How to Get Your First Personal Loan in 6 Easy Steps

How to Get Your First Personal Loan in 6 Easy Steps

Personal loans are able to be used for a variety of reasons regardless of whether it’s emergency expenses related to medical bills or home remodeling needs, they serve as a source of funds when you need them. Contrary to a home mortgage or car loan individual loans from India are typically not secured as a matter of fact, which means they’re not secured by any specific asset you possess. When you are trying to get the benefits of a personal loan from a bank or a non-banking financial institution (NBFC) The customers are not required to present any kind of collateral like gold or any other real property asset.

If you are planning to take out the benefits of a personal loan for the first time, it’s important to know the purpose of these loans as well as what are the essential aspects you must remember when applying online for one.

Here are six important tips to take into consideration prior to applying for an instant personal loan online. This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes such as selecting one that isn’t right for you, settling for the wrong tenor, or taking out more than you need.

1. Maintain a strong credit score

A credit score is an essential measurement that lenders employ to judge a borrower’s capability to pay back the loan. Simple actions such as making sure you pay your credit card dues on time will assist you to build a good credit score. One way to keep an excellent credit score is to never over-exceed the limit of your credit maximum by 30 percent. A good credit score will enable you to get a personal loan more easily.

2. Calculate the monthly installments (EMIs) with care

EMI payments shouldn’t drain your savings and put an expense on your financial situation. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it is crucial to figure out your EMI amount and make sure you have the capital capacity to pay it over the period of time specified. The rule of thumb will be that EMIs must not exceed 10 percent of your monthly income. If the EMIs are greater than that they could drain your savings, which will adversely affect your monthly expenses.

3. Find a loan with an interest rate that is the least

Personal loans generally come with higher interest rates which vary between 11% and 20 percent. Therefore, even the tiniest decrease in interest rates could have a major impact on the overall cost of borrowing. Be aware that if you decide to take a lower monthly payment with a lengthy period of repayment for convenience or for other reasons the likelihood is that it will be accompanied by the most expensive interest rates.

This is important as small monthly installments may seem like a good idea however it can lead to you having to pay more over the course of your life. As generally, borrowers should try to avoid spending more than 35%-43 percent on debts, including mortgages, car loans as well as personal loan payments.

4. Evaluate the need for the need for

Although it’s not good to make use of the loan option, it is an obligation that could last for a lengthy time. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the motives behind the loan and be sure it is absolutely needed. If the motive behind the loan is the sake of a private desire to buy a high-end item, it may not be the wisest of choices.

Additionally, it’s an extremely risky move when the purpose of borrowing money is to invest in other financial schemes or products in the hope of making profits. Reinvestment and borrowing plans can also be subject to market risk and there is no guarantee of profit-making returns. Therefore, it is important to be cautious about taking loans to invest in high-risk ventures because at the end of the day regardless of loss or profit you will be required to pay the EMIs to repay the loan.

A risky investment could result in a huge financial burden, when you are applying to borrow money, get advice from the right experts to determine if your reasons for obtaining loans are financially feasible.

5. Always get a loan from an institution that is reputable

Aside from traditional banks Additionally, you can look into the options offered by digital credit lending firms that are regulated by the regulator of markets, the Reserve Bank of India.

Digital lenders are generally faster in processing and verifying loan applications, so disbursement typically occurs faster. One example of this is using the bullet payment feature, which lets users select the repayment plan that best suits their personal working capital cycles, in contrast to fixed-time payments.

Other options offered by digital lending companies include the possibility of getting short-term loans and the delayed repayment option that allows customers to request extensions of the date of repayment for 30 to 90 days without the need to pay any late fee.

It’s beneficial to have a range of choices to pick from since it allows the borrower to assess and compare rates of interest, processing time along with other vital factors before making a decision on their loan.

6. Think about the possibility of insuring your loan

If there’s one thing this epidemic is teaching us, it’s that life is never predictable. In order to make sure that your kin will not be burdened by debts in the scenario of your death It is essential to ensure your loan. Loan insurance payments function as any other insurance premium payment. They can be made either on a monthly basis or in a lump sum amount.

It also helps the credit scores to be maintained due to the fact that in the event of unforeseeable situations, you’ll not be unable to make due payments on loans.

