and junior Aicha Coulibaly accompanied Harris to …

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Hendon Hooker and Bryce Young impress

As we roll into Week 7 of the college football season, let’s dive into last weekend’s 2023 NFL Draft Prospect Pack – headlined by a host of Tennessee and Alabama prospects who have impressed on opposite sides of the ball in Knoxville. 2023 NFL Draft | Prospect pack week 7 …

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Wall Street rally, Holmes trial

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks closed sharply higher on Wall Street, marking the latest about-face in a market that has been swinging unsteadily between gains and losses in recent weeks. The S&P 500 jumped 2.6% on Monday, recovering more than the ground lost in a selloff on Friday. The Dow …

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Alabama has allocated $100 million for mortgage relief and is closing applications

Alabama has stopped taking new apps to help people pay their mortgages during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are not accepting any further applications at this time as the number of applications that we can accept based on the funds made available by the US Treasury has been reached,” said Caryllee …

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Lewiston-Auburn’s new hiking club brings together beginners and enthusiasts

Oct. 16 – WOODSTOCK – It was a brisk October morning when Chip Lurvey of Lewiston set off to the top of the Bald and Speckled mountains in Woodstock. Less than an hour from Lewiston-Auburn, the popular round-trip hike offers a serene escape into the rolling foothills of western Maine …

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When will the new Pasco Aquatic Center open? Find out here

According to the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business and the City of Pasco, there is a starting “month” for the voter-approved Pasco Aquatic Center. The new tax will come into force in January 2023 The new tax that was approved by voters to pay for the project will begin in …

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Montgomery releases ‘block-by-block’ draft of downtown development plan

Steps in front of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church – Montgomery (Pat Byington / The Bama Buzz) Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, released a new draft plan for downtown. The block-by-block action plan aims to catalyze economic growth not just for the downtown core, but for the entire region. Led by …

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Leeds Board of Education discusses state trust fund and adopts mental health membership policy

By Nathan Prewett, For the Tribune LEEDS – At a short meeting of the Leeds Board of Education on Thursday, October 13, Superintendent John Moore spoke about an announcement made during a conference with State Superintendent Eric Mackey that the Education Fund The Alabama Education Trust has accrued $2.7 billion …

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‘A special day’: Auburn Pro Day brings in 28 of 30 NBA teams

History links AUBURN, Alabama – A year ago, NBA scouts flocked to Neville Arena for Auburn’s annual Pro Day to watch the freshman phenom Jabari Smith. In June, Smith was ranked third overall in the NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets. Walker Keslerwho missed Pro Day …

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Virtually all PPP loans have been canceled with limited review

As COVID-19 shutdowns threatened businesses in 2020, the US government began issuing nearly $800 billion in potentially forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program. The program was designed to help small businesses keep workers employed during the uncertain early days of the pandemic. More than two years later, the overwhelming …

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California-based Summit Funding to cut 72 employees

Mortgage lender based in Sacramento, CA Summit Financing Inc. plans to carry out a series of layoffs at the end of November that will affect 72 employees, according to a document filed with the State Employment Development Department. “With demand for mortgage services falling to a 22-year low, and the …

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Lineman injuries impact loss of road to Georgia

It was already going to be tough playing in a hostile environment at the home of longtime foe and No. 2 team Georgia. Combined with injuries affecting both lines of scrimmage, that adversity proved too much to overcome in Saturday’s 42-10 loss to the Bulldogs in Athens, Georgia. “Well you …

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Thrilling sequel to an action-packed fiction book combines suspense, war and military themes with a refreshing Christian twist

Current world events. Chris had two combat tours in Iraq. DECATUR, Alabama (PRWEB) October 10, 2022 The KC Lindberg team of authors treats readers to their gripping first book of fiction with a sequel titled Mighty Men Rising ($16.99, paperback, 9781662826672; $7.99, ebook, 9781662826689). KC Lindberg’s sequel to Rise …

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Jimbo Fisher on Texas A&M loss to Alabama: ‘We just missed a game’

In a piece that will be dissected somewhat nationally and longer in College Station, Jimbo Fishers thought he had composed the “perfect” reading. Haynes King fell back, two yards from another Alabama upset by Texas A&M and watched Evan Stewart go down a “plyon route” to get back on the …

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Alabama vs Texas A&M prediction, odds, spread, line: 2022 SEC on CBS picks, best bets from a proven simulation

The top-seeded Alabama Crimson Tide will seek revenge on Saturday night by hosting the primetime Texas A&M Aggies at Bryant-Denny Stadium. The Tide (5-0) went to Kyle Field last year undefeated and ranked No. 1, and they faced a reeling Texas A&M team that had already lost twice. Texas A&M …

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Auburn to host Mississippi State for mental health awareness game