Bottom Line

A personal loan can prove advantageous provided they are used in the right way. It is crucial to ensure that the lender you choose to use is trustworthy and that your payments are timely and constant. Most importantly, you must remember to utilize the loan to serve the purpose it was intended for. If used properly it can be a great tool to help you get a personal loan that can help you to cover the financial gap without putting at the place your personal assets in danger.

Electronic chains for growth

Electronic chains for growth

Are Payday Loans Worth It?

It may appear as a good idea at first glance when you are first considering these. But as you explore at them, you’ll discover this isn’t the ideal alternative for you. The reason is because the annual percentage amount of interest that is charged is not sufficient. In addition, if you don’t pay according to the timetable then you’ll have to pay additional charges. Apply for a payday loan

Krungsri Auto predicts digitization surge

Ms. Kittiya stated that online channels could make up the equivalent of 4% of the firm’s annual new car loans, an increase from 2.4 percent last year.

Krungsri Auto, a vehicle lending division within the Bank of Ayudhya, is intensifying its efforts in digitization to expand auto lending in the coming year.

In the words of Kittiya Srisanit who is the director of Krungsri Auto Group, despite the ongoing problems of the pandemic collaboration and digitization are the main strategies that will aid the growth of the company this year.

Krungsri Auto is targeting 173 billion dollars in auto loans this year, which is up 11% over 2020.

Ms Kittiya stated that online channels that are digital platforms will be a significant part of the overall new car loans in the coming year, which is an increase of 2.4 percent over the previous year.

The company is committed to creating innovative digital platforms and innovative features that meet the needs of all the parties that are related to it including business and customer partners.

It introduced a new online car loan platform Krungsri’s Go Application in November this year. It also added an additional feature in January, dubbed KANA that provides guidance on personal insurance for accidents. The company has also embraced its iPartner platform, which provides information and services for used car dealers.

After the release on the Go app The company announced that its digital loans via the platform reached between 60 and 70 million Baht.

Despite a double-digit increase in loan bookings for new loans The company is still expecting only a modest increase in the total outstanding loans as a result of the current epidemic.

Krungsri Auto aims to expand its loans to autos to 428 trillion Thai baht this year, which is up 1.2 percentage from the 423 billion baht it had in 2020. Particularly focused on the condition of the assets the company aims to reduce the proportion to non-performing loan (NPL) to less than 2% by the end of this year.

“In the period of the pandemic, we’ve reduced our loan offerings to specific customers that have been impacted with the virus. We are able to keep our bad-debt rate at a reasonable level, as we maintain the percentage of rejecting loan products,” she declared.

Ms Kittiya explained that Krungsri Auto is ready to offer debt relief to those who are unable to pay their debts in the normal way because of the effects of the pandemic, on a individual basis. It has offered a range of options for debt assistance to about 90% of auto loan customers affected by the latest round of the virus in December the previous year.

Due to the rise in the economy due to the government’s action to control the epidemic approximately 88% of people who sought assistance for debt relief were able to leave the program of financial help.

Ms Kittiya stated that the consumption of the country and private investment was showing signs of improvement. In this context the company is expecting to see a gradual improvement in the car market and estimates annual sales at 810,000 units. This is an increase of 2.5 percent in 2020.

The global auto finance market is also projected to expand at a pace that is 1.5 percent, and the market expected to reach a total worth of 494 billion dollars this year.

What is Personal Finance? And How to Use It to Achieve Your Dreams

The word personal finance is derived from the two words ‘personal’budget’. This, in turn, means that the word is used to define the various areas of your life that have something to do with finances.

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A man swings a machete at passing cars in Toms River, NJ

A Toms River police officer is credited with avoiding resolving a situation that could have escalated into the use of deadly force. On Monday, a police patrol came across a man waving a machete and yelling at motorists near the intersection of Brookside Drive and Route 37 just after 7:30 …

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Former Alabama sheriff pleads not guilty to federal charges

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) – A former Alabama sheriff who resigned last year rather than face an impeachment inquiry said he was innocent of federal charges of using improper loans to pay debts. personal expenses, including gambling debts. Former Clarke County Sheriff William Ray Norris pleaded not guilty to charges of …

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No. 18 Auburn ends regular season at Kentucky

History links AUBURN, Alabama – No. 18 Auburn (36-16, 15-11 SEC) wrapped up his regular-season slate with a three-game streak at Kentucky (28-23, 10-17 SEC) from Thursday through Saturday. First pitches at Kentucky Proud Park are scheduled for Thursday and Friday at 5:30 p.m. CT and …

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The Fed Will Raise Rates Until Inflation Comes Down: 3 Banks to Watch – May 18, 2022

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has indicated that the central bank will continue to raise interest rates until inflation is brought under control. At a Wall Street Journal event yesterday, he promised the Fed would keep pushing and could raise rates as high as needed to curb soaring inflation. He …

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Alabama wants $5.7 million in fraudulent virtual school payments reimbursed by defendants

Do you want more information on national education? Join the Alabama Education Lab for free each week newsletter, Ed Chat. Alabama Department of Education wants defendants convicted in virtual school scheme to repay $5.7 million in state payments to private school students fraudulently enrolled as public school students. Lawyers for …

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Ryan Zinke gets an endorsement from former President Donald Trump

1st District congressional candidate Ryan Zinke introduced former United States President Donald Trump to endorse him late Monday night. “I remember when President Trump was president, we had two dollars worth of gas, the border was secure, and he was fighting the swamp,” Zinke began. “There is no better defender …

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Auburn DC Jeff Schmedding provides update on Owen Pappoe and Zion Puckett

Auburn defensive coordinator Jeff Schmedding said he’s confident linebacker Owen Pappoe and defensive back Zion Puckett will be ready to participate when the Tigers meet on the Plains in two weeks for practices. Pappoe and Puckett will begin preparation without a hitch for the season opener against Mercer on Sept. …

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Former Alabama sheriff indicted by federal grand jury for allegedly gambling with loan money meant for prison food

A former Alabama sheriff who resigned last year after impeachment proceedings were launched against him now faces federal charges after being indicted by a grand jury for allegedly lying on loan applications. William “Ray” Norris, the former Clarke County sheriff, reportedly applied for four loans from two Alabama banks worth …

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Spadea’s Small Business Monday – Your Local Favorites

Every Monday we celebrate New Jersey’s small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy with nearly one million people working, or half of the workers in the Garden State. For years, New Jersey has ranked lowest for business climate with last year moving up a good last spot. …

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A cafe in Auburn to hire people with special needs

AUBURN, Ala. Bitty and Beau’s cafe will open in Auburn in July and is looking to hire 25 employees. The North Carolina-based company proudly employs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “I honestly cried when I read we had a place like this,” said Katie Grizzle, the mother of an …

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Razorbacks once again meet the challenge, complete SEC Triple Crown

Oxford, miss. –Arkansas rose to the challenge presented by Alabama to secure the SEC Outdoor Championship tag team title by six points, 120-114, Saturday at the Ole Miss Track & Field Complex. Razorback’s win earned the team a second straight SEC Triple Crown after winning championship titles in cross country …

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Alabama’s First Bitcoin Mining Comes to GulfQuest Maritime Museum in Mobile

First bitcoin mining in Alabama is scheduled to begin July 4 and will take place in front of a 7-year-old museum in downtown Mobile. Distributed Ledger Inc., under an agreement with the City of Mobile and in partnership with the GulfQuest Maritime Museum Board of Trustees, plans to take a …

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Harper Lee’s Iconic Book ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Lives In Rural Alabama Thanks To The Production Of A Spring Play

Body of the article At the end of a stretch of winding, winding country roads in rural central Alabama is a plaza similar to those found in countless other small towns in America. Except it’s not just any other square. It is the place where legendary Alabama scribe Nelle Harper …

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Consumer Affairs Consent Order Causes Concern Over Bank Garnishment Practices

On May 4, 2022, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a consent order regarding Bank of America’s garnishment practices whereby Bank of America agreed to: repay at least $592,000 to its clients for improperly assessed garnishment fees; Pay a civil fine of $10 million; and Submit a compliance plan to …

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Comparison between Republic First Bancorp (NASDAQ:FRBK) and FB Financial (NYSE:FBK)