History links AUBURN, Alabama— After a thrilling victory over Kentucky, Auburn football returns home to host Mississippi State on Sunday, October 9 for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Game. Fans will be encouraged to take a mental vacation and enjoy the game, as fans in attendance …

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Six coordinator games to watch in Week 6

On3’s Mike Huguenin and Matt Zenitz highlight six games with interesting coordinator clashes every week. The proverbial “chess match” between the coordinators could very well determine the outcome. Here are the six from week six. Tennessee at LSU Time/TV: Noon, ESPNThe coordinator match: LSU OC Mike Denbrock vs. Tennessee DC …

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FHLBank Atlanta and City of Tifton Host Financial Literacy Event

News and research before you hear about it on CNBC and others. Claim your one week free trial for StreetInsider Premium here. ATLANTA, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta (FHLBank Atlanta) today joined leaders from the city of Tifton, Georgia, and other stakeholders, …

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Alabama charter school spent $311,000 on airfare, gift cards and massages, state audit finds

Do you want more information on national education? Join the Alabama Education Lab for free each week newsletter, Ed Chat. Birmingham’s Legacy Prep Charter School misspent or failed to accurately track $311,517 in spending, over a two-year period, a state audit recently revealed. Some of this money came from public …

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Josh Bynes still representing Auburn in NFL’s 12th season

Marlon Humphrey isn’t just a cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens. He is also the host of the “Studio 44 with Marlon Humphrey” interview show for the NFL team website. A recent episode featured Baltimore center linebacker Josh Bynes. MORE NFL: · TUA TAGOVAILOA’S BROTHER PROVIDES INJURED MIAMI QB UPDATE · …

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Men of Golf place eighth at Georgia State Invitational

History links DULUTH, Ga. – A par 291 to three on the final round helped Old Dominion Men’s Golf finish in a tie for eighth place Tuesday at the Georgia State Invitational. The Panthers hosted the Invitational at Berkeley Hill Country Club in Duluth, Georgia. “We …

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The 2023 FAFSA is open: What should Alabama students know about college financial aid, student loans?

Do you want more information on national education? Join the Alabama Education Lab for free each week newsletter, Ed Chat. More than 55% of Alabama high school students are eligible for college financial aid, but about 40% of students failed to complete the necessary forms to qualify last year. Alabama …

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Alabama prison inmates, relatives allegedly scammed Home Depot employees with gift cards

More than half a dozen people – inmates and their family members – have been charged for their alleged roles in a jail phone scam targeting retailers across the country. The 12-count indictment was issued in the Northern District of Alabama and announced Monday by U.S. Attorney Prim Escalona and …

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Auburn DB launches Jayden Daniels’ shoe into orbit after missed tackle

Jayden Daniels’ shoe may not have landed yet. The LSU quarterback threw him into orbit in Saturday’s game against Auburn and it couldn’t have been funnier. Has anyone seen Jayden Daniels’ shoe? ! (Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images) At the end of the second quarter, LSU found themselves down 10 …

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John Ramage re-elected to ICBA Council of Federal Delegates – The Troy Messenger

John Ramage re-elected to the ICBA Federal Delegates Board Posted at 8:28 p.m. on Friday, September 30, 2022 The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) today announced that community banker John Ramage, chief administrative officer of Troy Bank and Trust in Brundidge, Alabama, has been re-elected to the ICBA Federal …

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The “State” of Sovereignty September 2022 | Issue 194 – FFF Sovereign Immunity Series | Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

In this week Finance Fund Fridaywe publish the first episode of our Sovereign Immunity Series, a new series in which we examine, in alphabetical order, the sovereign immunity status of each state. Today we will provide a high level overview of sovereign immunity in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and California. …

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Former Alabama football QB Tua Tagovailoa should consider retirement

Tua Tagovailoa is expected to consider an early retirement from football. It’s a heartbreaking notion for a dynamic and talented NFL quarterback who just turned 24 in March. That’s almost unthinkable for an emerging star who just two weeks ago threw for a career-high 469 yards and a Miami Dolphins-record …

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Auburn State Theater presents Mamma Mia tonight

Auburn State Theater, in partnership with The Station Public House, presents “Cinebrew at the Station” with movies, beers and great food for the whole family in a cozy outdoor setting. The fourth in the 2022 Cinebrew series, this nostalgic, campy and cheerful musical filled with nearly two dozen ABBA songs …

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Regions Bank to Refund Customers $141 Million in Illegal Overdraft Fees

For the second time in a decade, Regions Bank has been found to have charged illegal overdraft fees, the government said on Wednesday, in a settlement that will force the bank to refund $141 million to customers and pay $50 million additional dollars in fees. In an investigation, the Consumer …

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Selma mayor, city council disagree over employee pay rises

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) – The city of Selma has less than a week to pass its fiscal year 2023 budget. Mayor James Perkins and the city council are struggling to reach agreement on specific line items in his proposed budget. One of those items that the mayor has pushed for …