FB Financial (NYSE:FBK – Get Rating) and Republic First Bancorp (NASDAQ:FRBK – Get Rating) are both small cap finance companies, but which company is better? We will compare the two companies based on the strength of their analyst recommendations, earnings, institutional ownership, risk, dividends, valuation and profitability. Analyst Notes This …

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Kemper County Sheriff Discusses Corrections Officer Arrest

KEMPER COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) – The Kemper County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a correctional officer involved in bringing contraband into the jail. “Somewhere around 22 or 23 were arrested or fired for a number of inmate-related reasons,” Kemper County Sheriff James Moore talks about how many correctional officers he breaks …

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Fast start leads No. 20 Auburn to 11-4 win at Troy

History links Next game: Alabama 05/13/2022 | 7:30 p.m. SEC Network May. 13 (Fri) / 7:30 p.m. Alabama Story TROY, Alabama – No. 20 Auburn took an early lead and never looked back in an 11-4 win at …

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Trisciani adds two to his coaching staff

Tim Cowie/Tim Cowie Photography Soccer 10/05/2022 10:53:00 by Jason Knavel, AD Associate for Strategic Communications History links Elon, NC – Elon University Head Football Coach Tony Trisciani announced the hiring of Nate Harris …

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Prison officer who fled with prisoner dies in hospital

In today’s fast paced and technology driven world, we have become very dependent on many different devices such as cell phones, laptops, smart watches, etc. The apps (or “apps” as we like to call them) inside these gadgets are where we find ourselves lingering and skipping consciously or unconsciously. These …

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Escaped inmate from Alabama, guard in custody in Indiana

By Theresa Waldrop and Christina Maxouris | CNN [Breaking news update, published at 6:05 p.m. ET] Alabama fugitive Casey White and corrections officer Vicky White are in custody and she is hospitalized for injuries sustained during a chase, authorities said at 6 p.m. ET Monday. They were arrested after a …

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Bo Nix Oregon’s Register-Guard Tabs from QB

Former Auburn football QB Bo Nix looks like the No. 1 option in Oregon’s QB room in 2022, and another sign points to the Ducks, handing him the reins of offense this upcoming season on day 1. The Register-Guard, the local newspaper published in Eugene, Oregon, predicted Nix would be …

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Texas Longhorns Football: Evaluating Tight Ends

Fourth in a position-by-position series on the 2022 Texas Longhorns after spring training. who is back: Juan Davis, second year; Gunnar Helm, sophomore; Brayden Liebrock, junior; Ja’Tavion Sanders, second year. Who has left: Cade Brewer, Jared Wiley. Signatories 2022: Jahleel Billingsley (Alabama transfer). What to expect: Ever since coach Steve …

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Alabama high school students must complete FAFSA before graduating

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Hundreds of high school students will close a chapter and start a new one as they walk across the stage to receive their diploma. Woman Who Helped Murderer Escape Kansas Jail Sympathizes With Alabama Jailor Vicky White Before getting ready for their new journey, they will …

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Art Class Adds Massive Farm Mural to Alabama Museum | Alabama News

By TIM NAIL, Opelika-Auburn News OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) – Thanks to Auburn art students, the Opelika Museum of East Alabama now bears a second mural acknowledging the area’s rich history and agricultural contributions. A class of 13 students and three hired artists painted the mural as part of a semester-long …

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Auburn assistant coach reignites 2004 debate with Tigers and USC

The 2004 college football national title will go down as one of the biggest controversies in the sport, at least if you hear from Auburn insiders and SEC apologists. The USC Trojans won the title, the one they claimed by dismantling the Oklahoma Sooners by a score of 55-19. But, …

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How much does ‘Don’t Say Gay’ cost? – The Suffolk News-Herald

By DJ McGuire Guest columnist To date, Virginia has managed to avoid the last mess of the culture war. Call it the Battle of Don’t Say Gay, if you will. Florida and Alabama are going all-in, making it unlikely that the Commonwealth will stay out for good, especially once our …

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In downtown Colorado Springs, on guard | Previews | Way of life

An old man named James pulls up outside an Ent credit union in downtown Colorado Springs. He staggers, struggles, his face bloody and bandaged. The guard springs into action. “Let me help you out there,” Eddie Trimuel said, lending a hand on that blustery morning. James explains that it was …

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Pearl praises Smith, says Auburn basketball ‘recharging’

AUBURN, Alabama–Bruce Pearl said there were several good candidates when Auburn’s basketball coaching staff decided who would be selected for the 2021-22 team-honoring awards, but noted that the Tiger chosen for the team’s honor most valuable player is the one who stands out from everyone else in Pearl. decades …

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Execution of a Missouri man Just the 5th in the United States this year | Alabama News

By JIM SALTER, Associated Press A Missouri man who killed a couple during a robbery in their rural home more than a quarter century ago was put to death on Tuesday, becoming the fifth person executed in the United States this year. Carman Deck, 56, died by injection at Bonne …

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River Edge, NJ, woman charged with murder of 3-month-old baby

RIVER EDGE – A 32-year-old borough woman has been charged with murder, stemming from the recent death of a newborn baby. Sun Min Grace Yoo Chan was arrested on Tuesday, Bergen County District Attorney Mark Musella said. In addition to murder, the married school counselor also faces second-degree charges of …

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Wiggins will remain in the Hogs rotation at Auburn

By: Matt Jones Posted: Monday May 2nd 2022 FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn said Monday that second-year pitcher Jaxon Wiggins will remain in the starting rotation for the Razorbacks’ third series at 18th-ranked Auburn. “If it goes well, so much the better, because we need him; if not, …

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Violent weekend in Trenton NJ – fatal shooting, stabbings in bar

TRENTON — Three people were shot in broad daylight, killing one of the victims, while another victim was stabbed in a bar during a violent weekend in the New Jersey capital. Mercer County District Attorney Angelo Onofri said the two men found with gunshot wounds on Randall Avenue and a …

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May 2: The manhunt continues for the fugitive from Alabama, an officer. Civilians are evacuated from the Mariupol steelworks.

☀ Good morning! Today is Monday, May 2, 2022. Here is an overview of your news across the country: 1️. Marine Intelligence Officer: Putin’s Nuclear Poses Latest Threat Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during a meeting of the Council of Legislators of the Russian Federal Assembly at the Tauride Palace …

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Five questions we have about the Auburn Tigers after spring training

The second year of the Bryan Harsin era ended with a relatively modest spring game. Although Auburn fans‘ favorite talking point was on full display throughout spring training (the indecisive quarterback battle, of course), it didn’t seem like there were as many drama that there has been in recent years …

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Gospel Explosion to Feature National and Local Talent at Vicksburg Auditorium – The Vicksburg Post

National and local artists will help locals praise God and seize the opportunity to escape the worries of COVID-19 on June 4 during the Gospel Blast sponsored by Trinity Temple Baptist Church . The program begins at 6 p.m. at the Vicksburg Auditorium. The theme of the event is “In …

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About 150 people attend the Denim & Dining 2022 fundraiser for the Hoover City Schools Foundation

About 150 people attended the Hoover City Schools Foundation’s annual Denim and Dining fundraiser in Aldridge Gardens on Friday night to raise money to fund teacher grants for innovative classroom projects. The net amount raised had not been calculated Friday evening, but the foundation’s executive director, Shelley Shaw, said she …

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Critical Investigation: Corporate Financial Services (NASDAQ:EFSC) vs. ServisFirst Bancshares (NASDAQ:SFBS)

Enterprise Financial Services (NASDAQ:EFSC – Get Rating) and ServisFirst Bancshares (NASDAQ:SFBS – Get Rating) are both finance companies, but which is the better stock? We’ll compare the two companies based on valuation strength, profitability, dividends, analyst recommendations, risk, earnings, and institutional ownership. Benefits and evaluation This table compares the gross …

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4 Star S Braxton Myers Recruitment Profile

As the 2022 football season approaches, Auburn Wire will review every player who receives a scholarship offer from the Tigers. Ahead of National Signing Day, each profile will cover where the player is from, how scouting sites rate them, as well as what their role could be for Bryan Harsin. …

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10 invasive plants that can also trigger allergies