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Announcing the 2022 Graduates of the Year – The Troy Messenger

Announcement of the graduates of the year 2022 Posted at 8:27 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 The group of four winners will be recognized at this year’s Homecoming Football Game on Oct. 15 when the Trojans host Texas State at Veterans Memorial Stadium. Kick-off time for the match is …

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Auburn man sentenced to 75 years in prison for murder in cold case in Alaska

Steven H. Downs, 48, of Auburn, second from left, sits with his defense attorneys Frank Spaulding, left, of Alaska and James Howaniec of Auburn, during Downs’ sentencing Monday in front of Fairbanks Superior Court in Fairbanks. Downs was sentenced to a total of 75 years for the murder and sexual …

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Planet Fitness Franchisee PLNTF Holdings on the Block

Holding company Atlantic Street Capital Management LLC and Planet Fitness Inc. (PLNT) franchisee PLNTF Holdings are looking for a new investor, according to two people familiar with the matter. Like many other private equity-backed fitness chains, PLNTF tried to sell out before the pandemic hit in March 2020, according to …

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Morgan State University students win Zillow’s HBCU hackathon with app that measures financial credibility outside of credit scoring

SEATTLE — Zillow’s second HBCU housing hackathon, which drew more than 200 students from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), awarded top prizes to teams that developed innovations to help renters and first-time buyers find the house of their dreams. The top three hackathon finalists, in collaboration with the United …

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Auburn 17, Missouri 14, OT

AUB_Ashford 11 run (Carlson kick), 6:01. AUB_Bigsby 3 run (Carlson kick), 2:55. second quarter MIZZ_Schrader 9 run (Mevis kick), 9:34. MIZZ_Cook 1 run (Mevis kick), :30. First extension AUB_FG Carlson 39, :00. ___ MIZZ AUB First attempts 13 15 Total net yards 302 217 Rush yards 39-123 45-82 Who passed …

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Town of Brookwood remembers 13 coal miners who died in 2001 disaster

The town of Brookwood held an emotional memorial service Friday for 13 coal miners who died Sept. 23, 2001, after explosions erupted at the Jim Walter Resources No. 5 mine in Tuscaloosa County. “I knew these guys. And…that’s something we’ll never forget,” said Larry Spencer, international vice president of United …

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Leagues and credit unions from 12 states engage with policymakers in DC | 2022-09-16

Nine credit union leagues representing 12 states were in Washington, DC, last week for visits to Capitol Hill and other policymakers. Credit unions brought stories and data showing the power of credit union difference as they advocate for policies that allow them to better serve their members. The California and …

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Eddy Piñeiro took an unconventional path to the NFL

Before the Piñeiros could complete the return trip from Tuscaloosa to Miami, Eddy Jr.’s phone started ringing. Eddy Sr. saw an area code number 352 appear on the phone and was startled when the voice on the other end was Florida head coach Jim McElwain, who invited Eddy Jr. to …

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Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers camo-style gear for sale in Operation Hat Trick campaign

Fanatics has launched camo-style gear in its annual Operation Hat Trick campaign, and there are plenty of Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers options. Operation Hat Trick (OHT) generates awareness and support for the recovery of injured service members and veterans through the sale of branded merchandise and products. Proceeds …

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ASWA Prep Rankings: Only one unanimous No. 1 team entering Week 6

There was only one unanimous No. 1 pick in all seven AHSAA rankings and AISA in this week’s Alabama Sports Writers Association Prep Football Rankings. Only Fyffe (4-0) in Class 2A received all 20 votes for first place this week. The Red Devils outscored their first four opponents 186-12 heading …

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10 things for Tuesday, sponsored by JFQ Lending

1. ProFootballFocus scores for the Miami game (and shots played), offense It’s a bit surprising that AInias Smith got the highest score among offensive players. Ainias Smith, 79.5 (50 shots) Deuce Fatheree, 77.1 (52) LJ Johnson, 68.7 (3) Max Johnson, 67.9 (52) Bryce Foster, 66.5 (52) Devon Acane, 64.9 (44) …

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Will Anderson hilariously won this lucrative bet with his Alabama football teammates after his massive six pick

In an age where NIL deals are allowed, college athletes are making all kinds of money. But Alabama football rusher Will Anderson is finding another way to add revenue. anderson revealed a lucrative bet he made with his Crimson Tide teammates, per TideIllustrated. “It’s crazy because in the locker room …

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Auburn council delays residential rezoning until November

AUBURN — City Council voted 5-2 on Monday to table a final reading on the proposed rezoning of the city’s central residential area through November, after councilors said more educational meetings should be scheduled. Joe Morin, Ryan Hawes, Dana Staples, Leroy Walker and Steve Milks voted for; opposites were Belinda …

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