Cloth 10 invasive plants that can also trigger allergies Every spring, many people think of allergies. Common allergens are plants or weeds known as noxious weeds. Federal, state and local authorities legally classify weeds or noxious plants as harmful to people, wildlife and agriculture. Many noxious plants or weeds are …

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Food Desert Regions Use Federal Funds to Bring Healthy Foods to Communities | Food

Communities across the United States are using federal stimulus money to bring groceries and healthy food to food deserts as the pandemic and rising costs put nutrition even further out of reach for many. Areas using U.S. bailout funds include the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana, a 1,000 square …

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To Ukraine with love from a Tuscaloosa family

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) – A west Alabama family wants the people of Ukraine to feel the love. In recent weeks, most of Rumanek’s children have been working on special projects and selling them to raise money for the injured and suffering in this country. The kids didn’t just make dozens …

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How to watch the 2022 NFL Draft

It’s finally time for the 2022 NFL Draftand if you’re wondering how to watch the action live, you’ve come to the right place. As for the Auburn Tigers, several former players plan to hear their names throughout the three-day event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first three names are Roger …

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Ameris Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:ABCB) Reports Earnings, Beats Expectations of $0.09 EPS

Ameris Bancorp (NASDAQ:ABCB – Get Rating) announced its quarterly results on Tuesday. The bank reported EPS of $1.17 for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $1.08 by $0.09, reports. Ameris Bancorp had a return on equity of 12.87% and a net margin of 35.27%. The company posted revenue …

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Legislative primaries preview for House District 48, Senate District 15

Mountain Brook voters will face a number of contests in the upcoming legislative election. Here is an overview of the races that impact the city. In the House 48 race, a seasoned legislator takes on an IT executive. In the battle for the 15th Senate seat, two Mountain Brook residents …

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AZ says Bo Nix ‘clearly’ favorite for QB job in Oregon

Former Auburn football QB Bo Nix may have made a lateral move by transferring to Oregon, but at least the worst-case scenario in Eugene is avoided for the dual-threat shooter from Pinson, Alabama. After sitting under Ty Thompson on the Ducks QB totem, Nix has moved past him in recent …

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Connecting Orrin Hatch to New Bedford

Orrin Hatch died last Saturday at the age of 88. I am happy to remember the longest-serving Republican U.S. Senator and former President Pro Tempore as a singer-songwriter and poet rather than a political icon for more than four years. decades. I’m very happy to have had a friendship with …

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A history of Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – A new addition to Oak Mountain State Park is being called a hot acquisition by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, thanks in part to the Forever Wild program. “The Forever Wild program, I think, is one of the best programs ever created in …

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Did Bo Nix shoot Tiger fans at Oregon spring game?

Former Auburn football QB Bo Nix loves his new home in Eugene, Oregon, 2,550 miles from his old home, Pinson, Alabama. In fact, he loves him more than most would ever project for a second-generation QB and son of a former Auburn football starting QB (Pat Nix). Nix commented on …

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City of New Bedford announces ARPA funding for small businesses

The City of New Bedford announced the fourth investment supported by American Rescue Plan Act funds, this one focusing on helping small businesses. On Friday, Mayor Jon Mitchell and city officials announced they were seeking responses from local nonprofits “interested in supporting small businesses by managing federal funds to provide …

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Promotion at Neighbors Federal Credit Union, new recruit at BBQGuys | Business

RED STICK Tanya Lawrence was appointed CEO of Neighbors Federal Credit Union. Lawrence has been at the cash register for almost 30 years, starting as a cashier. She has held various positions at Neighbours, most recently as Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions. She earned a bachelor’s degree in general …

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Electric car owners show off what’s for sale in Alabama

Porsche. BMW. Volvo. Nissan. Hyundai. Ford and Chevy. Microphones. Compacts. Sedans. School buses and Teslas too. All were side-by-side electric vehicles at Saturday’s North Alabama Drive Electric Earth Day event in Huntsville, where the motto was, “Your kids may never ask for gas money again.” The variety of choices was …

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Franco-American Genealogy Society Meets in Auburn

Anna Faherty Will Wohlerphoto The Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society plans to hold its spring general meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 30 at the Auburn Public Library, 49 Spring St., Auburn. A brief business meeting will be followed by refreshments and a presentation by guest speaker Anna Faherty from 11 …

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Coachella music fan favorite Do LaB is back!

After a two-year hiatus during the pandemic, Coachella roared back for the first of two weekends. The music festival lineup included Billie Eilish, Danny Elfman and The Weeknd. One of the many stages set in the California desert is a perennial fan favorite: the Do LaB. Under Do LaB’s …

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How Auburn is celebrating 52 years of Earth Day

People have been celebrating Earth Day for over five decades. In Auburn, the Office of Sustainability has been working to celebrate the event since its inception in 2008. “At the time, in 1970, Earth Day was the biggest event in American history,” said Mike Kensler, director of the Office of …

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Legal pot in New Jersey – do you know the whole story?

Pot is legal throughout the Garden State as of Thursday, April 21. Although many of us thought it was time for cannabis to be removed from the list of criminal offences, there are some concerns. My friend Tom Pyle, a Princeton-educated local leader working with people with mental illness, joined …

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Nick Saban Reveals Stats About Alabama’s NFL Players

Nick Saban was the trainer of Alabama football program since 2007, and during his tenure, 106 players were drafted to an NFL team until ’21. The program saw a record six first-rounders in last season’s draft and will most likely add a few more players to Saban’s ever-growing roster after …

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Bob Hayes: Public engagement process needed for Auburn neighborhoods

For Auburn, Form Base Planning was aptly implemented in the mid-2010s. The focus was on the town centre, that is, from the river to Goff Hill. Acceptable and effective FB codes resulted from a public engagement process. It took time, involving professionally commented walks, public discussions and consensus on the …

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The Ringer mocks Falcons drafting Alabama WR with first-round pick

In almost every mock draft from the national draft pundits, the Falcons meet their desperate need for pass catchers. Drake London, Garrett Wilson and Treylon Burks have been running simulations for the Falcons since the news broke. Calvin Rileyis suspended. It is an undeniably crying need. However, in Ringer’s latest …

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A New Jersey-based store will be the focus of its own horror movie

Everyone’s favorite last-minute Halloween store is getting its own horror movie. The New Jersey-based company has been known to randomly show up in the abandoned K-Mart at your local mall around September. Selling all your Halloween necessities, from jumping skeletons that will scare your neighbor, to your last minute costume …

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Lemonis Auburn game 2 media Q and A

(Photo: Gene Swindoll, Gene Page, 247Sports) Mississippi State baseball coach Chris Lemonis spoke to the media after the Bulldogs’ 9-5 win over Auburn on Friday night. The transcript follows: Question: How different was this game with some separation? Lemons: It was nice, but it was …

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Panoply 2022 will feature over 30 musical performances

HUNTSVILLE, Ala – The 40and Panoply Arts Festival takes place in downtown Huntsville later this month. The event showcases many different artistic mediums, from food to music. More than 30 musical numbers will perform on multiple stages during the weekend-long event which kicks off on Friday, April 29. Friday Night …

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Alabama Passes Sound Currency Law, Expands Sales Tax Exemption to Gold and Silver

MONTGOMERY, AL /ACCESSWIRE/April 15, 2022/ With Governor Kay Ivey signing off on sound currency legislation today, Alabama became the second state this year to expand its sales tax exemption for gold and silver. Alabama Senate Bill 13, championed by Sen. Tim Melson and Rep. Jamie Kiel, passed with the unanimous …

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IDA reflects on festival and finances – The Clanton Advertiser

By JOYANNA LOVE | Chief Editor The Chilton County Industrial Development Authority discussed the “tremendous success” of the Strawberry Festival at a meeting on April 12. IDA Board Chairman Allen Caton thanked Executive Director Whitney Barlow for her work on the project. Local student talent was on display through the …

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Auburn’s spring in a nutshell: Quarterbacks

AUBURN, Alabama — Spring training on the Plains is now officially in the rearview mirror, with Auburn wrapping things up over the weekend with the annual Spring A-Day game. Auburn staff, after about a week of internal player assessments, will now turn to the recruiting track and transfer …

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Tuesday’s college roundup: St. Joe’s remains undefeated in women’s lacrosse with 13th win

STANDISH – St. Joseph’s scored 11 first-quarter goals as they beat Elms College 20-8 on Tuesday in a GNAC women’s lacrosse game. Lydia Dexter’s seven goals and three assists led Saint-Joseph (13-0, 9-0 GNAC). Carson Battaglia, Bridget Collins and Brianna Paul all scored three goals. Megan Mourmouras had two goals …

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Palmer shares Washington update at business lunch – Shelby County Reporter

By EMILY SPARACINO | Personal editor VACUUM – US Congressman Gary Palmer gave an overview of inflation, energy production, the war in Ukraine and other topics during a lunch on Monday, April 11. Palmer, who represents Alabama‘s 6th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, addressed a large group gathered …

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Baskets full of wagons: Wallace & Graham gift supplies, money at Family Crisis Council – Salisbury Post

SALISBURY — The baskets kept coming. Pulling them from the trunks of sedans and passenger seats of SUVs, representatives from the Wallace & Graham law firm marched 30 “survivor” baskets full of toys and toiletries into the Family Crisis office on Monday morning. Council at 502 N. Long St. By …

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Retrospective: Railway responds to the Auburn accident | Story

April 11, 2007 In response to a minor accident involving a car and a train on State Street near the Auburn Correctional Facility, Finger Lakes Railway said Tuesday that the crossing warning lights had recently been inspected and trains would not never approach the intersection at more than 10 mph. …

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Teen Builds Database to Help Alabama Foster Families

When Pranav Somu first heard about the opportunity to volunteer for the North Alabama Foster Closet, he knew nothing about the organization. He didn’t even know much about the host family itself. But after doing some quick research, he learned that half of all adoptive parents give up within a …

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Amazon, labor organizers file objections to Alabama Union vote

Amazon said the agency erred in operations for the election, including not having enough staff to handle voting, which the company said created long lines and suppressed the participation. “Based on the evidence we have seen so far, as noted in our objections, we believe that the actions of the …

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Townhouse sales will bring affordable housing to Mount Auburn

CINCINNATI — Like many parts of the country, Cincinnati has seen a real estate boom in recent years. With low interest rates and limited housing supply, prices have skyrocketed. What do you want to know The Port purchased vacant properties in Mount Auburn in order to build new homes at …

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Chicken Salad Chick raises over $420,000

Chicken Salad Chick, the nation’s only fast-casual chicken salad restaurant concept, today announced the results of its 2021 Giving Card program, raising more than $420,000 to support local food charities and research on the cancer. Thanks to the generosity of customers at all of its restaurants, the brand is donating …

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The new Chamber President and CEO shares his vision for Etowah County

Photo courtesy of The Chamber. By Katie Bohannon, news editor As the new year rolls on, the Gadsden and Etowah County Chamber welcomes an established and influential figure from the community to its team. Recent President and CEO-elect Christi Robinson expresses immense gratitude for being granted this opportunity, detailing her …

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City of Auburn Draft Budget for 2022-23 Includes Possible 2.28% Tax Increase | Policy

AUBURN — The early proposed 2022-23 budget for the city of Auburn calls for a potential 2.28% increase in tax levies. City Manager Jeff Dygert presented the draft spending plan to the Auburn City Council at its meeting Thursday. The presentation slides indicated that the first draft budget included a …

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South Alabama’s Patrick Rosette and Damean Bivins make up for lost time

Since arriving in southern Alabama, Patrick Rosette and Damean Bivins have been dogged by one word – “if”. As in “if only they could stay healthy”. Both players joined the Jaguars in 2019 but both have played a total of three games in that span. Rosette, a safety, suffered three …

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West Alabama grapples with worker shortages after COVID pandemic

Employers launch new hiring incentives to tackle labor shortage New advantages are being created in various industries to tackle labor shortages and attract talent. ZMG, ZMG There was a time when Tuscaloosa restaurateur Dustin Spruill had a pool of job seekers to fill positions. Those days, he says, are over. …

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Auburn football set to face Virginia in 2022 Gasparilla Bowl

Auburn football may or may not qualify for a bowling game after the 2022 season. Looking at their schedule, you’d like to think September is 3-1 at worst with a 4-0 chance at home. Realistically, however, this year’s gauntlet in SEC West will be even tougher than usual given the …

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